Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 11/ 2017

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171107006
A Singapore hospital has developed a one-step crosslinking method to manufacture durable, non-leaching antimicrobial coatings compatible with varied substrates. It facilitates the development of protective coatings with antimicrobial agents such as antimicrobial metal ions, cationic antiseptic polymers and antibiotics without loss of antimicrobial properties to target a broad range of infectious agents. The hospital seeks licensing or research partnerships with SMEs / research institutions.Businesses and organisations are sought to develop specific offerings for individual markets under technical cooperation and licensing agreements. They are also welcome to disseminate existing solutions under commercial agreements with technical assistance.

GERMANY  TODE20171107002
Scientists at a German university developed two new and fully defined methods for serum-free production of human engineered heart muscles (EHM) either from pre-differentiated cardiomyocytes or directly from undifferentiated stem cells. This will allow production of human EHM under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. The University is looking for in-licensing partners for use as drug screening platform and/or for further development into a regenerative medical approach.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171107002
A Singapore research institution has developed a novel solution to percutaneously treat patients suffering from severe Tricuspid Regurgitation. It is aimed at circumventing the challenges involved in the accurate visualisation and anchorage of percutaneous devices at the native annulus site. At pre-clinical trial phase, the institution seeks interested industry partners - SMEs/MNEs in the class III medical devices sector to move the technology forward through licensing/research cooperation.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171107009
A Singapore hospital has developed an isothermal amplification-based lateral flow test to detect the Dengue (DENV) and/or Zika (ZIKV) virus. It streamlines sample processing and isothermal amplification of target sequences in DENV and/or ZIKV viral RNA which helps in detection and differentiation of DENV and ZIKV viruses. Results are visualized on a lateral flow-based test strip as test and control lines.  The hospital seeks licensing/R&D partnerships with SMEs, MNEs or research institutions.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171107005
A Singapore hospital has developed a novel walking frame that is suited for stair climbing and adheres to the guidelines laid down by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for staircase dimensions. The walking frame, after initial height adjustments, facilitates the user to climb up and down the stairs without having to operate any moving parts. It is lightweight and safe and enables greater ease of use. The hospital is seeks licensing/research partners with SMEs or MNEs.

TURKEY  TRTR20171027001
The Turkish textile manufacturer is interested in developing and manufacturing textile indoor/outdoor fabrics/products (curtains, tents etc.) which will be able to harvest broad-band-light-spectrum and to convert the harvested light-radiation into the electricity and to store that electrical energy. Partners from industry or R&D institutions are being sought to develop this technology through a technical cooperation agreement. Joint venture agreement is also welcomed.

GERMANY  TODE20171107001
Scientists at a German university developed multiwell tissue plates for automated and reliable tissue engineering and drug testing. This will allow for a reliable and consistent production of multiple human micro tissues (e.g. heart muscle tissue rings) and a subsequent automated drug screening and monitoring within the same multiwell plate under SOP and GMP. The university is looking for in-licensing partners active in lab automation, labware manufacturer/provider or drug screening provider.

FRANCE  TOFR20170807001  
French SME has developed innovative technologies enabling the development of high tech custom made robotic systems for automation of precision handling and assembly. It is looking for new challenges with big SMEs willing to introduce automation of repetititive and fiddly tasks in their process. The company is seeking technological cooperation and manufacturing agreements with industry working in high precision sectors as for instance micro-electronics, watchmaking industry or healthcare sector.

GERMANY  TODE20170706001
A German SME has co-developed a mapping tool for anthropogenic deposits in industrial heaps. Remote sensing data combined with data about the chemical composition of the residues have led to a resource cadaster which can be used for the recovery of scarce raw materials such as metals and minerals. Players from public administrations and the private sector dealing with the recovery of mining products and anthropogenic residues are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

POLAND   TOPL20170703001
A Polish company has developed technology that allows for controlling the quality of closures of the packaging, you can control the packaging such as PET bottles, glass bottles, ampoules, glass vials, and others. Developed system is characterized by a more accurate detection of defects, considerably smaller dimensions, lack of moving parts, which reduces the failure rate and risk of downtime of a production line. The company seeks partners to cooperate via commercial agreement with technical ass

ITALY  TOIT20160607001
A small Italian company, accredited as academic spin-off, offers an informatics framework to aggregate and analyze patient data coming from heterogeneous data sources (clinical, omics, biobank, etc) and from different centres. The system allows the researcher to get the big picture of the available data and to analyze them by customizable apps. They seek partners for technical and research cooperation or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SOUTH KOREA  TOKR20171030002
A Korean company specializing in the field of innovative construction materials has developed a technology which restores uneven settlement of structures with high precision. This technology guarantees good durability and high quality of the buildings. It also saves time on construction and has no limitation on the size of the structures. The company is looking for an European partner for a licensing agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SOUTH KOREA  TOKR20171030001
As a software and service provider in ICT industry based in South Korea, the SME is capable of providing demand response management system for smart grid and unstructured-data management solutions. Its solutions and services have been adopted by more than 1000 customers globally and the core technologies will become fundamentals of IoT(Internet of Things). With its core competency, the company is expecting a licensing or research cooperation agreement to collaborate with European partners.

