Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 10/ 2017

A UK company has launched award-winning aeroponic designs, needing no land or soil. The low-cost eco-friendly structures have shown to yield consistent crops in a profitable way, opening up new markets and business models.Businesses and organisations are sought to develop specific offerings for individual markets under technical cooperation and licensing agreements. They are also welcome to disseminate existing solutions under commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A hi-tech Dutch engineering company is interested in new methods for knowledge management to improve effective transfer of knowledge between its skilled employees and young and inexperienced colleagues. The company is interested in technologies or methods other than master-apprentice approach. This Dutch company is interested in proven technology or methods that can be implemented. License agreement, technical agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance is preferred.

A large UK manufacturer of soft drinks is searching for completely novel ways of giving drinks sweetness whilst being natural and low calories. Innovation is also sought in the field of consumer acceptance and perception. Industry and academia developing such solutions, including those in early stage, are sought for technical cooperation, licensing, and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A Dutch based Japanese owned multinational wants to combine its emulsification know-how, facilities and capacity with innovative business opportunities that partners have identified. It is the company's intention to become a toll manufacturer. Partners should be interested to share their ideas, cooperate in scale-up and produce such emulsions in the facilities of the company. Cooperation is envisaged within the frame of a technical cooperation agreement or a manufacturing agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170831003
A German SME, active in the fields of textile, material and electronic development, has designed in cooperation with another company heat-generating imitation leather consisting of an electrically conductive textile carrier layer and a hardwearing plastic coating. The material is suitable as a self-warming cover for many different applications. The companies are looking for partners interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance and/or technical cooperation agreements.

BELGIUM TOBE20170825001 
A Belgian SME has developed an accurate drug delivery system in therapeutic fields such as: treatment of infectious diseases, cell therapy for genetic diseases, intradermal allergy testing and anti-inflammatory injections in skin diseases. Currently in prototyping phase. After a successful Proof-of-Concept study using a HepB Vaccine, now preparing for CE-marking and FDA registration. They are looking for partnerships with Pharma & Biotech companies & research institutes.

GERMANY TODE20171010001
A German university invented a process to operate power grids with a new methodology for real time load identification and load-control that leads to grid optimization. The process is general and applicable to any power electronics devices able to influence the voltage or frequency in the grid. The university offers its results worldwide to companies or institutes active in the field of power electronics for a license agreement or a research cooperation agreement.

SPAIN TOES20171006003 
A Spanish university has developed a procedure for combining marine species culture in the same place (integrated multi-trophic aquaculture). The main culture may be any of the species used in aquaculture and the second one involves the culture of amphipods that feeds on waste generated by the main culture. The main advantage is the cost-effectiveness of this procedure: the same infrastructure is raising an additional specie. Companies for license or technical cooperation agreements are sought.

SPAIN TOES20171010001 
A Spanish university specialised in performance engineering is looking for new nanonetwork technologies to apply in their research into molecular communication between nanomachines. Research and technical cooperation agreements are sought with academia or industry.

HUNGARY  TOHU20170928001
A Hungarian company with an advanced technology for turning materials into hydrophobic oil adsorbent powders or granules is looking for possible business partners interested in R&D, joint venture or licesing & technology transfer. Main advantage of technolgy is multiple application: industrial filtering solutions for liquids and gases, emission control, waste management and cleaning, adsorbents, technological cleaning, capillary systems cleaning for food, seed oil, cosmetics industry.

AUSTRIA TOAT20160119001
An Austrian SME has developed a technology which securely detects fire in outdoor areas of more than 10,000 sqm by applying infrared cameras and advanced software. The system does not request any personnel and securely eliminates false alarms e.g. caused by other heat emissions. Partners are sought for developing a product series in form of commercial or technical cooperation or license the technology.

ITALY TOIT20171009001
An Italian SME has fully developed and tested an innovative technology to have a significant reduction of dangerous substances  found inside vending machines during their common use. The new process does not need operators to be run, can be custom set for each single machine and does not use chemicals or soap. No waste liquid or solid substances are released during or at the end of the process. The SME is looking for commercial and/or technical partnership agreements.

