Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 12/ 2017

An East of England University spinout has invented and developed MOFs in pellet form as opposed to powders. This enables a more rapid industrial uptake for these materials, for gas storage, transport, catalysis, chiral synthesis, and enables developing new products, for example lightweight oxygen tanks. Developers of such products and processes are sought for technical cooperation, and manufacturers of MOFs for licensing.

France TOFR20171009001
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) offers a new iridium-based catalyst for the anode of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer used to produce hydrogen by electrolysis of water. Traditional solutions for hydrogen production by reforming or gasification of hydrocarbons are less suitable and not sufficient to meet growing demand for hydrogen and environmental constraints. The French TTO is seeking for licence, research cooperation or technical cooperation agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20171009002 
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) offers a technology to synthesize a novel reactive form of solid boron. This new boron material can potentially be used in all the applications where a very reactive form of elementary boron is requested from superconductors for magnetic resonance imaging to high temperature ceramics for spatial applications. The French TTO is seeking for licence agreement, research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20171121001 
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the Paris region which has developed a tablet application (app) prototype for babies, in order to test their cognitive and coordination abilities. Industrial partners are sought to validate it clinically under technical co-operation, and commercialise this technology under a license agreement.

A Korean company has developed a technology of magnetic wireless charging and data synchronization that can be applied to various types of mobile devices. All-in-one technology of data sharing, storing and device charging offers different user-interface experiences that would change many forms of work and daily lives. The company is looking for partners who can apply and further develop the company’s technology into their business and products under technical cooperation.

SPAIN TOES20171120001
A Spanish multidisciplinary research team from different institutions located in Barcelona has found a method for predicting the levodopa (L-DOPA) induced dyskinesia (LID) onset and severity in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) treated with this compound. Genetic tests companies and companies developing new treatments for PD capable to develop and distribute the product are sought for license agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20171115010 
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the Paris region which has developed a new software designed to be embedded in any connected object and to facilitate the programming and reprogramming of choreographies among an heterogeneous fleet, ushering a genuine "machine to machine" era. The French public research centre is looking for partners for a technical cooperation, license or a research cooperation agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20161024001 
A French Start-up, with expertise in Nano-drugs development, has developed a secured web-based platform that automatically guides non-experts through the "Quality by Design" workflow, also assisted by a biostatistician for the risk analysis, design of experiments and process controls. Service agreement or technical cooperation agreement is sought with developers of Nano-drugs who could use the platform for their own projects, where the company could enhance the solution.

FRANCE TOFR20171117001 
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) has developed a very stable new formulation for topical anesthetics with rapid onset of action. They demonstrated that the existing topical anesthetics could be toxics especially in pediatry because of the use of prilocaine. It is proposed to develop the new formulation, free of prilocaine, in vitro stage to in vivo stage, through license agreement or research cooperation agreement.

ITALY TOIT20171116001
An Italian company has developed a methodology for assessing, through various indicators and statistical calculations, the type of renewable sources most suitable on a single territory. The company seeks public authorities, universities and research centers, interested in adopting their method, in implementing it locally through commercial agreements with technical assistance.

FRANCE TOFR20171016001
A French company develops medical implantable devices embedded into knee prosthesis to make them connected.They are developing an innovative medical device to improve the monitoring and the efficiency of total knee arthroplasties (TKA). The company is looking for orthopaedic implants manufacturers in Europe and USA for R&D collaboration in order to embed the chip into their TKA, and apply this innovation in other devices (hip, shoulder arthroplasties…).

SPAIN TOES20171116001 
A Spanish SME expert in advanced materials offers its know-how in concrete technologies to support precast concrete companies or concrete manufacturers to improve the performance of their concrete or to reduce its cost. They can also optimize the precast concrete elements, increasing the durability, minimizing the weight, or increasing the strength/toughness. They seek partners from civil engineering, construction, industrial and blue-growth sectors for a technical or research collaboration.

A Macedonian software company has developed an innovative software solution for preparation and publishing of online journals. The solution is suitable for academic institutions, conferences and all the other institutions issuing any kind of journal and can be customized according to client’s needs. The company is looking for new clients or software vendors for cooperation under commercial agreement with technical assistance or licensing agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20171115008 
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the Paris region which has developed a new  wireless broadband optical communication technology for mobile systems (robots, drones, satellites, persons,...). The French public research centre is looking for partners for a technical cooperation, license or a research cooperation agreement.