BELGIUM  TOBE20171030001
A Belgian research university laboratory has developed a novel approach to prevent and/or cure type 1 diabetes (T1D) based on the central tolerogenic properties of the thymus. The researchers are looking for research cooperation agreement.

A UK SME has developed a health and well-being software technology for use by elderly people and their carers. It is designed to overcome the problem of irregular use by the elderly of existing solutions, by helping establish routines; promote self-care; reduce loneliness. Families and carers can remotely support and monitor for safeguarding and wellbeing. The company targets care homes, NGOs, local authorities and other elderly care organisations as testbeds via research cooperation agreement.

SPAIN  TOES20171027003  
A Spanish research centre, specialised in plastics and composite materials, offers development of tailored polymer materials for 3D printing. The centre is equipped with high performance single-spindle extrusion equipment and a twin-screw extruder for mixtures.It is looking for partners as 3D additive manufacturers coming from a wide range of sectors (automotive, aeronautics, etc) and 3D printing machine manufacturers, interested in research, technical cooperation and services agreements.

SPAIN  TOES20171027001
A Spanish research centre, specialised in plastics and composite materials, offers technical competencies for standard or tailor-made test for the determination of the degree of disintegration of plastic materials under simulated laboratory composting conditions. The research centre is looking for research, technical and commercial agreement with technical assistance with industrial actors involved with bioplastics (suppliers of raw materials, compounders, transformers, recyclers, etc.)

SPAIN  TOES20171025001  
A Spanish engineering SME working in heavily damaged industry water has developed concentration systems based on vacuum evaporation and crystallisation that allow achieveing Zero Liquid Discharge. These systems achieve higher degree of concentration with lower energy consumption than conventional methods. The SME is looking for industrial partners interested in a technical cooperation or a commercial agreement with techncial assistance.

SPAIN  TOES20171024003  
A Spanish research centre, with activity in the field of human evolution, offers uranium series lab to be used for trace element and isotope analysis, e.g. geological, environmental, materials, forensic sciences or traceability studies. The main advantages are: extremely low detection limits and capability for isotope ratios. Partners from industry, research and public administrations are looking for applying these techniques in research, technical  and service collaborations

The resilient timber building frames are composed of beams and columns which are connected by a tendon. This system allows for fast construction due to prefabrication and for good seismic performance due to its flexibility. A Swiss engineering company offers design for such structures for architects, engineers, construction companies or developers. Partner agreement sought: Joint venture agreement, services agreement or technical cooperation agreement.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20160928003
A Singapore hospital has developed a system which will automatically analyse High Definition - Optical Coherence Tomography (HD-OCT) obtained images and delineate various skin structures. This greatly enhance clinical diagnostic and management capability of skin diseases through intelligent image processing. The organisation is interested in establishing license agreements or research cooperation agreements with SMEs of all sizes or healthcare research institutions.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20160927009
A Singapore hospital has developed an augmented reality system which will allow users to better plan for the laser treatment during pre-surgery and provides means to warn the users during actual surgery when the laser is targeting areas which should be protected. The hospital is interested in establishing license agreements or research cooperation agreements with SMEs of all sizes or healthcare research institutions.

SPAIN  TOES20171024002  
A Spanish scientific & technical infrastructure offers chemical, vibrational and mineralogical analyses as well as thermal studies with techniques related with microscopy, spectroscopy and macroscopy. The laboratory aims to support research in the areas of geology, archeology and heritage, and furthermore, it provides services in the fields of pharmacy, construction, civil engineering and nanomaterials. The centre is interested in technical and research cooperation, as well as service agreement

GERMANY  TODE20171018001
A German SME is specialized in the design and development of micro and nano devices based on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). The company offers its expertise, micro-module assembly facilities and lines to realize new devices. Main advantage: the availability of extensive in-house expertise, process capabilities, facilities and services in a compact one-stop-shop. Seeking services and manufacturing agreements for co-development and production of custom-specific micro and nano devices.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20160928001
A Singapore hospital has developed an Automatic Quantitative Customized Vision measurement template generator (AQUIR) that will be able to cater the needs for people reading in different languages, and adaptable to individuals with different reading habits. The hospital is interested in establishing license agreements or research cooperation agreements with SMEs of all sizes or healthcare research institutions.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20160929002
A Singapore hospital has developed a software algorithm which is able to increase the resolution of Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) images for prostate cancer assessment. This technique uses two anisotropic acquisitions and reconstructs an isotropic volume. The hospital is interested in establishing license agreements or research cooperation agreements with SMEs of all sizes or healthcare research institutions.

SPAIN  TOES20171023002  
A Spanish university has developed new bio- based phase- changed materials with enhanced thermal properties that can be applied for waste heat recovery in industrial processes. These materials can be produced from natural sources as fats and oil usually considered by- products in the agro- food industry and can be recycled. They are looking for industrial partners interested in a technical cooperation or a license agreement.

