The Neanderthal man: First citizen of Europe Код 19/Италия


Culture 2007-2013

Project title


Priority Axis

Facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurship

Submission deadline


Project description

The project’s goals are to achieving and divulgating a complete and actualized European vision about  the existence and the developed of the Neanderthal in Europe.

The follows are some of the principal specific goals:

1.         To organize and to develop  an international congress to collect  complete and present paleontological global develops to increase scientific knowledge fundamentally about the Neanderthal man existence in Europe.  

2.         To organise different conferences in different Europe countries  with European scientist originally from places where have been fount archaeological bounds or skulls of Neanderthal man.   

3.         Informing  and educating the students and  public in general with a multimedia itinerant exhibition about the existence of this homo specie that precedes in Europe, the homo sapiens species,  before join him and  after extinguishing,

4.         To project a television  European project about the existence of Neanderthal man in Europe.

5.         To prepare an European web site in different European languages, about the evolution of the Neanderthal man with  the conclusions  and the news founds  in the meeting of the  European scientific meeting.

6.         Prepare a publication with all the news and conclusions consequence of all the scientific conferences verified in the Neanderthal European Congress.

7.         To make easy and popular the communication and comprehension of the theme, for  students in schools or general public,  at the same time of the developing of the congress, to develop  an adequate merchandising of the Neanderthal man existence.  

Profile of partnership sought

We are looking for an European legal entity (University, Research Centre, SME, etc) with long experience in EU project management that could become the proposal coordinator.

The project is already defined in its main features and the project consortium is already made up of some European Universities and Institutions.

We would be very glad to accept new partners in our team who should be interested in our research theme and could help us to better manage and develop the project’s activities.