UKRAINE TOUA20171114001
A Ukrainian company producing brush materials for electric motors is looking for technology partners from the EU countries to apply for participation in the Horizon 2020 program (SME instrument Phase 1) in order to conduct research on the performance characteristics of the EF-68 material.

SPAIN TOES20171114001
Spanish start-up has developed an intelligent underfloor heating system for offices. It allows each employee to configure his own comfort temperature within an office space, reducing cost and energy consumption and improving their comfort and hence their performance. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

GERMANY TODE20171012004
A German company, active in civil and mechanical engineering, has developed covers of glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin to reduce odour and acoustic noise emission and/or to avoid the infiltration of contaminants and rainwater in process basins. The application range is wide, e.g. for clarification plants, industrial plants, drinking water plants. The company is looking for partners from industry for commercial agreements with technical assistance or services agreements.

GERMANY TODE20171024001
German SME offers a technology for immobilisation of contaminants and sealing of rock by using time dependent crystallisation, so called "Provoked mineral synthesis". Using super saturated solutions it is possible to precipitate natural occurring minerals which reduce permeability of rock.  Decontaminating metals can be fixed as sulphide. The SME is looking for partners from industry and research for a research cooperation, technical cooperation, or services agreement.

JORDAN TOJO20171031001
Jordanian inventors came up with a solution for medication non-adherence by developing a system of hardware and software  to be part of the solution of medication non-adherence. The inventors are  now looking for an investor to help developing the system to be ready for entering into the market through a manufacturing and financial agreement. The inventors are  targeting Europe and USA.

POLAND TRPL20171020001
An analytical laboratory from North-East Poland that is developing new technologies for the production of medicinal products, needs a machine to the production of vaginal ring drug delivery system to deliver a new product on the market. The company is open to a technical cooperation agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance or leasing agreement.

GERMANY TODE20171024002
A German SME acting as a consultant in field tests, offers a product line for stone conservation. Consolidation and strengthening of rock can be achieved with a stone hardener. It penetrates easily into the calcite-bound sandstones, limestones or marbles. Small fissures, shale and cracks can be filled as well. The company seeks for technical cooperation and/or manufacturing agreement with partners from industry and research, particularly outside heritage conservation.

GERMANY TODE20171130001
German scientists offer target specific drug delivery system on the basis of engineered protein nanoparticles. A major advantage of this evolutionary adapted transport system is the opportunity to encapsulate and protect different kind of payloads which enables a targeted therapy for cancer and orphan diseases with minimal side effects. The project focuses on delivery of nucleic acid based therapeutics. Industrial/academic partners from pharma are sought for financial agreement and/or licensing.

A Czech research institute has developed compact and intuitive web application enabling deoxyribonucleic acid sequencing data analysis. Massive parallel sequencing methods generate enormous amount of data and require command line based analytical tools linked to Linux, which is often limiting factor for potential users. The Czech nstitute is looking for partners for licensing this platform.

UKRAINE TOUA20171207001
A Ukrainian manufacturer offers medium and high-pressure piston compressors for air, technological gases, natural gas with capacities from 37 kW to 700 kW and with pressure up to 400 Bar(g). The company is looking for a partner with experience in the production of compressor technology for the production on the basis of these compressors the full complex of Gas pumping stations in Ukraine. Type of agreement: commercial with technical assistance, financial.

A UK-based SME has developed a cloud-based ICT system that provides a secure, single point of access for the data and logistical systems required by operators of small, multi-tenant airports. The SME is looking to partner with small airport operators to test the system and provide feedback on performance and additional features required to inform further development. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a technical or research cooperation.

A UK company has developed a hosted capability which enables secure interoperation of data from any source. System symmetry enables flexible relationships between sources applicable across multiple use cases. Gaining traction within intelligent built environments and integrated transport solutions, it is proven and is seeking new challenges. The company seeks private and government consultants and developers for licensing and technical cooperation agreements.

