Governance of Regional Innovation Development Код 18/Италия


South East Europe

Project title

Governance of Regional Innovation Development



Priority Axis

Facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurship

Submission deadline

21th December 2009

Deadline for expression of interest

14th December 2009

Project description

The GRID project aims to develop and extend the concept of Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS), focused within the Lisbon agenda as multi-dimensional, making it acquire a leading position in the innovation and technology policies.

This strategy can help reduce the development gaps between regions and to ensure an inclusive and multi-centered system of regional engines, but this requires a clear organization of the innovation territorial policies governance, from local to national, up to transnational. This, to define more clearly the respective responsibilities and to design targeted policies to support innovation processes of territories which, although different, show many structural similarities such as: the presence of a marked spatial and sectoral competitiveness within the single countries and between them, a general inadequacy of physical infrastructure and intangible assets, an industrial structure formed mainly by SMEs and a weak incentive research and innovation policy.

In accordance with the guidelines of the renewed Lisbon strategy, the project aims to achieve three priorities:

1. innovate the innovation governance;

2. promote innovation, entrepreneurship and the development of the knowledge economy;

3. create a positive environment to attract innovation investments;

For this purpose, the tools that the projects aims to switch-on are focused on creating a regulatory environment on a wide area to improve the economic environment in order to foster the development of technology clusters.

By extending the experience of industrial districts to sectors with an high technological content, the project aims at implementing a development-suited governance model within certain sectors with high innovation potentiality: nanotechnology, biotechnology, mechatronics, renewable and alternative energy; as well as increasing the competitiveness of the traditional ones: food, furniture, mechanical parts, transportation and logistics.

The directions asked by the action innovation of governance better regulation are to:

1. improve the performance of public administration;

2. improve the economic environment to increase awareness of the importance of new technologies and their use for innovation and product process;

3. promote better relations among all transnational actors to facilitate the processes of integration and the competitiveness of the SEE area;

To achieve these objectives, the project will be divided into WP targeted on the aspect of bottom-up governance with the involvement of all the institutional, economic and social stakeholders.

Work packages/ main themes

WP 3 – Identification of best practice methodologies for the identification of common indicators;

WP 4 – Public administration governance;

WP 5 – Network governance;

WP 6 – Skills and cognitive processes governance,

WP 7 – Development governance.

Profile of partnership sought

Italy (Abruzzo Region, Puglia Region and Friuli Venezia Giulia Region), Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece

Estimated total budget

EUR 2,0 - 2,3 mln. EUR

Estimated duration

30-36 months