SPAIN  TOES20171023001  
A Spanish university has developed a new technology for biological control of foodborne pathogenic bacteria in fresh-cut fruit that ensures food safety and maintains the product quality throughout the product shelf-life by means of an user-friendly method. They are looking for partners from the industry interested in a license agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

ITALY  TRIT20170927001
An italian company, operating in the biotechnology field in South Italy, is looking for entering in contact with research or business entities dealing with research or offering new treatments to cure or make early diagnosis and prevention of the celiac disease. Intellectual property can be acquired under a license agreement or commercial with technical assistance.

POLAND  TOPL20171020001
A company from North East Poland specialising in outsourcing of IT specialists and in the development of the software and applications testing, developed tool to make the testing process automatic. The tool saves money and time of the potential user. The company is looking for long-term partnerships under licence agreements.

SPAIN  TOES20170920001  
A Catalan company offers a multiple applications liquid tank for transportation by helicopters. This helicopter bucket can be loaded extremly fast, in very narrow and shallow spots. Due to his aerodynamic design, it increases flight safety while loading and transport.The patented technologies to fill the tank and empty it out are low electricity consuming. They are looking for companies interested in manufacturing and selling this product by a license agreement.

GERMANY  TODE20171012002
A German institute active in materials research developed a solution to form wood pallets into pipes which, compared to solid wood components, have advantages in load bearing capacity and material efficiency. The process is based on thermo- and hygromechanical compaction of wood. By coating the tubes with technical textiles more favourable effects result. They seek for technical cooperation to develop new applications/ optimise the process in terms of technical or research cooperation agreement.

ITALY  TOIT20171016001
An Italian University research group has developed innovative metal foams that combine the characteristics of bulk metals with the structural advantages of foams. These structures have both excellent mechanical properties such as strength, stiffness, low weight and good energy-absorbing characteristics. The group is looking for research centres, universities or industrial and manufacturing companies for technical cooperation agreement for the adaptation of these metal foams to specific needs.

ITALY  TOIT20171010001
The company, an Italian provider of software and hardware solutions, developed an adaptive e-learning technology that could be used by partner or customer that could improve their corporate training activities, increasing employees’ effectiveness and decreasing time to proficiency. The company is interested to sign a services agreement.

GERMANY  TODE20170926001
A Berlin-based German university has developed a way to produce mussel proteins which can be activated by irradiation with UV light. Those proteins could be used in the production of bio-glues which are suitable for the treatment of bone fractures or accelerated wound healing. The university is looking for partners interested in a license or a research cooperation agreement.

GERMANY  TODE20170926002
A Berlin-based German university has developed a convergent synthesis route towards albicidin. This enables the production of multi gram amounts of the antibiotic substance and, as a consequence, the further profiling of its drug properties. They are interested in the further development of the technology in the framework of a research cooperation or a license agreement.

SPAIN  TOES20170914001  
A Spanish Research Institution has developed an apparatus to study gas diffusion through materials. The necessary experimental measurements to determine the behavior of solid materials in relation to resistance to gasses can be made using this cell. These measurements are useful to determine reinforced concrete protection against corrosion and evaluate its properties when used as a barrier against radon. Industrial partners are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement.

RUSSIA  TORU20170719001
The Russian company specializes in the metallurgy sphere developed a technology of manufacturing and repair of copper water-cooled tubes and plates of molds for electro-slag-remelting and continuous casting machines of copper layer electrowinning. The technology provides high-quality products. Authors are looking for partners abroad interested in cooperation in the framework of services agreement.

ISRAEL  TRIL20170328001
An Israeli start-up is developing a hardware solution for autonomous driving & ADAS applications, requiring custom-manufactured high-intensity reflective conspicuity tape. A partner with a thin-film roll-to-roll polymer coating capability is sought to manufacture the tape to specific recipes. An R&D project to process many samples as a feasibility demo is envisaged. Cooperation through a research, technical or manufacturing agreement is sought with a large industrial partner.

An East of England University spinout has invented and developed MOFs in pellet form as opposed to powders. This enables a more rapid industrial uptake for these materials, for gas storage, transport, catalysis, chiral synthesis, and enables developing new products, for example lightweight oxygen tanks. Developers of such products and processes are sought for technical cooperation, and manufacturers of MOFs for licensing.

FRANCE  TOFR20171009001  
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) offers a new iridium-based catalyst for the anode of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer used to produce hydrogen by electrolysis of water. Traditional solutions for hydrogen production by reforming or gasification of hydrocarbons are less suitable and not sufficient to meet growing demand for hydrogen and environmental constraints. The French TTO is seeking for licence, research cooperation or technical cooperation agreement.

FRANCE  TOFR20171009002  
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) offers a technology to synthesize a novel reactive form of solid boron. This new boron material can potentially be used in all the applications where a very reactive form of elementary boron is requested from superconductors for magnetic resonance imaging to high temperature ceramics for spatial applications. The French TTO is seeking for licence agreement, research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation agreement.