POLAND TOPL20171130002
The Research Institute in Poland, conducting research in the field of: metallurgy, recycling of metals, waste utilization and more, offers a technology, which gives possibility of waste management of metallic fractions from processing of WEEE and Cu and Al cables. Products of this technology are standardized cooper and aluminium alloys, such as Cu-Fe alloy. The institute is looking for partners, who are interesting in licence agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A UK agri-tech SME has developed the first, in-situ early detection technology for plant disease with huge potential to improve crop yields and guide sustainable use of pesticides globally. The company seeks partners for joint development of specific applications under joint venture, research cooperation, finance and technical cooperation agreements. It also seeks partners to exploit the market opportunities across the world through commercial agreements with technical cooperation.

AUSTRIA TOAT20171206001
An Austrian SME developed a novel Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software product for simulation of air- and water flows and any other kind of liquids. Investment costs are 60 and annual costs 5 times lower compared to existing products. Simultaneously simulations are implemented easier with less expenditure of time and preciser results can be generated. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and for technical or research cooperation agreements

POLAND TOPL20171130001 
A Polish research institute has developed a new ecological technology to remove copper from lead, which is the alternative for the sulfur method which is currently used in the non-ferrous metallurgy. Other technologies incorporating sulfur for lead decoppering have several disadvantages that can be eliminated by this new technology. The institute is looking for partners who are interested in  cooperation based on licence agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

FRANCE TOFR20171115003 
A French SME develops electronic nebulizers with different droplet size and flow rate at very low electrical consumption.This disruptive innovation is sole in the world to produce monodisperse aerosol or spray with such a high flow rate.The solution is suitable for aerosoltherapy (human & vet), humidification or decontamination applications. The SME looks for partners to integrate the technology in their own products through license,technical or commercial agreement.

SPAIN TOES20171204004 
A Spanish research group on materials has developed a device for determining the tensile strength of very diverse materials such as rocks, concretes, mortars, metals, refractories, plastics, etc., as well as the adherence in a joint. The device solves the disadvantages of the known tensile test methods. Companies in construction, mining, civil engineering, rock mechanics or field engineering are sought to develop applications of the described invention under license agreements.

SPAIN TOES20171204003 
A spanish university, which is researching in the field of telecommunications, has develop methods for improvement of turbo codes. The invention avoids the uncertainty at subblock edges and consists in a novel method of information exchange between parallel decoders. This proposed method, without any penalization in binary rate, increases the error correcting capability. License agreement or Technical cooperation agreement are sought with companies in ICT sector.

SPAIN TOES20171204001 
A Spanish engineering company has developed a new low-carbon system for producing hydrogen, mainly based on production of H2-gas, from liquid or liquefied organic bio and non-biodegradable waste, to be transformed into electricity through cogeneration or to obtain a pure H2 by purification techniques. Industrial partners are sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Czech university developed a new type of timber-concrete composite structure. This kind of structure arrangement allows severalfold higher parameters of load-carrying capacity and stiffness of the composite system while the volume of material used can be significantly reduced. The university is looking for a construction companies which will be interested to use the technology in their own business activities and offers license or commercial agency agreement with technical assistance.

CYPRUS TRCY20171114001 
A Cypriot e-business SME specialising in software development of online reputation monitoring systems for hotels is seeking for partners from the industry and/or R&D institutions and/or inventor for further product/application development via research and/or technical cooperation agreement. The company's technology provides a novel software solution for hotels, allowing them to get real-time feedback from their guests and act immediately to solve any problem while guests are still in the hotel.

A Korean company developing 3D graphic, interactive VR/AR, and NUI (Natural User Interface) applications is looking for cooperation partners. Their hand- float menu system for VR/AR allows the menu to be displayed and manipulated as a 3D image above the user’s hand on the head-mounted 3D display. The user can intuitively display, scroll, select, and move by using hands. The preferred cooperation types are a license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SLOVAKIA TOSK20171204001 
Established Slovak research centre has developed highly effective pheromone insect traps suitable for capturing bark and wood boring beetles with the purpose of monitoring and inspection of forest protection. The pheromone trap is available in two different shape variants, both providing high quality of collected samples, and 20 - 30% increase in collecting efficiency compared to currently available technologies.The centre seeks companies interested in financial agreement or licensing agreement.

