Energy Saving Software based on Cloud Computing for Adjustable Processing Environments, Код 4 / ИСПАНИЯ


Energy Saving Software based on Cloud Computing for Adjustable Processing Environments




9 March 2009


FP7 call 4, Objective ICT-2009.6.3.c: ICT for Energy Efficiency (ICT services and software tools enhanced with energy features)

Funding scheme

Small or medium-scale focused research actions (STREP)




Our proposal aims at:

·       developing an integrated solution to monitor and control the energy consumption of all the Cloud Nodes of a Datacenter

·       taking advantage of all the available information: energy consumption ratings of all the components, current wokload in each Cloud Node, data rates, computational resources location, etc.

·       dynamically adapting the active hardware to the needs in terms of computing and communication resources which are required by the running services

·       monitoring and controlling all the resources located in all the datacenters connected to the Energy Efficiency Service, choosing between “the Greenest” resources.


Project overview:

In four steps:

1.    obtaining information about the Cloud Nodes: components, workloads, computing resources locations, etc.

2.    generating policies to improve the energy consumption, using all the available information.

3.    applying this policies in the Cloud Nodes.

4.    determining whether the components of the Cloud fit the needs for the future workload or an increase / reduction of hardware is advisable.


Green Scope:

·       Generic issues not aiming at reducing the energy waste which are common to Cloud Computing infrastructures are not the focus of this proposal


Green IT, Energy Efficiency, Cloud Computing


Type of partner and their expected roles in the project


·       Energy Company

·       Hardware manufacturer

·       Governmental Agency

·       Operating System Manufacturer/Linux Distributor

·       Telecommunications Operator


Any European country, except Germany

A Spanish company from the Energy sector is preferred

Expertise Required

Cloud computing, virtualization, Business Rule Manager Systems (BRMS), system monitoring, artificial intelligence, databases