Designing and development of scalar and multivariable networked control systems based on scalable control algorithms for uncertain time-varying nonlinear complex dynamic processes, Код 3 / РУСИЯ

Partner search – FP7

Call for proposals

FP7- ICT -2009-5

Objective ICT-2009 3.5: Engineering of Networked Monitoring and Control systems

Proposal Title

HiCONT - Hierarchic Control System for Complex Processes

Focus area:

The HiCONT project is focused on designing and development of scalar (Single-Input Single-Output: SISO) and multivariable (Multi-Inputs Multi-Outputs: MIMO) networked control systems based on scalable control algorithms for uncertain time-varying nonlinear complex dynamic processes.

Project novelty

The major innovation of the proposal is the elaboration of a new methodology for the design of hierarchical adaptive self-organizing control systems to be applied to complex production processes, such as: plasma energy release, automated assembly lines, robotics-based manufacturing, chemical and biological processes, casting in metallurgy, and so forth. The methodology will cover three basic levels, namely:

I. physical control composed of controlled process interacting with robust controller through sensors and actuators;

II. adaptive level that implements scalable adaptation algorithms and enables the robust controller to satisfy a number of time-varying constraints;

III. knowledge-based self-organizing level which executes a set of self-learning, selfconfiguring, self-optimizing, and decision-making algorithms allowing possible dynamic changes in the system architecture aimed at optimal control and dynamic reconfiguration of the robust controller and making it easier to satisfy process-critical constraints, such as respond to the deadlines, saturations an so on.

Practical application

In order to validate the suggested approaches the cases studies are planned to be investigated in plasma energy release and industrial processes areas.

·       control methodologies and identification will be applied to plasma profiles of current, temperature, and density in ITER (;

·       control methodologies will be applied to plasma unstable position, shape and current control system in the presence of voltages and current saturations in poloidal magnetic coils in ITER nonlinear models with distributed parameters;

·       industrial process to be controlled by hierarchic methodology proposed is being searched.

Expected results:

HiCONT will result in the creation of new process models, procedures of their identification and reduction, efficient, robust, predictable and safe ICT control methodologies, scalable algorithms, and adaptable controllers with reconfigurable architecture for problem oriented embedded systems. Scientific, engineering, and industrial results of HiCONT will be accumulated in the data and knowledge bases with accurate classification, qualitative and quantitative assessment, and generalization.

Partners requested

HiCONT Consortium consists of 3 European and 2 Russians Institutions and needs at least one European industrial partner.

The partner sought should be a company from e.g. energy/oil sector having an R&D department developing control systems, or a company/laboratory developing control systems strongly linked with an industrial company which would confirm their potential interest in this development. 


·          Must be solid European industrial enterprise

·          It should be better if a partner belongs to the energy section because the consortium

·          Has already energy process to be controlled

·          Has interest to the Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7)

·          Has interest to the Objective ICT-2009 3.5

·          Has interest to the HiCONT concept

·          Should have R&D department or developer institution which knows control problems of the particular industrial partner very well and has experience in that field as well

·          Should have potential and interest to make contribution in writing proposal in time

·          Should have potential and interest in solving the project tasks to be planned in time

·          Should take part in project meetings

·          Must write reports during performance of the project in time