Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 09/ 2017

A Lithuanian SME with extensive experience in laser micromachining station manufacturing is offering customized tools and technologies for laser micromachining. The technology allows to achieve precision and repeatability within the micrometer scale by implementing advanced beam steering of ultrashort pulse lasers. Industrial partner or researchers are sought for an acquisition of the technology under a commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement.

SOUTH KOREA TRKR20170904001 
A Korean SME as a construction company working on ground improvement and restoration of ground settlement structures is looking for a technology regarding hardening accelerator and slope stability. Its developed technology is already on the market which is reinforcing and restoring flimsy ground or settlement structures using grout materials. The requested technology should be environmentally friendly and recyclable. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is its possible cooperation.

GERMANY TRDE20170901001 
A German company seeks advanced food analysis methods and technologies, e.g. to measure sugar or alcohol content or detect mycotoxins. The methods should be faster and less expensive than conventional methods. Transfer from other sectors could be interesting. The company is open to technical, research, licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A UK company has developed a unique online learning platform for IT students that provides access to real hardware and software rather than simulations. These online 'laboratories' offer a pre-configured real hardware environment, hosted in the cloud with accompanying lab guides for access to hands-on experience. They are seeking universities or commercial IT training centres in Europe to adapt the platform to their needs via commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SPAIN TOES20170901001 
A Spanish research group specialised in microbiology has patented a novel bacterial strain of Micromonospora matsumotoense, which is able to efficiently produce by fermentation a new cytotoxic compound of the family of paulomycins. Specifically, this strain is producing the new paulomycin G, having cytotoxic activity against different tumour cell lines. Companies in microbiology and pharmacy are sought to develop applications of the described invention under license agreements.

ITALY TOIT20170829002
An Italian company based in Milan developed  a novel technology for the characterization of micro and nanoparticles for a cheaper, faster, more reliable and informative characterization in biological, industrial and environmental complex fluids. This will result in boosting R&D and QC (quality control)processes during lab scale or industrial production. The company is looking for technical partnerships for further improvement or  commercial agreement with technical assistance.

GERMANY TODE20170825001
A technology transfer office in Germany (Bavaria) represents a known German university. Scientists of its institute have invented novel radioactive and fluorescent compounds, which can be used as radiotracers/markers for imaging techniques and diagnostic tools for various diseases or disorders such as inflammation, pain, autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular diseases which are related to sphin-gosine-1-phosphate (S1P) receptors. They are looking for partners to enter into a license agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170821003
A team of researchers from an Italian university and an American university operating in the field of neurodegenerative diseases is looking for industrial partners, pharmaceutical companies, interested in acquiring a license on the proposed technology related to a process to create functionalized cerium oxide nanoparticles, mainly applied to treatment of Alzheimer's disease, but also for other neurodegenerative diseases, characterized by oxidative stress.

BELGIUM TRBE20170828001
A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking for products or technologies already on the market which do not require the use of any chemical and are able to fight against insects that may be present in the home. The solutions have to therefore be safe to people and pets. Industrial partners or academia are sought for license agreement or technical cooperation agreement with the large account.

ITALY  TOIT20170821001
A team of researchers from an Italian University in the field of electronic engineering is looking for industrial partners, operating in the field of telecommunications, radio surveillance, aerospace, mobile telephony, radio mobile and static apparatuses, radar apparatuses, jammers, tuning circuits, for license agreement. Technology offer relates to an active inductor, i.e. an electronic circuit simulating the behavior of an inductance by using only suitable biased active components/capacitors.

BELGIUM TRBE20170828004 A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking for disruptive solutions that help orientating and navigating both the caregiver and the cared-for through the aging journey, as well as for solutions that help in-home monitoring and prevention of events that result in hospital visits, including mobility and fall prevention. Industrial partners or research centers are sought for license agreement or technical cooperation agreement with the large account.

ROMANIA TORO20170724001
A Romanian researcher has developed a solution for shock absorbers equipped with cylindrical actuators and for their control. The solution of air suspension, more compact, simpler and cheaper is applicable on front and rear suspensions of bikes, motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, trains, military and racing vehicles. Licensing or technical cooperation agreements are sought with partners from automotive sector.