FRANCE  TOFR20171121001  
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the Paris region which has developed a tablet application (app) prototype for babies, in order to test their cognitive and coordination abilities. Industrial partners are sought to validate it clinically under technical co-operation, and commercialise this technology under a license agreement.

SOUTH KOREA  TOKR20171117001
A Korean company has developed a technology of magnetic wireless charging and data synchronization that can be applied to various types of mobile devices. All-in-one technology of data sharing, storing and device charging offers different user-interface experiences that would change many forms of work and daily lives. The company is looking for partners who can apply and further develop the company’s technology into their business and products under technical cooperation.

SPAIN  TOES20171120001  
A Spanish multidisciplinary research team from different institutions located in Barcelona has found a method for predicting the levodopa (L-DOPA) induced dyskinesia (LID) onset and severity in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) treated with this compound. Genetic tests companies and companies developing new treatments for PD capable to develop and distribute the product are sought for license agreement.

FRANCE  TOFR20171115010  
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the Paris region which has developed a new software designed to be embedded in any connected object and to facilitate the programming and reprogramming of choreographies among an heterogeneous fleet, ushering a genuine "machine to machine" era. The French public research centre is looking for partners for a technical cooperation, license or a research cooperation agreement.

FRANCE  TOFR20161024001  
A French Start-up, with expertise in Nano-drugs development, has developed a secured web-based platform that automatically guides non-experts through the "Quality by Design" workflow, also assisted by a biostatistician for the risk analysis, design of experiments and process controls. Service agreement or technical cooperation agreement is sought with developers of Nano-drugs who could use the platform for their own projects, where the company could enhance the solution.

FRANCE  TOFR20171117001  
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) has developed a very stable new formulation for topical anesthetics with rapid onset of action. They demonstrated that the existing topical anesthetics could be toxics especially in pediatry because of the use of prilocaine. It is proposed to develop the new formulation, free of prilocaine in vitro stage to in vivo stage, through license agreement or research cooperation agreement.

ITALY  TOIT20171116001
An Italian company has developed a methodology for assessing through various indicators and statistical calculations, the type of renewable sources most suitable on a single territory. The company seeks public authorities, universities and research centres, interested in adopting their method, in implementing it locally through commercial agreements with technical assistance.

FRANCE  TOFR20171016001  
A French company develops medical implantable devices embedded into knee prosthesis to make them connected.They are developing an innovative medical device to improve the monitoring and the efficiency of total knee arthroplasties (TKA). The company is looking for orthopaedic implants manufacturers in Europe and USA for R&D collaboration in order to embed the chip into their TKA, and apply this innovation in other devices (hip, shoulder arthroplasties…).

SPAIN  TOES20171116001  
A Spanish SME expert in advanced materials offers its know-how in concrete technologies to support precast concrete companies or concrete manufacturers to improve the performance of their concrete or to reduce its cost. They can also optimize the precast concrete elements, increasing the durability, minimizing the weight, or increasing the strength/toughness. They seek partners from civil engineering, construction, industrial and blue-growth sectors for a technical or research collaboration.

MACEDONIA  TOMK20171116001
A Macedonian software company has developed an innovative software solution for preparation and publishing of online journals. The solution is suitable for academic institutions, conferences and all the other institutions issuing any kind of journal and can be customized according to client’s needs. The company is looking for new clients or software vendors for cooperation under commercial agreement with technical assistance or licensing agreement.

FRANCE  TOFR20171115008  
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the Paris region which has developed a new  wireless broadband optical communication technology for mobile systems (robots, drones, satellites, persons,...). The French public research centre is looking for partners for a technical cooperation, license or a research cooperation agreement.

UKRAINE  TOUA20171114001
A Ukrainian company producing brush materials for electric motors is looking for technology partners from the EU countries to apply for participation in the Horizon 2020 program (SME instrument Phase 1) in order to conduct research on the performance characteristics of the EF-68 material.  An agreement on scientific and technical cooperation is proposed.

SPAIN  TOES20171114001  
Spanish start-up has developed an intelligent underfloor heating system for offices. It allows each employee to configure his own comfort temperature within an office space, reducing cost and energy consumption and improving their comfort and hence their performance. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

GERMANY  TODE20171012004
A German company, active in civil and mechanical engineering, has developed covers of glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin to reduce odour and acoustic noise emission and/or to avoid the infiltration of contaminants and rainwater in process basins. The application range is wide, e.g. for clarification plants, industrial plants, drinking water plants. The company is looking for partners from industry for commercial agreements with technical assistance or services agreements.

GERMANY  TODE20171024001
German SME offers a technology for immobilisation of contaminants and sealing of rock by using time dependent crystallisation, so called "Provoked mineral synthesis".
Using super saturated solutions it is possible to precipitate natural occurring minerals which reduce permeability of rock.  Decontaminating metals can be fixed as sulphide. The SME is looking for partners from industry and research for a research cooperation, technical cooperation, or services agreement.

