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Project Acronim

Eco i-Waste


Project description

“Eco i-Waste” aims to create an industrial collection point in the industrial areas, where an integrated waste management will be carried out from waste collection in factories to the collection point.

As it happens with collection points in municipalities, “Eco i-Waste” pretends to establish collection points in industrial parks where industrial waste will be classified and treated by authorized treatment plants. Additionally to the collection point infrastructure, a research center will analyze waste in order to find the best avant-garde methods for its management.



§          Management optimization

§          Logistic and treatment costs minimization, guarantying that waste with be carried to an authorized treatment plant, depending on composition and nature of fractions and components.

§          To adequate the reception and storage, and subsequently carry out the waste treatment in the authorized treatment plant.

§          Hazardous substances risks prevention and exposal.

§          Environment protection and improvement.

§          To offer a complementary management service to the SME´s.

§          To guarantee waste traceability.

§          To be complementary to the current domestic waste management performed through the municipality collection points.



A. Environmental benefits

§         Improvement of the waste management.

§         Best quality and environmental direction of the industries and SME´s in the influence area of the collection points.

§         Hazardous components duly treated and controlled.

B. Health benefits

  • Prevention of health risks by uncontrolled waste disposal.

C. Social benefits

  • Employment creation
  • Elimination of the waste in landfills and minor roads

D. Economic benefits

  • Logistic and treatment costs reduction.
  • To increase the managers and authorized treatment plants activity for the correct management of the waste.
  • To take advantage of the obtained fractions, for their reuse as raw material.


Partner Profile

(Type of partners you are

looking for and their expected

roles in the Project)

  • Universities
  • Technological centres
  • Collection operators and entities
  • Platforms of municipalities
  • Industrial estates
  • Small and Medium enterprises
  • Industry associations
  • Research centres
  • Treatment, recycling and reuse operators

Keywords describing the

expertise offered

  • Waste Technology
  • Social work
  • Recycling
  • Environment