CHINA TRCN20170823001
A Chinese company is looking for the diaphragm material of cast titanium which is used to form sandwich between cast mold and titanium castings. The diaphragm should be resistant to reflow and insolubility. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is being sought.
A Czech university has developed a machine that produces 3D nonwovens with various sizes of layers; from thin (0,5-2 mm) to thick (7-15 mm). Additional layers (nanowires, papers, plastics, metal foils, etc.) can be added simultaneously. End products include namely filters but can be adapted also for insulations or sorbents. The university is looking for partners interested in further development based on technical cooperation and for companies interested in production under a license agreement.

POLAND TOPL20170817002
A Polish company is building innovative mobile applications. The company offers a new design and creation of the secure mobile application. The company is targeting financial institutions, fin-techs, and other corporate clients. The company cooperates with IT companies which already deliver their solutions to the banking sector as the white label partner. The company is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Czech university has developed new technology for manufacturing of self-supporting lower windings intended for lock-stitch sewing machines. The offered technology enables effective manufacture of these windings and increases the quality and productivity of the sewing process in a significant manner. Researchers are looking for partners interested in production of the technology under a license agreement.

TURKEY TOTR20170623008 
A Turkish company, located in the region of Kayseri since 2009, is offering a new generation leakage current protection device. They are working with the academicians of the region's universities and as a research organisation they offer licensed projects of the academicians. The purpose is to lower the enabling duration of current relays and protect vital values during any potentially harmful situation. The company is interested in license agreements.

SPAIN TOES20170807001
Spanish university research group specialised in performance engineering is offering its wide area wireless sensor monitoring technology and know-how for research and technical cooperation agreements. A future license of the technology is also envisaged. The main innovation is that the technology is based on a collided signal to extract the information from the collision without having to discard all other signals.

FRANCE TRFR20170807001
A French company is developing a novel molecule to be used as a first or second line in the treatment of chemoresistant cancers. The company is looking for technical cooperation agreements with biotech and pharmaceutical partners with complementary expertise.

A Swiss university of technology offers a miniaturized positron source for material characterization such as hierarchical zeolites, metal organic frameworks, solar cells and nano crystals via electron density mapping, detection of structural defects/displacements and porosity measurements. No precautions are needed against radiation and the device is less expensive, and can fit on a normal-sized laboratory bench. Licensing and/or research collaboration partners are sought.

SPAIN TOES20170724001 
A Spanish IT company offers an advanced technology application that allows the optimization of fleets and routes. It calculates optimized routes for each and all of the vehicles in the fleet, satisfying the defined constraints (characteristics and number of vehicles, time, kilometers…) and optimizing the proposed objectives (deliveries, visits, cost minimization…).The company looks for partners from industry or companies with logistics needs to establish license agreement or services agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20170725001 
The French company provides services in the design, construction and supply of solutions for the restoration and enhancement of marine biodiversity. Applications concern ecological integration of maritime infrastructures, support of fisheries and leisure activities, ecological restoration of damaged marine areas, coastal adaptation to climate change. The company is looking for technological partners to develop new products through research cooperation, services or technical cooperation agreement.

IRELAND TOIE20170724001
An Irish company with a sister organisation in Croatia has expertise and experience in software development for specialist technical areas and applications.  The company is seeking development partnerships and co-development agreements such as commercial agreement, research and technical co-operation and joint venture with suitable industrial partners and other organisations.

A Swiss SME provides a technology for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and Data Management Plan design and implementation. Industries managing sensitive and personal data, such as healthcare, implement the solution relying on the privacy-by-design approach, unique data ontology and data-ownership centricity, to comply with regulations, reduce IT risks & cost and build their data-as-a-service platforms. License, joint venture, research and technical cooperation are sought.

GERMANY TODE20170529001
A German SME focusing on the customized development and manufacturing of wire- and contactless devices offers hard- and software products ranging from GPS vehicle tracking systems - optionally with monitoring functionalities - up to remote machine supervision. This allows a maximum autonomy and flexibility for customers. The SME is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperations.

GERMANY TRDE20170911001 
A large German chemical company is established worldwide in the production of specialty chemicals. The client is seeking new robust catalytic technologies for the oxidation of low concentrations of methane under varying conditions. The central challenge is to design highly active catalysts at lowest-reachable temperatures with good poison-resistance. Joint venture, license or research cooperation agreement are possible.