GERMANY TODE20170831004
A German company develops and constructs electrically heating textiles using a range of different conductive yarn systems, and is employing all available textile technologies, such as woven, knitting, and embroidered raschel fabric and is hence able to supply its customers with precisely the customised heating textiles they require. The company seeks partners from research and industry for a technical cooperation and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SPAIN TOES20171002001 
A Spanish university research group has developed an organic-inorganic hybrid sensor to diagnose the infection produced by Candida albicans in more specific, sensitivity, faster and more economical way. The research group is interested in collaborating with an industrial partner interested in obtaining a commercial product. License agreement and/or technical cooperation agreement are sought.

GERMANY TODE20171004002
A small German company specialized in opto-electronic equipment for testing and precision measurement is offering cost efficient devices for toxic and explosive gas detection and early warning; able to sense carbon monoxide (CO) and flammable hydrocarbons (CxHy) contents in liquid and grid gas. Looking for system integrators and users of gas warning devices in buildings, industrial sites and home environment for technical agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

GERMANY TRDE20171006001 
A German SME working in the field of measuring and control technology, is looking for a producer of electrolysis devices.The technology sought should comply with special criteria concerning type of device, runtime and hydrogen production. Ideally, the device should already be in series production, as it is needed for new demonstration projects and the hydrogen supply of energy systems. The SME seeks a partner for a manufacturing or service agreement but is also open for other cooperation types.

FRANCE TOFR20170914001 
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) offers a new therapeutic strategy to treat dry Age related Macular Degeneration (dry AMD). They demonstrated that the inhibition of IL-6 could be used to control pathologic subretinal inflammation and prevent the photoreceptor degeneration. It is proposed to develop the therapeutic from in vitro stage to in vivo stage, through licence agreement or research cooperation agreement.

A Singapore hospital has developed a biomedical sensing, monitoring and alerting device which is capable of detecting and differentiating active re-bleeding from other fluids at the central venous catheter extraction site.
The organisation is interested in establishing license agreements and research cooperation agreements with commercialization partners such as SMEs and research institutions in the healthcare industry.

ITALY TOIT20170605001
Italian start-up has planned a mobility system based on electric vehicles which provide solutions of roads congestion of metropolitan city caused by the cars. It consists of an integrated transport solution based on chairlifts system.  The company is seeking partnership with city government or municipality body for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

ITALY TOIT20170627001
Italian SME, specialized in monitoring parking spaces, offers intelligent computer-vision software. It enables smart parking solution for providers of smart city/smart parking solutions. The system is available for demonstration to clients such as parking providers. The company seeks partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance and/or technical cooperation agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170613001
Italian academic start-up has developed real-time remote monitoring systems to enable security and independence of old patients. The technology is based on sensing methodologies for ambient assistive living in particular for indoor localization, cognitive assistive systems, well being and active aging. The company is looking for healthcare partners for a technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20171004001
A German SME offers thin disc laser technology ranging from components to complete laser sources. The SME is open for collaborations where laser sources are needed with specifications not fitting to market available systems. Especially, if higher pulse energy or higher average power is necessary. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance as well as for technical or research agreements.

ITALY TOIT20170906001
Italian company producing wet bench equipment working with microelectronics industry has developed a new modular  chemical processing system. The technology, available for demonstration, is a wet bench and wet process system designed for semiconductor processing equipment.  The company seeks partners in the industry of microelectronics, biomedical, photovoltaic and solar for joint venture or manufacturing agreement.

BELGIUM TOBE20170830001 
A Belgian Research Centre developed (stage of development: technology validated in lab TRL 4) a microbial assisted leaching process designed for metal recovery from secondary resources. The technology is based on a  new process integrating bacterial cell encapsulation for a higher resistance to dissolved organics and heavy metals. The research center looks for companies and universities to develop European projects and further applications in other sectors (other residues).