JORDAN  TOJO20171031001
Jordanian inventors came up with a solution for medication non-adherence by developing a system of hardware and software  to be part of the solution of medication non-adherence. The inventors are  now looking for an investor to help developing the system to be ready for entering into the market through a manufacturing and financial agreement. The inventors are  targeting Europe and USA.

POLAND  TRPL20171020001
An analytical laboratory from North-East Poland that is developing new technologies for the production of medicinal products, needs a machine to the production of vaginal ring drug delivery system to deliver a new product on the market. The company is open to a technical cooperation agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance or leasing agreement.

GERMANY  TODE20171024002
A German SME acting as a consultant in field tests, offers a product line for stone conservation. Consolidation and strengthening of rock can be achieved with a stone hardener. It penetrates easily into the calcite-bound sandstones, limestones or marbles. Small fissures, shale and cracks can be filled as well. The company seeks for technical cooperation and/or manufacturing agreement with partners from industry and research, particularly outside heritage conservation.

SINGAPORE  TRSG20171108001
A Singapore SME is seeking technology partners with applications, tools or expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI)  that can provide capability like machine learning in reasoning, analysing and providing recommendation or solutions in dealing with construction and development project risks. This can also act as a tool or application for analysis in the real estate industry. The SME is keen on a licensing, joint venture or services partnership with SMEs (<50) or research institutions

FRANCE  TOFR20171108001  
French SME in the field of video technology is looking for a business partner in order to offer an innovative record and broadcast video solution which allows to edit video without professional video skills. The solution comprehend an innovative software which allowed to synchronise different types of data flow: video, sound, other data. The SME is looking for a partner in order to establish a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SPAIN  TOES20171107002  
A research group of a Spanish technology center that offers electronic advanced technology services has developed and patented a method and an electronic device with multi-agent fuzzy control for detecting lateral cerebral stroke (ictus) in real time. The research and development (R&D) center is looking for partners as non-profit entities, hospitals and patients associations for testing the new device and further developments, through technical cooperation agreements.

A multinational shipping enterprise with a registered base in Scotland (UK) is seeking novel approaches to identify vehicles and cargo containers with increased fire risk as they board vessels such as ferries and roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) cargo ships. The company would also like to track where on the vessel these vehicles/containers are parked. The Scottish company is looking for partnerships via a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement.

A multinational shipping enterprise with a registered base in Scotland (UK) is seeking novel approaches to replace regulated safety checks on inflatable lift rafts on cargo and passenger ships with another method to guarantee the reliability of these rafts in the event of an emergency. The company is looking for partnerships via a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement. The company is especially interested in technologies that are near to market.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171107001
A Singapore SME has developed a Zigbee building automation technology that provides wireless connectivity between building automation systems (BAS) equipment controllers, lighting controllers, sensors and other devices within commercial buildings. It offers standardized products for secure, reliable monitoring, and control of commercial building systems to provide innovative, productive and safe work or learning environments. The SME seeks licensing / joint venture partners with SMEs or MNEs.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171107004
A Singapore-based ophthalmic research institute has developed an innovative device that integrates the processes of injecting therapeutic agents into the eye and  extracting vitreous samples from the eye for biomarker analysis. The device achieves this through a single puncture, thus minimizing the number of injections to the eye. The institution seeks to partner SMEs or healthcare research institutions on a licensing/research cooperation agreement.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171107003
A Singapore hospital has developed a non-invasive platform, M-ReGen that enhances myokine release from skeletal muscle yet, without exerting any mechanical stress. The approach employs a patented non-invasive, low amplitude, pulsed electromagnetic fields that stimulates the production of myokines and enhances muscle maintenance with as little as 10 minutes of total exposure per week. The hospital is seeks license/research agreements with SMEs or healthcare research institutions.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171107010
A Singapore hospital has developed AVIGA, an automated eye-tracking device which assesses, detects and monitors age related macular degeneration(AMD) through gaze analysis. This adaptive computerized device consists of computer-generated visual stimuli test pattern along with algorithm. The response to visual stimuli test pattern helps in an objective analysis of vision by studying eye movement. The hospital seeks licensing/research partnerships with SMEs or healthcare reserach institute.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171107008
A Singapore hospital has developed a novel imaging analysis software system called the Automated Skin HD-OCT Image Analysis (ASHIMA). Providing 3D analysis of high-resolution optical coherence tomography (OCT) images of skin, the software segments the skin into various layers enabling better visualization. It provides a thorough and quick skin examination for dermatological and cosmetic applications. The hospital seeks licensing or research cooperation with SMEs or healthcare institution.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171107007
A Singapore hospital has developed a novel modular endoprosthetic system for safe mandible (jaw) reconstruction. The off-the-shelf prosthetic device is made of clinical-grade titanium offered in a variety of sizes. The modular design of the endoprosthesis allows reconstruction of the jaw of different patients using standardized pre-fabricated modular components, eliminating time to customise/fabricate. The hospital seeks licensing/research cooperation with SMEs/research institutions.

