"Low-Carbon" bio-resin technology and expertise offered for R&D projects involving composite materials. Код 15/Великобритания

Research Partner Offer Ref: EE/RD/09/004


‘Low-Carbon’ bio-resin technology and expertise offered for R&D projects involving composite materials.


A UK company has developed a technology for the production of plant oil-based bio-resins which can be can be used as natural, sustainable alternatives to traditional petrochemical-based thermosetting resins in the manufacture of a range of composite products.  The technology is environmentally friendly and is expected to significantly help address the low carbon agenda. The company is offering to supply the resins and their expertise in collaborative R&D projects.


A UK company has developed a patent-protected technology for the production of a range of formaldehyde-free thermosetting resins derived from natural triglyceride vegetable oils (e.g. Rapeseed, Soya, Sunflower) or phenolic plant oils such as Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL).  The technology is based on a patent-protected system for reductive ozonolysis of the plant-derived oils.

Typically, these resins can be used as formaldehyde-free alternatives to replace urea/phenol/ melamine formaldehydes and isocyanates in a wide range of applications such as timberboards (OSB, MDF, Chipboard); laminates; mouldings; mineral-wool insulation; foundry sands and casting materials; GRP and FRP applications; mineral and structural composites; non-wovens; furniture; etc.

Depending upon the application requirements, the versatile bio-resins can be delivered as aqueous or oil based systems that can be cured either in acidic or alkaline conditions.  Similarly, the bio-resins can be formulated to cure over a temperature range from ambient to in excess of 200C.

Partner/s Sought

The company is interested in opening a dialogue with other companies and research organizations that are considering developing a collaborative research proposal or who are looking for partners to join an existing proposal and which see a role for the inclusion of this disruptive technology as a means to address the low carbon agenda.

Role of the offering organisation

The company offers to supply the resins (on a commercial basis) and their know-how.

Deadline for partner search



  • Bioresins
  • Composites
  • Materials
  • Forming
  • Moulding
  • Low Carbon

Application domains

  • Applications include, but are not limited to
    timberboards (OSB, MDF, Chipboard)

·         laminates

·         mouldings

·         mineral-wool insulation

·         foundry sands and casting materials

·         GRP and FRP applications

·         mineral and structural composites

·         non-wovens

·         furniture