A Czech university developed a new wooden prefabricated construction system with a filling insulation based on natural materials. The technology is addressed for civil and residential construction. During development, the emphasis was on simplicity of the system at a low cost. The university is looking for construction or building company interested to expand the existing production of this new system and offers license agreement and technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TRDE20171130002 
A large German industrial processing company is interested to use computational tools to study and understand crystallization processes in the presence of crystal growth inhibitors. Industrially relevant models should be used or further developed. Special interest is in topics such as molecular modifiers, multiphase systems, compound screening. Technical proposal can be carried out in the framework of a joint venture, license or research cooperation agreement.

SPAIN TOES20171130001 
A Spanish research group has developed a tool for rating the autonomy of individuals with diverse levels of functionality, establishing rehabilitation goals, assessing the efficacy of their treatment and their evolution over time. The research group is looking for health institutions interested in using this tool via license agreement. E- health companies would also be welcomed for technical cooperation to develop further versions.

SPAIN TOES20171129001
A Spanish university has developed a new nanocomposite material that can be used as catalyst for the electrolysis in the Proton Exchange Membranes Fuel Cells (PEMFC), used in cars or protection equipment. It allows for the replacement of the current platinum materials. The new material has a higher electrocatalytic activity, works at low temperature and no solvents are required. Researchers are seeking industrial or research partners for license, technical cooperation or research agreements.

SLOVENIA TOSI20171124002
A Slovenian research institute offers its expertise and related know-how in low-pressure and outgassing related measurement systems. These skills and knowledge are essential during the R&D phase and quality control of any vacuum sealed device with a long life-time such as vacuum insulation panels, vacuum glazing, etc. in order to obtain fast feedback on pressure evolution. The institute is offering service, commercial and license agreements.

SLOVENIA TOSI20171124001
A Slovenian research institute offers its expertise in monitoring of water release from polymer-metalized foils during vacuum heat treatment of high power capacitors. These measurements are essential during the R&D phase and quality control in production of high power capacitors before they are impregnated by special oils. High break-down voltage of a capacitor is required for a high quality device over a long life-time. The institute is offering service, commercial and license agreements.

SERBIA TORS20171128001
An SME from Serbia offers licensing agreements to tractor attachment manufacturers. The company has developed and manufactured a tractor attachment machine for soil cultivation “in row” (under crowns) productions, in order to fulfill all environmental standards and regulations. Advantage over similar products is the original solution that enables going round the trees in row without using hydraulic components and bring a better quality of tillage.

A Dutch company developed an electric brake system for pulled trailers. The system provides a much better and safer braking of car-trailer/caravan combinations than mechanical inertia induced braking systems. The Dutch partner seeks contact with manufacturers of pulled trailers, caravans and producers of axles. Cooperation can be arranged in the frame of a license agreement, a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement.

SWEDEN TOSE20171115001 
A Swedish research and consultancy SME offers its expertise in analysing and characterisation on materials at the nano- and microscale. They build their custom characterization strategies around state-of-the-art separation technologies such as asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation (AF4), which allows to determine properties – like size, molecular weight, shape etc. They are looking for research agreements or service agreements with both industry and research organisations.

UKRAINE TOUA20171113001
A Ukrainian university offers the technology of reinforced ceramic-metal composites based on titanium with unique relationship of physical and mechanical properties which provide 4 time higher operational characteristics than analogs. The technology also allows producing reinforced powders for 3D printing. The university is looking for manufacturing agreement with industrial partners for joint production or technical cooperation agreement with academia for new applications of the technology.

A Korean university has developed 3D printer technologies. The technologies are printer head for concrete printing, 3D printer for educational purposes, industrial mid-large sized 3D printer. The university is seeking industrial partners open for license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Korean university has developed automated application provisioning and recommending system.The system can recommend the appropriate mobile applications for the user's situation recognized using the sensors in the mobile device. They are seeking partners for a license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance.

The Korean researcher institute has developed home Internet of Things(IOT) device collaboration service application. A single application support runs multiple devices. The team is looking for license agreement, Commercial agreement with technical assistance with manufacturers of IoT devices.