FRANCE TOFR20171002001 
French company specialized in designing and manufacturing patented, innovative lids adapted to plastic pallet-boxes is offering a technology of airtight food quality container. A wide range of applications are possible such as longer and better preservation of agricultural products, containment or protection from contamination of sensitive products. The company is interested in licensing out or selling its patent to plastic box manufacturers interested to add this technology to their products.

SLOVAKIA TOSK20170929001 
An established Slovak research institute has developed a novel antibacterial material with special properties. The unique (nanocomposite) material, polymer/carbon quantum dots, is characterized by a controllable antibacterial effect that is activated by the action of blue light. After irradiation of this material with a conventional blue LED diode, singlet oxygen is produced which effectively disrupts bacterial membranes in a very short time.They are looking for licensee or investor.

FRANCE TOFR20170511001 
A French company certified ISO 13485 has developed an innovative medical device offering 4 different work modes for 3D rehabilitation. This medical device is addressed to hospital centres, physiotherapist private office practices and sport centres. They are looking for companies for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

UKRAINE TOUA20160801001
The group of Ukrainian scientists and engineers conducted a successful research on the organization of improving the effectiveness of renewable energy resources in the production of new fuels and its flame combustion. They are looking for partners to create a syndicate in expanding of production of new types of energotechnological equipment, pursuance of the additional researches, market promotion of the technologies. Possible: sale of technology, participation in the patent, license etc.

FRANCE TOFR20170927001 
A French SME expert in precision weather services proposes technical assistance on all aspects of a meteorological project. By integrating and reprocessing multi-source data and technology including X-band radar, the SME provides detailed European-wide information with high spatial and temporal resolution. Partners sought for setting up projects in precision agriculture or industrial sites management. The company is looking for services agreement and  technical cooperation agreement.

A leading Dutch SME is specialized in financial solutions for the retail/e-commerce, telecommunications and banking sectors. They offer pay after delivery and debt collection services.  For the moment the company is looking for a solution that can decrease the quantity of unpaid invoices with high value of consumer purchases. They aim to eventually adopt a new solution in the frame of a services agreement and are open to co-develop this solution in the frame of a technical cooperation agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170719001 
A Catalan company has developed a model to describe and predict the behaviour of intersticial elements like Hydrogen during manufacturing of metallic alloys and a method to extract it from the metal during casting (mold or continuous casting). They are looking for a licence agreement with metal alloys manufacturer interested in using this technology or Technical cooperation agreement if some changes are needed to match the user's needs.

SPAIN TOES20170925001 
Two Spanish Research Institutions and one Spanish University have developed a probe capable of analyzing multiple physicochemical properties simultaneously. It allows the geomicrobiological study of the subsurface in extreme habitat conditions such as temperature, corrosion and acidity. Industrial partners working on mining prospecting, geological exploration, geophysical, geomicrobiological, environmental analysis are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement.

POLAND TOPL20170921001
Polish ICT company active in software development, developer of a cloud-based full-stack marketing software suite for both online and offline end-customer-facing businesses is offering their suite for integration into pre-existing suites. They would like to sign a technical cooperation agreement or a joint venture agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170914003 
A Spanish Research Public Organization has synthesized a series of piperidine derivatives that are capable of inhibiting the activity of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-8 (PDE8). This inhibitory activity makes them useful for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases in which this enzyme is overexpressed. The compounds developed are, therefore, a new therapeutic alternative for Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's, among others. Industrial partners from pharmaceutical industry are being sought.

CROATIA TOHR20170626002
A Croatian company, specialised in integrated power quality and measurement solutions, is offering services agreement for their innovative wide area monitoring system.

A leading Dutch supplier in the dredging industry wants to optimize the dredging process by offering the vessel operator a more intuitive and easy interface. The company is looking for partners in the field of user interface design for control of complex processes. It aims to set up a cooperative pilot/research project to show the potential and the applicability of new user interface concepts in the dredging environment within the framework of a technical or a research cooperation agreement.