GERMANY TRDE20170627001 
A German research team at a life sciences incubator has developed a target-specific drug delivery system using engineered protein nanoparticle. They look for industrial partners, e.g. pharma which  provide a lead candidate and the assays for a quantitative read out in the inhaled application form. Also an intravenous application is possible. The partner should provide test model for inhaled drug administration. A technical co-operation agreement is envisaged for further development.

As a software and service provider in ICT industry based in South Korea, the SME is capable of providing demand response management system for smart grid and unstructured-data management solutions. Its solutions and services have been adopted by more than 1000 customers globally and the core technologies will become fundamentals of IoT(Internet of Things). With its core competency. The company is expecting a licensing or research cooperation agreement to collaborate with European partners.

JAPAN TOJP20170904001
A Japanese trimming & deburring machine system manufacturer is offering in the EU and under a licensing agreement, its automated unmanned machines based on a world unique patented technology. A total license for local manufacturing, sales and after-sales service with non-exclusivity can be granted with royalty & down payment. The technology’s main application is aimed towards various plastic materials used in many industrial sectors such as automotive and construction.

A Korean research institute has developed a mass manufacturing technology of bio-diesel without the use of catalyst. The laboratory is very active in industry-university cooperation and this technology is also the result of the cooperation. The team is open for various kinds of cooperation with potential partners: commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, manufacturing agreement, research cooperation agreement, and technical cooperation agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20170831001 
A French university based in Paris region has federated its best labs with expertises in molecules and new materials dedicated to energy technologies. Most of these technologies are in TRL 2-3 and need to be developed.They are focused on disruptive, hybrid and multifunctional materials for applications such as hydrogen production and its storage, solar energy conversion, electrocheminal energy storage. License or mainly research cooperations agreements with industrial partners are sought.

GREECE TOGR20170831001
An SME from Greece, working in the IT sector, presents a smart parking solution based on an IoT network. The solution uses sensors that can be installed on the road. The system is open to accomodate large number of new technologies and to serve thousands of clients and parking providers. The company is looking for parking management companies or public organizations for commercial agreements with technical assistance or third party providers for technical cooperation.

ITALY TOIT20170829001
An Italian startup, specialised in RNA (RiboNucleic Acid) analysis, delivers smart solutions for better gene expression studies. The company offers technologies to assess translational control of gene expression and translatome associated biomarkers. The uniqueness of the core technology resides in the selective isolation of actively translated mRNAs. Kit for better ribosome profiling are available. The company is looking for commercial agreements, licencing and research collaborations.

ITALY TOIT20170821002
A team of Italian researchers operating in the field of medical imaging is looking for industrial partners, manufacturers of magnetic resonance equipment, for license agreement. Technology offer relates to an innovative, high field Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy system and method that provides a quick sequential detection of the MR signal coming from two different nuclei, using all resonance modes of the TEM coil, which allows selecting the most fitting region of interest.

A UK university research group are seeking commercial and academic partners with expertise and experience in aquaponics, urban agriculture or living walls to co-develop a new system that employs aquaponic systems and vertical living walls to grow produce. They are seeking partners with existing technology or research to co-develop the innovation, or to join funding bids within H2020, via technical  cooperation or research cooperation agreements.

SPAIN TOES20170712001 
A Spanish SME that provides services to Telecommunications operators has developed an innovative services plaftorm GIS based for the remote management of networks and infrastructures. This powerful tool provides remote geolocalisation, digitation, monitoring, management and edition of FTTH (FiberToTheHome) netwoks. The SME is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance with Telecommunications operators and/or technical cooperation with other telecom services providers.

A Korean IT and software company has developed a pet caring solution that tracks the location of pre-registered pets. It is a platform service that can find the position of a companion animal anytime and anywhere. Preferred partner sought by the company is primarily investors under financial agreement and joint venture agreement. Other types of cooperation considered by the company are license, research cooperation and technical cooperation agreement.

A Dutch governmental organisation is looking for a proven reversed osmosis technology driven by renewable sources for application in the Caribbean territories of the Netherlands.
The organisation is looking for technology options for a feasibility study for application of the technology for irrigation and cattle water production. Based on the results of this study, and selection of the technology (supplier) a commercial agreement with technical assistance is strived for.