RUSSIA TORU20171016001
The enterprise developed a new drying technology for food spheres such as waste recycling, production of fertilizers, processing of herbs and others. The company is interested in new partners abroad and further interaction within a technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TRDE20171013001 
The German chemical company is seeking solution provider for calcining inorganic materials, i.e. ceramics/glass under steam at around 700 °C formed from inorganic materials, in order to remove the contained organic matrix material and significant amounts of chloride (liberated as hydrogen chloride). The project can be carried out as a joint venture, manufacturing or service agreement and expected to scale up to hundreds of tons annually. A well tested process is expected.

The south west UK SME is the UK market leader in managing the flow of out- patient hospital appointments. The company seeks partners with experience of healthcare information technology management systems for its suite of hospital patient flow management solutions. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

SLOVAKIA TOSK20170721001 
A Slovak research institute has developed a new ferro-fluid which increase the separability of materials under magnetic field. Ferro-fluid is therefore applicable as a pseudo-heavy separation media in the process of magneto-hydrostatic separation or as wetting agent, e.g. in recycling technologies or in a process of mineral extraction. The institute is looking for partners to cooperate via license agreement. They would like to commercialize this technology within the company praxis.

CROATIA TOHR20170717001
Croatian inventors from academic institution have developed solution which can be embedded in the ultrasound machines for the purpose of applying indirect method of estimation of water on the lung (pleural effusion) - wich is its main advantage. Ultrasound-based diagnosis of lung condition is limited compared to the examination of other organs, due to the specific body structure. Inventors are currently looking for partners interested in the product launch through licensing.

UKRAINE TOUA20170925001
A Ukrainian private enterprise is developing a technology for the intensification of the process of fuel combustion using the electronic-catalytic processes of preparing the fuel-air mixture and processing of fuel. The main advantage of technology is to minimize the energy costs; decrease the biological and chemical indicators of toxic emissions. A technology can be used in: energy, metallurgy, chemical industry etc. The company is looking for: license agreement, technical cooperation.

ITALY TOIT20171218001
An Italian consultancy company has developed an ICT solution based on a web-based energy data management system to monitor, control and benchmark the energy performance of different buildings and districts. The solution can be applied to already available local energy management systems and comprises the combination of a number of energy management platforms from local to district level. The company looks for a technical or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

FRANCE TOFR20171115009 
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the Paris region that has developed a novel process to make monocrystalline quartz faster and cheaper. This kind of quartz is used for oscillators and sensors in electronic devices used in chemistry and biology. The efficiency of the process has been demonstrated. The French public research centre is looking for partners for a technical cooperation, license or a research cooperation agreement.

SWEDEN TOSE20171215001 
A design student from Northern Sweden has with support from the University Technology Transfer Office patented a technology enabling interaction with a touch screen device through a plastic shell. The solution also consists of a concept where the technology is used in an interactive toy for toddlers. In order to take this concept to the market they are now looking for partners for licensing, acquisition or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

LATVIA TOLV20171212001
A company from Latvia involved in bioreactor development and manufacturing in industrial scale for various applications offers a technology for bioleaching. The customized bioreactors are used for extraction of metals from their ores. The company is offering commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Thermal resistance is the current bottleneck in making better or lighter circuit boards. The materials that effectively dissipate heat from a circuit into a heat sink are either expensive or not very good. A UK company has launched a one-step process to convert aluminium into alumina. Industry-leading performance has been achieved at much lower cost. Electronics and LED manufacturers are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance and licensing.

A UK company who have 40 years experience of developing surface coatings solutions to meet the needs of clients across a variety of sectors are looking to work with collaborative partners  under technical co-operation  agreement or on a joint venture basis to develop new and innovative coatings solutions.

A Macedonian company working on aerial maps offers a high-precision drone system for real-time mapping based on computer vision and 3D scene reconstruction. The solution uses a method for simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) that allows finding the drone’s location and at the same time building the map of the surrounding. The system enables end-users to develop their geodetic or construction projects with higher precision and in shorter time. Partners for financial agreement are sought.

A UK company has discovered and patented a way to give early warning signals against approaching tinnitus and hearing loss so that it is integrated into headphones. Especially younger audiences do not bother to go to a clinic for a check. Manufacturers of earphones, keen to explore this new market, are sought for technical cooperation and licensing.

