"CANS FOR PEACE" Код 16/Испания


‘Youth in Action’ Programme

Call 2009

Action 4.4 – Projects encouraging creativity and innovation in the youth sector

Project title


Submission deadline

30th September 2009

Deadline for expression of interest


Project description

“CANS FOR PEACE” project starts in Malaga (Andalusia, Spain) with the aim of interconnecting people through peace and non violence messages introduced in recycled cans decorated by their creators, the children. Each peace can will have an access code to the project virtual community where the contents (images, podcasts, drawings, songs, etc) will be shown and where the children will be able to follow the can location. The peace messages will be designed and created by the children with the support of their trainers who will enhance and promote the creativity in the use of audiovisual and media contents as communication means among cultures.

“CANS FOR PEACE” is a MEDIAL LITERCY project that uses a tangible object, a can, to link young people to a virtual and transnational community composed by people with peace messages to share.

A “CANS FOR PEACE DAY” will be organized in each partner country. During this day groups of children will decorate their cans, will include the messages and will share them with other children around the world. Awareness raising activities will be planned besides: workshops, conferences, games and “CANS FOR PEACE” virtual community presentations. The activities will be filmed by the coordinator´s team in order to develop a documentary of the project. The story line of it will be the story of a father following his daughter’s will to spread happiness among children in the world.

Work packages/ main themes

Media Literacy of young people

Peace and non violence awareness raising

Video and docummentary actions

Profile of partnership sought

Non governmental organization with expertice in the use of MEDIA tools and working with children and young people.

Schools, training centers (working with people between 5-18 years), associations, youth organisations.

Any EU country

Estimated total budget

Max. EU contribution 100.000€ for the overall budget

EU co-financing rate