Pulp and paper chemistry and technology, Код 2 / РУМЪНИЯ

Programme Collaboration: FP7 (Cooperation, Ideas, Capacities), COST, ERA Net.

Title (projects thematic): Pulp and paper chemistry and technology, nanotechnology for the paper products, polymer composites based renewable resources, cell wall nanostructures, recycling papers, deinking technology, paper conservation, security techniques and methods for paper products, packaging papers and boards, coating paper.

Target Partner: Expertise: we are interesting for partners from research institutes, universities, industrial partners, with complementary skills. Of special interest are partners with knowledge in the field of management in pulp and paper and related industries.

Research Infrastructure

  1. Pulp, paper and board physico - mechanical testing laboratory certified according to SR ISO 17025/2005: Lorentzen & Wettre spectrophotometer for ISO and CIE brightness and light absorption and scattering parameter determination; INSTRON testing system for the determination of paper and board strength characteristics; equipment for paper air permeability determination, analytical balance, micrometer, Cobb device for water absorption ability determination, device for burst strength determination; device for tear strength determination; Klemm device for height absorption determination; paper and board sample conditioning installation.
  2. Technological laboratory for the characterization of raw materials within paper and paper surface treatment: Laboratory equipment for paper and board surface treatment; equipment for the characterization of chemical auxiliaries within paper; microscopic systems for the characterization of cellulosic fibers.
  3. Laboratory for stock preparation and aid dosage: Disintegrator, Schopper - Riegler device, DDJ dewatering device, Rapid Köthen sheet dewatering and formation, separator-homogenizer – aid metering 10l; Valley Hollander for pulp grinding; Yokro refiner.
  4. Special equipment for chemical determination: UV/VIS spectrophotometers, AAS spectrofoptometer, MUTEK PCD 02 particle charge detector
  5. Paper and board pilot plant (coating paper pilot plant - width 30 mm and paper machine – width 1600 mm and 1500 to/years capacity).