SPAIN TOES20171212002 
A Spanish company working in energy efficiency has developed an application that provides the user with information on their electricity consumption in natural language and suggests opportunities to adapt their behaviour to hourly electricity prices. The company would like to reach technical or research cooperation agreements with utilities interested in further development of the application.

POLAND TOPL20171122003
A researcher from University in South West Poland invented a biotechnology method for OFC manufacturing where cyanobacteria are used as biocatalysts. It is an ecological and cheaper method (than chemical synthesis) to receive fine chemicals with high optical purity and conversion degree, synthesized with very good yield. It can be successfully used to support pharmaceuticals or chemicals manufacturing. The interested cooperation types are license and research cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20171211001
A technology transfer office represents a known German University. The university were able to show that the combined induction of three transcription factors in the use of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural progenitor cells is sufficient to provide oligodendrocytes with an efficiency of up to 70% with a gene expression profile comparable to the primary human oligodendrocytes in 28 days. They are now looking for licensees to enter into a license agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20171208001 
A French company develops an automated online tool to monitor the ionic composition of growth substrate in liquid media and in soil agriculture. This equipment should bring economic solutions for agro producers acting in precision cultures such as hydroponics, aquaponics. The SME is looking for partners (farmers, technical centres, producers of nutrients) to test its equipment, assess nutrient’s impact and set up new or strengthen use cases under research or technical cooperation agreements.

The Korean research institute has developed a simple test kit for measuring furan. This technology analyzes furfural generated by deterioration of transformer insulation in the field. The institute is looking for a license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance, and financial agreement.

A Luxembourg based company that provides corporate and management services to companies is looking for a new technology to automate the accounting processes in day-to-day work as much as possible. The company is looking for start-ups that can provide an all-inclusive tool with some further development to be carried out under technical cooperation agreement.

CYPRUS TOCY20171130001
A Cypriot SME developed an innovative system that can be added to an engine (end-of-pipe technology) without any modifications. The concept is to use hydrogen for more efficient combustion leading to decreased fuel consumption, emissions and cleaner engine. The system has been tested on different engines and is on type testing stage. Partners for technical cooperation agreement, commercial agreement with technical support or joint venture with specialisation in the maritime sector are sought.

ITALY TOIT20171106002
An Italian research group has developed a new technology for the production of very high quality radionuclides as radiopharmaceutical precursors. The isobaric beams generated by a low-energy commercially available cyclotron are applied for the production of carrier-free radionuclides. Radiopharmaceutical industries and hospitals are sought for developing new radiopharmaceuticals or effectively improving the production of the conventional radionuclides through technical or licensing agreements.

POLAND TRPL20171020001
An analytical laboratory from North-East Poland that is developing new technologies for the production of medicinal products, needs a machine to the production of vaginal ring drug delivery system to deliver a new product on the market. The company is open to a technical cooperation agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance or leasing agreement.

SLOVAKIA TOSK20171016001 
A Slovak institute has developed new highly purified corpuscular antigens of Coxiella burnetii, and some chlamydial and rickettsial species. They were designed for accurate measurement of antibodies against these bacteria in serum, plasma and milk samples of animals and humans. An efficient corpuscular vaccine for prophylaxis against coxiellosis in livestock is also available. These products are open for license and/or joint venture.

FRANCE TOFR20170718001 
A French laboratory has developed a new technology for measuring the materials strength and more precisely for developing a new sensor for dynamic strength. This patented technology is useful in various domains such as sport sciences, biomechanics, robotics, chiropody or orthopaedics. The French research centre is looking for technological partners for a license agreement, technical cooperation agreement or a research cooperation agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170711002 
A Spanish SME,active in the IT sector,has developed a technology platform of special interest for protected designation of origin industries (wine, olive oil...) and local industries with typical stuff internationally recognized by their geographical location. This tool is made of a personalized electronic seal and a software  platform. They are seeking final users for commercial agreement with technical assistance or local IT/Marketing service providers for technical cooperation.