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171107011
A Singapore hospital has developed a non-wearable assistive hearing device called the Parametric Assistive Hearing Devices (PAHD). PAHD improves auditory experiences for hearing impaired individuals and makes the user more comfortable during social activities. The hospital is interested in establishing license agreements or research cooperation agreements with SMEs of all sizes or healthcare research institutions.

Czech university with rich experience in energy production, developed equipment that is a part of gasification technology for electric and heat production. It is usable everywhere for dedusting of gaseous media with high temperature. The university is looking for industrial and business partners who would be able to produce a filter unit – a device for trapping solid particles of different types of air. Cooperation offered on the basis of license, manufacturing and/or technical agreement.

ESTONIA  TOEE20171024001  
An Estonian research group is looking for partners to pilot a patented filter for extracting heavy metal ions and radioactive elements from water. Contaminated water is an acute problem across the world, and currently no efficient technologies exist to efficiently remove multiple heavy metals and radioactive ions with one method. The proposed technology is cost efficient, causes minimal waste, and is adaptable to any piping system.

ITALY  TOIT20171103001
An Italian designer has designed an innovative internal combustion engine that can increase fuel efficiency in association with a reduction of consumption and pollution by 10 to 50%. The engine features new kinematics with respect to the connecting-rod, crank-arm and piston system, improving combustion, lengthening the expansion phase and reducing harmful volume trought variable compression ratio. Companies in the automotive sector for technical collaboration and licensing agreement are sought.

FRANCE  TOFR20171017001  
A French company has developed textured warns for paramedical uses, providing high comfort smoothness and lightness, with permanent, antibacterial effect, hypoallergenic, hydrophobic (evacuate sweat), high insulation, thermodynamic effect, high fastness (against washing and dry cleaning). The company offers manufacturing agreement and technical cooperation agreement to weaving and or knitting companies.

SERBIA  TORS20171010001
A Serbian company has developed an innovative product for cable fixation in construction buildings. Advantages over existing materials used in traditional cable fixation process (nails, screw, etc.) are: simple to use, 80% reduction fixation time, eliminates utilization of electrical equipment in this process and therefore increase occupational safety. The company seeks partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SOUTH KOREA  TOKR20171102004
A Korean research institute has developed natural gas-diesel mixed combustion technology. The application of mixed combustion generator is currently running a field test in one of Korea island. The institute is open to various kinds of cooperation with potential partners: license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance, and financial agreement.

SPAIN  TOES20171031001  
A Spanish technology centre offers a full management system, capture and follow up all kind of production data to SMEs interested in managing their production plans. The tool helps companies to control their own premises at real time, allowing take staff decisions at time on production. Partnership sought is a commercial agreement with technical assistance, mainly on agrofood, and research cooperation agreement for future calls related with revalorisation of by-products in Horizon 2020.

A Czech university invented a technology of preparation of modified vermiculite and its application as an adsorbent. The organically modified vermiculite is a very efficient adsorbent especially for removal of organic compounds from highly contaminated water. The university is looking for partners who would produce/reproduce the material and ensure the distribution to the final partners. Commercial agreement with technical assistance, license or technical cooperation agreement is offered.

PORTUGAL  TOPT20171030001
Developed by a Portuguese non-profit R&D organization, the system allows for wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity, leaf wetness, soil moisture, solar and UV radiation, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction. The technology is available to be transferred to a company that provides services in environmental monitoring or the internet of things (IoT) for agriculture, under a licence agreement or technical cooperation agreement.

SPAIN  TOES20171027002  
A Spanish research centre specialised in plastics and composite materials offers analysis services of biodegradability or standard test for determining aerobic biodegradation in contact with soil or mature compost, under laboratory conditions. Research, technical and service agreements are sought with research institutes and industrial actors involved with bioplastics or residual plastic, interested in knowing the behaviour of their materials at end of life.

ISRAEL  TOIL20171003001
An Israeli SME has developed a series of proportional valves and pinch valves based on piezoelectric technology. The piezoelectric valve provides air or gas flow control, and varies the output flow. Those valves provides a high degree of control for many applications such as: power and energy control, food processing, medical devices, automation systems, ventilation, etc. The company is looking for license agreement/commercial agency agreement with technical assistance.

SPAIN  TOES20170809001  
An experienced manufacturing company based in the north of Spain offers an innovative, high performance, patented energy regulation system based on the combination of diverse electromagnetic elements for the lighting of public areas. This system is able to efficiently reduce the luminous flux of lamps by reducing the voltage. The company is looking for a commercial or manufacturing agreement.