A South West UK SME with expertise in out-patient hospital patient flow management solutions is looking to extend its information technology healthcare management product portfolio. The company seeks partners with complementary products to reach any of the following cooperation agreements: commercial with technical assistance, licence and joint venture.

A UK research group has developed and tested methods for making stretchable electronics in volume, based on biocompatible elastomers. Wearable and implantable prototypes exist. Further concept testing and scaling up is sought with developers of smart biosensors and consumer and health products, both in industry and academia. Cooperation type is likely to be licensing or technical cooperation.

GERMANY TRDE20170921001 
A German engineering service company in the automotive branch with several locations near to the automotive OEMs is working on a concept of a high pressure storage with a granted patent. To increase the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of the storage they are looking for development partners in the area of producing type III or type IV high pressure storages and/or fuel cell systems including storages with the target of research, technical and/or manufacturing cooperation agreements.

GREECE TRGR20170920001
A Greek SME company has developed an IT platform for helping yachters to interact with a marina. In the same time, the marina registered in the platform can give information about the availability of docking space for the boat. The Greek company is looking for a new sensor system able to provide information about available space, height and quality of the water. They are looking for integrators using any available technology for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

The Dutch company has developed a robust heat exchanger of polymer tubes to recover waste heat and save on energy costs. The unique air preheater can recover heat from corrosive and fouling gas streams in combustion processes or humid exhaust air from drying processes in multiple industries. To expand sales in Europe and South Asia both end users and suppliers of furnaces and dryers are sought. A commercial agreement with technical assistance or a joint venture agreement are proposed.

FRANCE TRFR20170905001
A French pharmaceutical company is specialized in developing innovative treatments for diseases of the nervous system with high unmet medical needs. Within the frame of its development as fully integrated pharmaceutical company, it is currently looking for new assets for its portfolio in the field of neurological disorders. This company is considering license and/or research cooperation agreement as well as joint-venture agreement.

This Dutch industrial company developed a solution to manufacture singly and doubly curved composite and plastic panels using numerical controlled production techniques. In this way an expensive mould is not necessary. They are looking for partners who are looking for technology to manufacture double curved panels to team with for architectural and construction projects. Cooperation based on a manufacturing agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

GERMANY TRDE20171023002 
A German company experienced in transport logistics is looking for ICT & software companies to jointly build software architectures for autonomous driving in luggage transport, goods transport & parcel transport services. Live monitoring and long-term tracking should enable short reaction times and fluid workflows and allow customers to offset bottlenecks. Research and technical cooperation agreements are sought.

SPAIN TOES20171024001 
A Spanish university has developed a new feeding method to produce high quality eggs with no need of adding commercial pigments based on hybrid varieties of maize. Hens fed with these varieties of maize lay eggs with high amounts of antioxidants, carotenoids and ketocarotenoids and retain high nutritional parameters. The university is looking for industrial partners with expertise in the sector of crop production interested in a license or a technical cooperation agreement.

A Czech biotech company, a developer of organic complexes derived from near-polar plants, has developed bio-active compounds characterized by anti-bacterial, strong anti-inflammatory, healing, smoothing and calming effects on skin tissues.The compounds are suitable for compositions of healing creams in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The advantage of the compounds is their pure organic nature.The company searches for partners to sign a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

GERMANY TRDE20171023001 
A German SME specialised in mobile robotics (e.g. for public transport) is looking for partners to carry out the testing of robots, software and sensor fusion to precisely image reality. Proof of concept studies as well as the development to market maturity of theoretical robotics concepts and concept designs for the automation of manual processes in highly secure environments for data transfer are major tasks. Research and technical cooperation agreements are sought.

GERMANY TRDE20171017001 
A young German medical devices SME, specialised in the development and manufacturing of innovative stents and balloon catheters for cardio vascular  applications, seeks partners with expertise in metallurgy, specifically for the development of novel bio- absorbable metallic stents for paediatric and congenital market. Companies as well as academic research groups are welcome for co-development of a new application of metallic materials. A technical or research cooperation agreement is requested.