SPAIN TOES20171229001 
A Spanish start-up has developed an innovative digital logistics platform that optimizes deliveries to clients in the final stage of the process (the last mile). The solution, remarkably improves the logistics management and the customer experience through a wide range of delivery options and personalization with segmented services. The company is looking for license agreements.

ITALY TOIT20171222001
An Italian startup has developed a very effective solution for street lighting optimisation including a mobile app for rapid geo-localisation of street lamps, automatic algorithms for lighting efficiency, dedicated hardware for reducing energy waste and pay back periods estimation. The company looks for engineering or Energy Saving Companies interested in technical agreements to develop a localised version and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance to launch it in the partner market.

UKRAINE TOUA20171222001
Ukrainian researchers developed and tested a new technology and equipment for remote search and identification of mineral deposits. The technology was successfully tested for search of deposits of hydrocarbon, coal, uranium, gold, copper, underground sources of drinking and geo-thermal water etc. The cost of exploration work appears 10 times lower than traditional geological exploration methods. Various types of cooperation are possible in prospecting projects.

A Czech company specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of embedded devices, printed-circuit board design and made-to-order electronics assembly. The SME would like to identify new partners based on commercial agreement with technical assistance and/or technical cooperation agreement.

A Korean company developed and successfully practiced an artificial intelligence (AI)-based image analysis integrated platform for a smart city, which can be applied to control smart traffic, smart security, smart disaster prevention, etc. The company wants to export its technology to Europe and is looking for a government organization in charge of planning smart city or private companies related to the smart city for technical cooperation and commercial cooperation with technical assistance.

A Korean IT company develops cyber security solution. The solution provides dual defense on network and Endpoint (PC, personal computer/server) against APT and ransomware attack. The company wishes to offer its technology and product to the European market under a commercial agreement with technical assistance and manufacturing agreement.

RUSSIA TRRU20171219001
A Russian small enterprise from the Murmansk region specializes in waste disposal and looks for partners to cooperate within technical cooperation agreement. The company looks for a partner which is able to provide an economically effective recycling technology of rubber-, mercury-, and carbon-containing waste products.

ITALY TOIT20171218002
An Italian company which has developed a technology for hybrid battery-supercapacitors is looking for industrial partners to establish a technical cooperation agreement. The company is introducing a new international battery patent regarding a long-life hybrid storage system able to withstand more than one daily cycle (from 10% to 30% of total stored energy) with an estimated calendar life of about 15 to 20 years.

The Czech company is focused on advanced engineering services (e.g. static & dynamic analysis, optimization, light-weighting, multibody simulations, computer fluid design …) for European customers in automotive, railway and aerospace industry. Additional services are provided in cooperation with a network of partners (project management, 3D print from steel or titanium). The company is looking for a long-term cooperation based on commercial or technical agreements.

ITALY TOIT20171217001
An italian SME has developed a web platform instrument for the knowledge rebuilding of big, complex and heterogeneous software assets. This instrument allows to light up the software asset, providing objective information about the actual status of the software itself. It is a powerful tool for improving big-data software cleaning and modernization. The SME is looking for research, joint venture, services and commercial agreements with technical assistance, mainly in Europe but also outside.

POLAND TOPL20171214001
An industrial enterprise from Poland, specialised in production of plastic parts, designing, construction, manufacturing and remanufacturing of injection moulds and implementation of prototype designs for the automotive industry and other branches, such as electronics, household appliances, construction, gardening is offering the technology of fast injection moulds with multiple cooling zones and guides. Manufacturing agreement or technical cooperation is considered with the named industries.

POLAND TOPL20171213002
A Polish company specialised in providing service in road and bridge structures design, is offering an innovative fibre-reinforced polymer bridge span technology. Services agreement is considered.

SPAIN TOES20171213001 
The energy department of a Spanish technology centre is offering its energy dynamic modelling simulation of new and existing buildings to companies, architectural studios and public administrations interested in obtaining detailed information and techniques for the energy efficiency of buildings they are working with. Partnerships sought are service agreement and research cooperation agreement with any type of entity in the field of energy efficiency.