ITALY  TOIT20170807001
An Italian SME developed an integrated platform (customized or standard electronic components and suite of SaaS software) to facilitate and boost the development of industrial IoT applications. The company provides all round service that aims at the digitalization of products/processes and is seeking companies of any size willing to develop tailor-made IoT applications for commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY  TRDE20171013002  
A large German special chemical company is seeking novel catalyst for efficiant conversion of CO2 rich off gases together with hydrogen to methanol. Ideally such alternative catalysts should be based on easily available base metals and accessible by conventional preparation techniques such as precipitation of impregnation. Precious metals as the active masswould be an option as well. The project can be carried out in the framework of a joint- venture, license or research cooperation agreement.

FRANCE  TOFR20171115001  
A French laboratory has developed a unique method to induce cell transformation into corticospinal motor neurons in vitro and in vivo. The functional rehabilitation process after a stroke or with patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases could be functionally improved by corticospinal motor neuron regeneration.  They are currently looking for industrial partners interested in technology licensing-in and R&D collaboration (possible co-funding).

ITALY  TOIT20171114001
An Italian university research group working in the new materials sector, has developed advanced organic-inorganic hybrid coatings which possess considerable adhesive properties on various materials, such as glass, polycarbonate, polyurethane and metals, making them suitable for the realization of multifunctional coatings in different industrial sectors. Partners sought are companies interested in a technical cooperation agreement for the adaptation of the technology to specific needs.

FRANCE  TRFR20171107001
A French company dealing with the development of web applications is currently deploying a price monitoring system dedicated to online brands, manufacturers and online stores. They are looking for experienced partners in scraping data from website, App and other sources like Ajax technology. Then they are looking for efficient algorithms for data product matching (semantic, images, statistics...). Both technologies must be able to improve the system offered. Technical cooperation is sought.

GERMANY  TODE20171114001
A German university developed a device for medical imaging applications enabling an efficient and pain- reducing compression of the mamma. The university ofeers a license and a technical cooperation agreement.

FRANCE  TOFR20171115006
A French laboratory has identified different mutations in a human gene correlated with a higher risk of acute coronary syndrome in comparison to the general population. These mutations could open the way to a new medical approach to genetic predisposition of cardiovascular diseases. They are currently looking for industrial partners interested in technology licensing-in and R&D collaboration (possible co-funding of technology maturation).

FRANCE  TOFR20171115002  
A French laboratory has developed new antimicrobial block copolymers to obtain a better efficiency, avoid the development of resistance contrary to antibiotics, and with no side effects contrary to current polymers. They are currently looking for industrial partners interested in technology licensing-in and R&D collaboration (possible co-funding for technology maturation).

SINGAPORE  TOSG20171113001
A Singapore research institute has developed a convenient and easy to use spacer, which when used with an inhaler, simplifies the medication delivery protocol. This Intelligent Spacer ensures optimal inhalation, making sure that medications are delivered to the lungs. It comes with a visual indicator, along with a medication reminder and interactive features. The institute seeks to partner SMEs or research/healthcare institutions through licensing or research cooperation agreements.

GREECE  TOGR20160411001
An experienced, medium- sized, Greek IT Security company offers a platform and services for the early detection and response against cyber- threats. The platform uses self- learning function and achieves a high degree of success against potential threats. The company is looking for IT Security companies, IT/ Network integrators, consulting firms for commercial or services agreement with technical assistance provided. 

GREECE  TOGR20160513002
A Greek IT company offers a complete safety and security system for premises and events monitoring. The system interconnects the proper persons and fascilitates the correct application of safety and security measures and monitoring. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance with safety and security providers of the application of the system.

ITALY  TOIT20171110002
An Italian company located in Northern Italy performs forecasts, analyses, assessments and projections in the field of meteorology, air quality, renewable energy and climate change modelling. Partners are sought for a technical cooperation agreements.

ITALY  TOIT20171110001
An Italian SME pioneering the next generation of microchip sensors offers the first real-time residual life indication (RLI) sensor for filters. The company is seeking industrial partners who design and produce air and liquid filtration systems to integrate and test this new RLI sensor in their products, based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a joint venture agreement.

FRANCE  TOFR20170904001  
A French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the Paris region that has developed a new device to improve the cavitation effect in various industries like food, cosmectics or biotechnology process (among others). This new mechanical technique can increase the volume capacity of actual utrasonic devices. The French public research centre is looking for partners for 
a technical cooperation, license or a research cooperation agreement.

FRANCE  TOFR20171005001  
A French Unviversity (Technology Transfer Office) offers a new potent blocker of HER2 receptor for: the treatment of breast cancer's brain metastases; the treatment against HER2+ breast cancers resistance; the potential treatment of other HER2+ cancers (ovarian, gastric, salivary, neuroblastoma etc). The TTO of this University is looking for companies to license in this technology or for research cooperation.

ITALY  TOIT20171108001
An Italian university research group specialised in new materials, has developed an innovative biocide self-cleaning coating from inorganic compounds. This coating, characterised by an efficient and rapid action and long time durability, has functional applications in automotive, domestic appliances and textile sectors. The partners sought are industrial companies or research centres interested in a technical cooperation agreement for the adaptation of the technology to specific needs.