GERMANY TODE20171017001
A German university developed a novel therapy for cancer using a gene editing approach by inhibiting the IκB kinase. The here presented method allows a selective induction of apoptosis in cells associated with a proliferative disorder. The university offers a license agreement.

ITALY TOIT20171019001
An Italian university research group has developed a bio-based plastic solution for the bio packaging market which is thermally stable, resistant and protective, and is composed of biopolymers that offer a high barrier against aroma, vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide. The group seeks manufacturing companies operating in the food or drug sectors, in particular in the bio packaging field, interested in a technical cooperation agreement for the adaptation of the technology to specific needs.

AUSTRIA TOAT20171017001
An Austrian SME developed a unique testing system for automated detection of proteins in samples from human/veterinary medicine, food, environment etc. The patented technology decreases time to result by 80% compared to lab tests and offers quantification and 10 times higher sensitivity compared to other point of care tests. Up to 8 different analytes can be detected. It is also used for DNA/RNA. The SME is looking for technical/license/research cooperations & technical distribution partners.

BELGIUM TRBE20171016002
A Belgian multinational active in the consumer goods is seeking to identify existing or new technologies for a flexible film or belt on which to print an image using drop-on-demand inkjet technologies and then transfer the image onto a secondary substrate. Industrial partners or research centers are sought for license agreement or technical agreement with the large account.

GERMANY TODE20170918001
A German company has developed a new immersion heater controller for converting electricity produced e.g. by a photovoltaic system into heat. This solution allows a better controll and access of renewable energies for the own consumption by the producer. Partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.

A UK company has developed, patented and brought to the market a compact underfloor swing door operator that is genuinely waterproof according to IP67 standard and that only incorporates 24V within the floor unit. The new operator is safer, easier to install and has proven to work for at least 5 years with no recalls. Installers of door systems are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Possibilities also exist for manufacture under licence agreements.

GERMANY TODE20171016002
A German company specialised in environmental monitoring networks offers realtime devices that can be used in water, weather and soil monitoring. GPRS data loggers allow an automated measurement of data, transmission via internet and statistical evaluation. Advantages include the devices' ease of usability and high longevity. Partners sought are industry, water suppliers or public utility companies with environmental monitoring tasks for commercial agreements and technical cooperation.

BELGIUM TRBE20171016001
A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for cost effective, commercial ready material replacement of resin or low cost fillers that can be added to resin as blend to yield savings in the molded part. Industrial partners or research centers are sought for license agreement or technical agreement with the large account

QATAR TRQA20171015001
A Qatari pharmaceutical manufacturer of creams, ointments, solutions and oral liquid forms is looking for a partner who masters the development and manufacture of solid dosage forms. The partnership considered could be commercial agreement with technical assistance, manufacturing agreement, and or/ technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170822002
A German university developed a new process that extends circuitry for power factor correction in switching power supplies and charge rectifiers to intelligent communication interfaces. The electric current power line communication can be integrated into the power supply of a load and send data  to a control system. The university is offering a license agreement and a research cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20171010003
A German SME is offering a comprehensive software solution for customer-business-interactions in messengers especially in the areas of service, e-commerce and logistics. Commercial agreements with technical assistance and license agreements are offered to companies worldwide.

TURKEY TOTR20170623005 
A Turkish company developed a method to generate polymeric hyrogel to be used in drug release.The objective of the present invention is to provide a polymeric hydrogel  production method which makes possible release of many drugs in different  periods of time. The company is looking for license and technical cooperation agreements.

SPAIN TOES20171011002 
A Spanish research centre, with activity in the field of human evolution, offers a non- destructive analysis of objects from different nature using an X-ray micro-computed tomography technical platform and seeks technical, research, and services agreements.

GERMANY TODE20170831002
A German SME from the machine tools sector has developed a low-cost fibre spraying module for horticulture, landscaping and renaturation working in three steps: Mixing - wetting - blowdown of the fibres onto the requested surface. Substrates are sprayed on the soil via a patented procedure. The company seeks industrial partners to find out new application fields for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170831001
A German SME, active in the machine tools area, has developed an oil separator for on-site recycling of drilling emulsions and lubricants from metal processing. The separation of lubricants, emulsions, chips and metal sludge, respectively, is achieved by using a mobile, low-weight separator equipped with skimmers and pumps. The SME seeks partners from the industry for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement.