SPAIN TOES20171213002 
The industrial solutions department of a Spanish technology centre is offering a management system focused on obtaining and synthesizing information and knowledge from a big quantity of data.The tool helps companies to receive back specific information and knowledge whilst saving a lot of time. Partnership sought is service agreement (open to any public authority, bank or company on any sector) and research cooperation agreement in the field of big data analysis.

POLAND TOPL20171213001
A Polish company with over 40 years of overall experience in the surgery branch is offering sterile single-use tampons used for treatment of badly healing wounds with proven medical results, tested and certified in Sweden. The company is interested in concluding a financial or research cooperation agreement with hospitals, medical research centres etc.

SPAIN TOES20171212003 
Spanish research group, characterized by multi-disciplinary members with diverse profiles (geomatics, computer scientist, industrial engineers, civil engineers and architects), offers “all-in-one” welding inspection tool, weld map, based on the integration of photogrammetric (PHO) and ultrasonic technique (UT), that reduces costs and improve quality. They are seeking for partners interested in license, technical cooperation and financial agreements.

SPAIN TOES20171212001 
Spanish technology centre has developed comprehensive district energy retrofitting methodology. This holistic and customizable method reduces the economic risks of large-scale renovation projects and facilitates the planning, implementation, management of such energy projects. The methodology has been tested at district level on three demonstration sites. Partnerships sought are service and research cooperation agreement with any type of entity interested in district energy retrofitting

SERBIA TORS20171210004
A small company located at the city of Nish, Serbia offers innovative models of specialized communal vehicles. The standart offer is based on a completely new construction design that has been developed according to appropriate standarts. At the same time, the base construction allows for a very large variation according to partner`s individual technical requirements. The company is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance with manufacturers or specialist vehicles.

SERBIA TORS20171210003
A production factory from Serbia offers commercial agreements with technical assistance to residential doors and windows manufacturers. Absolutely unique doors and windows have been developed in wood and polyvinyl chloride and rubber, in all standard sizes. These offer improved thermal properties for environmental standards and regulations, and more choice in colours, whilst coming at a lower cost.

SERBIA TORS20171210002
A Serbian SME offers innovative machines in the field of balancing equipment industry. The offer is a completely new construction according ISO 1940-1 standards. Advantage over similar products is the innovative combination of system elements that bring possibility of installing a machine in place where customers have need for system balancing. The company is looking for strategic partners interested for license agreement and joint development.

POLAND TOPL20171208001
A company from Poland is offering an autonomous water aeration system using special dedicated wind turbines and compressed air tanks. The solution can be used mainly for maintenance of fish ponds, but also in other applications, including water purification. The offered solution is innovative and environmentally-friendly. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is considered.

ITALY TOIT20171207001
An Italian company, that works in the biotechnology field, solved the problem of cheese whey (byproduct of cheese making) disposal by using an innovative patent pending technological process. It converts whey into yeast for bakery and other products, together with the recovery of whey protein that find their application in food, beverages, and nutraceuticals. The company is interested to sign a financial agreement with manufacturers in these sectors, to industrialise the process.

SPAIN TOES20171205001 
The agrofood division of a Spanish technology centre is offering its cheese natural preservative coatings technology knowledge to companies interested in developing new products to protect and improve the quality of their cheese production. Partnerships sought are service agreement with any company on the sector of cheese production and research cooperation agreement with any type of entity in the field of food technology.

UKRAINE TRUA20171106001 
The Ukrainian company is looking for the partner for developing a children's wooden toy, which includes the option of magnetic levitation. As magnetic levitation, the SME understand the technology or the method of lifting and fixing the object at a certain height using only a magnetic field. The company interested in partners for technical, manufacture or research cooperation.

ITALY TOIT20171016002
An Italian company offers a new ashes scattering service integrated with forestry services, in respect of the person, of the territory and of nature. The service consists in giving customers their resting place near a tree, located in a forest rented by the company from private owners and/or public entities, at the foot of which their ashes will be buried. They are proposing as partner or case study in a research cooperation agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170918001
An Italian designer of multi-skin facades for buildings has developed a new module, capable of reducing the building's energy demand by about 70% compared to a traditional facade. The glazed system obtains solar energy gain during the winter, summer sunlight control, indoor light control, night and day time free-cooling. Companies for commercial and technical cooperation, including  production and sale of the technology, are sought.