POLAND  TOPL20171108001
A Polish research institute offers technology intended for the transport of environmental biological samples. The developed device, in addition to the function of safe transport of biological samples requiring aeration can act as a laboratory respirometer enabling analysis of the physiological state (condition) of activated sludge. The Institute offers license or commercial agreement with technological support.

GERMANY  TODE20171107003
A German SME has developed easy-to-use and customizable software for parameter-free, predictive device simulations in Organic Electronics. This enables virtual design by allowing researchers to optimize compounds and devices in the computer, reducing experimental trial and error efforts and thereby development time and costs. The SME is looking for license/ commercial agreements with technical assistance with industrial partners interested in incorporating virtual design into their R&D process.

SPAIN  TOES20171107003  
A Spanish research and development (R&D) centre in engineering and advanced technology, has developed a new industrial refrigeration control system. It minimises energy consumption by just managing key control parameters in an automated approach. The centre is looking for industrial companies with high energy consumption rate, ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) and industrial refrigeration installers, interested in technical cooperation and commercial agreements wit technical assistance.

SPAIN  TOES20171107004  
A Spanish technology centre, has developed a new management platform for electrical vehicles (EV) recharging networks, based on artificial intelligence and big data technologies. The system allows the integration of the points of charge under open charge point protocol (OCPP) and an optimal customization level. The centre is seeking for companies in the field of electromobility for commercial cooperation and license agreements. New partners for further developments are also welcome.

SPAIN  TOES20171107005  
A Spanish technology centre has developed and protected a new soft computing solution that comprises several algorithms for co-expressed genes grouping in data analysis microarrays (MDA). The software includes fusion methods that combine in just one group, every grouping created from each of the independently generated temporal series of microarray data. R&D institutions and companies are sought for commercial with technical assistance, or license agreement to test the experimental software.

JORDAN  TRJO20171017001
A Jordanian biotech company established by a Jordanian female entrepreneur is now considered a distinguished biotech company in the middle east. The company is now working on a bio-based product that was recently patented and protected at USA and EU used to treat H. Pylori infection in Gastritis, as a replacement for the antibiotics of the triple therapy that needs testing. The company is looking for nutraceutical experienced partners for testing this project through service agreement.

ITALY  TOIT20170720001
An Italian inventor patented and developed an IT solution that is able to manage computer risks such as ransomware, malware, denial of services (Dos) attacks by means of a network device associated with the user's IT resources.  The solution is for users with limited IT experience. After a computer attack or a major incident, a simple push of a "recovery button" on the device allows to restore the operating state and preserve all the data. The inventor is interested in a license agreement.

GERMANY  TODE20171103001
A German company, which is active in commercializing innovations from 33 research institutes in Bavaria, offers intellectual property rights (IPR) for a medical technology: A cannula for ocular micro-injection, which can be addressed for targeted intra- and sub-retinal injections  to cure age-related macular degeneration (AMD).They are looking for interested parties to enter into a licensing agreement.

ITALY  TOIT20171103002
The company is an Italian young academic spinoff, founded in 2015 by a group of senior academic neuroscientists. It offers preclinical studies spanning from a wide range of behavioral tests to models of neurological injuries to cardiovascular, endocrine and metabolic measures. The company seeks industrial, R&D centers for technical, research cooperation or services agreements.

SOUTH KOREA  TOKR20171102003
A Korean research institute has developed a gas turbine combustor nozzle inspection package. The technology not only inspects the injection of fuel but also cleanness of the inner part of the gas turbine. The institute is looking for license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance, Technical cooperation agreement, Financial agreement.

SOUTH KOREA  TOKR20171101001
A Korean company has developed waterborne process for eco-friendly synthetic leather production without the use of VOCs (Volatile Organic Solvents), which are known to have harmful effects on human body. The innovative production process helps to achieve improved material property and reduced production cost. The company wishes to offer their production technology to corporations that are interested in artificial leather production under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

GERMANY  TODE20171012001
A German scientist developed a fully automated method for magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) for 3D segmentation of organs as used in epidemiological studies and clinical practice. A cooperation in the frame of License or research cooperation agreement is offered.

SOUTH KOREA  TRKR20171025001  
A Korean SME is  engaged in manufacturing, distribution and trading of bedding.The company is looking for a company that can develop highly sensitive materials that can be designed to meet the conditions of fabric texture, appearance, and various lengths of pile fabrics.The company is open for commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY  TODE20171010002
A well-known research institute in the South of Germany deals within the field of medical technology specialised on image analysis in real-time and microscopy systems. They offer customised computer-assisted microscopy systems as well as image analysis solutions for digital pathology, hematology and microbiology and software for quality assurance in laboratories. They are looking for SMEs entering into a licence agreement or working together in a technical or research project.

BELGIUM  TOBE20171010002  
A Belgian water utility is looking for partners for a project aiming at demonstrating an innovative wastewater heat recovery system, in an urban context. For this purpose, the water utility seeks other water utilities and cities interested in demonstrating the wastewater heat recovery system in cities. Type of agreement: research or technical co-operation.