SPAIN TOES20171011001 
Four Spanish research centers have developed a procedure for efficient production and safe storage and transportation of hydrogen for use in fuel cells. It is a method of obtaining molecular hydrogen by means of catalytic dehydrogenation reactions. This method makes it possible to overcome the limitations of systems currently employed for the sustainable and safe handling of hydrogen as an energy vector. Researchers are looking for partners to reach license or technical cooperation agreements.

GERMANY TODE20171005001
A German university active in the field of power electronics developed a new method to work with a mixture of several voltages and frequencies in order to achieve a selective energy supply for certain consumers on the secondary side of the grid. To open up the market for the square-wave multi-frequency power transfer for the use in intelligent local power grids the university offers its results to  companies and institutes from the energy sector for a license or a research cooperation agreement.

SPAIN TOES20171006002 
A Spanish university has developed a technology that allows the use of a smartphone to locate people injured in remote environments where there is no mobile phone coverage. The smartphone emits a Wi-Fi signal that acts as a distress beacon and can reach a long distance. This technology is specially suitable when the injured cannot ask for help using mobile phone networks and where speed in the rescue is vital (e.g., rescue in high mountain). Companies for license agreements are sought.

ITALY TOIT20171003001
An Italian group of experts has developed a nested-storable, divisible and transportable canoe: the first single seated Va’a (Polynesian canoe) whose hull can be divided into three parts and compact nested into a portable trolley for storage and transportation. Developers are interested in both manufacturing and technical cooperation agreements.

A UK university owns a two megawatt lithium titanate grid connected battery for conducting research into a wide range of topics relating to the future of smart grids and energy storage. The university is looking for partners such as electricity distribution companies, distribution equipment manufacturers, battery manufacturers, vehicle to grid developers and other research organisations for technical cooperation or research agreements.

GERMANY TODE20170626001
A German association and an SME specialized in IT geoinformation systems have developed a remote sensing tool using airborne optical imagery to estimate the percentage of vegetated areas on building roofs. It can also be used to identify potential or most suitable Green Roof sites. It is supportive to green urban planning policies to optimize the usage of green roofs. Urban planners, municipalities and service providers are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A Dutch Flower auction is looking for a new fussless floral concept. Therefore the company is seeking creatives or suppliers to co-create this new concept for the flower chain from florist/retailer to consumer. Cooperation based on a technical cooperation agreement.

A leading Dutch energy supplier wants to activate their customers’ behaviour in use and production of energy. Therefore the company is looking for innovative products and services that can support this strategy. The proposed type of collaboration is a license agreement.

A Singapore hospital has developed a body fluid drainage device to automate the body fluid drainage process by controlling the rate and volume of drainage with minimal human intervention. The organisation is interested in establishing license agreements or research cooperation agreements with SMEs of all sizes or healthcare research institutions.

A Singapore hospital has developed a lung simulation model which aims to improve the practice of pleural drainage, is capable of simulating different diaphragmatic contractions and pleural pressures, and aids in the training of medical staff where different permutations of lung conditions are simulated. The organisation is interested in establishing license agreements or research cooperation agreements with SMEs of all sizes or healthcare research institutions.

FRANCE TRFR20171002001
A French retreading company is looking for a system to clean the used tyres (casings) prior to the retreading process. The system should be able to clean the inside and outside of the casing without causing any damage to it, and should left the casing in a clean state according to the company’s specification. The company is interested by a technical cooperation with a partner able to provide a system or process which can be adapted its requirements.

GERMANY TODE20170929001
A German university hospital is developing a diagnostic test using Vimentin 3 as a new marker for proof of sperm quality. This ensures more reliable results than manual analysis. Furthermore the development could lead to home-based testing whereas today tests can only be carried out by certified laboratories.  Industrial licensees are sought.

AUSTRIA TOAT20170929001
An Austrian company in the field of medical products has developed and patented a novel implant against incontinence. The system does not require a remote control outside the body and is resepectively to standard products designed for men and women. The SME is looking for partners under license agreement, manufacturing agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A UK-based engineering start-up has developed a new way to extract essences. It is a self-sufficient mobile technology that capitalises on a known compressed gas extraction method. Partners are sought in the cosmetic, perfume, aromatherapy and pharmaceutical industries to be first adopters and to test the technology under research cooperation agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance (no monetary commitment expected). Other types of cooperation may be considered if requested.

UKRAINE TOUA20170928001
Ukrainian company has developed the water treatment technology by using cavitation. The use of this plant in agriculture, pisciculture and livestock can improve their efficiency and results by 30-70%. The developers are looking for partners for joint introduction of product to the market, for creation of a consortium and/or for sale of licenses. Considered cooperation types are financial, license and technical cooperation agreements.

SPAIN TOES20170927001 
A Spanish University has developed a new technology which is useful to deliver optimized feed solution to fight coccidiosis. Industrial partners with expertise in the sector of crop production are sought for regulatory development and commercialization of the technology under a license agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170927002 
A Spanish Information Technology (IT) company offers a cutting-edge optimization tool for sales forecasting, production planning and procurement. The tool integrates a fast and powerful statistical analysis of the sales record of each company's product with business information and the state of the supply chain in order to provide an optimized production and procurement plan. The company is looking for partners to establish license agreement or services agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170927001
A German university offers a new method for prediction of harmful algal blooms via smartphone app. The application is valuable for sensitizing the public especially in recreational areas to the problem as well as for institutions concerned with water monitoring and impacts of climate change development. Industrial partners who are interested in a license agreement or university partners who are interested in a research cooperation are sought.

SPAIN TOES20170926001 
A Spanish university has developed a new surgery device which is useful to assist surgeons during a laparotomy. Industrial partners with expertise in the sector of medical devices are sought for regulatory development and commercialization under a license agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170926003
A university based in Berlin (Germany) has developed a knee brace which reduces constraint forces and the migration effect along the patient's leg by solving the incongruity problem between knee and orthotic device. They are looking for a licensee who is interested in developing a product which is ready for the market.

A Macedonian engineering company is offering an intelligent speed bump that allows for remote operation and configuration that significantly improves the driving experience. The main advantage results from the bump’s activation and elevation only when driving speed is above the set limit, resulting in considerable reduction of noise, potential damages and injuries, fuel consumption and air pollution. Partners for license and commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.

A Lithuanian SME – investor in R&D projects – has patented a simple and inexpensive method for applying graphene-based coatings on surfaces. These resulting surfaces exhibit antimicrobial properties and can have potential applications in medicine, food industry, construction and etc. The company is looking for partners in these sectors interested in commercialization of the antimicrobial surfaces or licensees under a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170925001
A label-free, integrated HCG-based optical sensor which provides specific properties has been developed by a Berlin-based German university. The special geometry of the sensor allows the transformation of the whole or of only a part of a normal or of an oblique incidence wave into the in-plane direction. Application fields are environmental monitoring, homeland security, biomedicine, biochemistry or pharmacy. The university is interested in a R&D cooperation or a license agreement.

A Czech family company, developer and producer of fertilizers for organic agriculture has developed a preparation with high content of humic substances and increased enzyme content ensuring the effective decomposition of organic material (stubble) after harvest, thus reducing the need for mineral fertilization. The company is looking for agricultural partners interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance.

GREECE TRGR20170925001
A Greek SME is producing olive oil. The company is looking for a technical solution able to deal with the Olive Mill Waste (OMW) water. It is a complex problem which has to take care a lot of chemical substances of great volume. Some of these substances could be useful if separated. The Greek company would like to examine complete and proven solution in a commercial collaboration with technical assistance.

A Lithuanian SME – investor in R&D projects – has patented a method for producing large-area, ultrathin, optically transparent and electrically conductive graphene layers. This new method allows for faster and cheaper production of ultra-thin electroconductive graphene layers that can be used for flexible smartphone screens and etc. The company is looking for commercialization partners or licensees under a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement.

A Korean university has developed a technology that can reduce the total cost and time for pilot training and UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) development. The main purpose of the technology is the development of the UAV flight simulator for virtual certification.The research partner in Canada already had experience on the research with some Canadian aerospace companies. They are looking for partners available for licensing agreement and technical cooperation for joint further development.

FRANCE TOFR20170922001 
A French SME offers innovative and non-destructive quality control machines based on deflectometry for the automotive, aeronautic and aerospatial industry. Its patented vision technology is dedicated to the automated inspection and detection of defects on shiny surfaces (plastics, composites, metal) or transparent materials (glass, polymers). The French SME is looking for a partner to conclude a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SPAIN TOES20170804001 
Spanish biotechnological company offers a probabilistic computer methodology system that is able to explore large datasets with large performance values. One example of application is in early stages of drug discovery, to identify new compounds presenting biological activity. The system reduces the cost of hardware and energy, increasing processing speed. Patents already granted for this technology. The company offers their technology for services agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170922001 
Spanish bio-technological company specialised in polymorphism and pharmaceutical co-crystals, offers design and performing of experimental screenings in order to find new polymorphs and co-crystals of active pharmaceutical ingredients by combining the newest technologies in the field. The company is offering its expertise for technical cooperation on adaptation to specific needs and commercial agreement with technical assistance in engineering and technical consultancy.

GERMANY TRDE20170803002 
A SME from Saxony, Germany is focussing on the development of engineering projects. One product developed is a tent. The tent is suitable for sheltering people in crisis- and distressed areas. The company is looking for partners, which are able to improve the construction within the framework of a technical cooperation agreement. A manufacturing agreement for the production of the tent is envisaged as well.

GERMANY TODE20170824001
A research institute at a German university offers its knowhow and processing technology for the manufacturing of prototypes made of biopolymers and natural fibre composites for multiple applications. The service and the knowhow for the processing of bio-based parts are offered for less due to public funding. The request of further funding can be supported with expert knowledge and special experience. The institute seeks partners for a research cooperation agreement.

ISRAEL TRIL20170918003
An Israeli chemical company is seeking an innovative fluorine free firefighting foam. Identified technologies that meet the Israeli's company basic criteria (see description section) will receive funding to mature the technology if required, or be considered for licensing. collaborations can include  research, license, or commercial with technical assistance agreements.

POLAND TOPL20170918001
SME from East Poland is active in the field of nanotechnology thermal insulation, which can be used in industry and building industry. Company's newest technology material allows the lintel to eliminate thermal bridges created over windows, doors and under roller blinds. Technology is fully developed and ready to be used. The company is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance and manufacturing agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170915001 
A Spanish technological company specialised in internet of things (IoT) solutions, offers a modular and standards-based framework for the easy development of IoT sensor applications. It is highly customisable, from the physical hardware to the online user interface, and suits a wide range of applications. The company offers the platform for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Korean SME has developed an automated ferro-alloy caster that is able to manufacture the alloy consistently. The SME is very active in industry-university cooperation and this technology is also a result of this cooperation. The team is open to various kinds of cooperation with potential partners: commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, manufacturing agreement, research cooperation agreement, and technical cooperation agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170725001
The company is an innovative Italian startup operating in the assembly automation industry developing a new generation of assembly systems that bring significant flexibility and efficiency advantages.The company is looking for partners under a commercial agreement or manufacturing agreement.

POLAND TOPL20170711001
Polish R+D Institute operating in the field of pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy,  treatment of ores and other mineral resources, treatment of scrap and wastes, processing of metals and alloys, is interested in license agreement and research / technical cooperation agreements for tailored solutions. This would be of interest to companies interested in technology adaption and for those who are looking for reducing waste disposal costs and raising higher than standard level the metal recovery rate.