UK SME has developed the first self-aligning and translating leadscrew and ball screw nut. The nut allows accommodation of misalignment and mounting tolerance issues that critically affect reliability and longevity, faster installation as it accurately self-aligns and accommodation of structural movement and flexing, which prevents screw bending and nut binding. The SME is now seeking to licence this technology for commercial development.

SPAIN TOES20160905001 
A chemistry research group from a Spanish university has developed a new method for the enantioselective synthesis of Dihydropyrimidinones (DHPMs or Biginelli products) which is able to separate and obtain the enantiomer with the desired biological activity through a "one-pot" and cost saving method. A licensing agreement for the exploitation of the technology is being offered to chemical products manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector.  

SPAIN TOES20170911001 
A Spanish university has developed a new device for cleaning and disinfecting teeth roots by means of continuous ultrasonic irrigation. The new endodontics device reduces the risk of infections due to its cleaning effectiveness. The university is looking for SME's and industrials from the medical sector willing to licence the technology.

GERMANY TODE20170904001
A German SME performing clinical trials for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food supplements industry offers psychobiological methods to assess stress-related imbalance in humans. These methods comprise biological, psychological and symptom measures that facilitate the identification of neurobiological dysregulations in the stress response network.
The company seeks industrial and academic partners for technical, research cooperation or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

AUSTRIA TOAT20170907001
An Austrian SME developed a novel composite material (steel structure filled with special concrete) with excellent vibration damping properties. It is adjustable to individual client needs. For many new machining centers it significantly improved machining accuracy, enhanced tool life (up to 20% decrease in tool consumption), increased processing speeds (e.g. 20% reduced grinding times) and lowered noise emission. Partners for technical and research cooperations are sought.

SPAIN TOES20170906001 
A Spanish university has developed a new system for the removal of organic micropollutants from wastewater treatment plants. The system uses lignolytic enzymes combined with nanofiltration/ultrafiltration ceramic membrane and it can be used in treatment plants for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics, etc. The university is willing to reach licence agreements with companies specialized in wastewater treatment field.

CHINA TRCN20170829001
A Chinese research institute is looking for preparation technology of high-concentration vanadyl sulfate. The technology needs to improve the concentration of vanadium sulfate as a whole. Technical cooperation is their first option.

A Lithuanian SME that is a manufacturer of various optical coatings and optical laser components is looking for laser developers and manufacturers or other hi-tech optical sector companies interested in applying the optical component coating development and manufacturing expertise of the Lithuanian company in their technological projects. The right partner is sought for a technical or research cooperation agreement.

SLOVENIA TOSI20170721001
A research institute from Slovenia developed, tested and optimised biotechnological procedure for heterologous surface display of recombinant proteins in the absence of genetically modified organisms. The proposed solution reduces high regulatory documentation requirements for marketing approval in case of medicinal applications, simplifies the harvesting process, reduces production costs and time to market. Partnership agreement for joint venture, licensing or research cooperation is sought.

SPAIN TOES20170906003 
A Spanish university developed a new method for the production of graphene sheets with 1 to 5 layers. The sheets are produced by rubbing the material between two substrates. The method is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than others because it avoids the use of dissolvents. The material has multiple applications in semiconductors, electronics, battery energy and composite industries. The university is willing to licence the technology to companies from the above mentioned fields.

SPAIN TOES20170906002 
A Spanish university has developed a new device for the early detection of terrestrial gastropods mollusks, such as slugs or snails in crops. The system based on the detection of emitted radiation permits the discovery of plagues at an early stage and therefore reduces its impact and the use of pesticides. The university is looking for agribusiness willing to licence the technology.

SPAIN TOES20170905001 
A Spanish university has developed a new device for precise sensing of differences in temperatures below 0.01 K range. The device has a very high spatial and temperature resolution and could be used in microcalorimetry, nanomaterials, etc. The university is interested in licence agreements with partners from the fields mentioned above.

SERBIA TORS20170906001
Serbian research organisation has built an advanced software platform for customized modelling and simulation of biped robot mechanisms (humanoid robots). It presents engineering toolbox designed for simulation of biped robot and human kinematics and dynamics for arbitrary chosen set of parameters. The advantage is that customer is free to define their own robot parameters by a simple editing a data-file. The company is interested in technical cooperation agreement and manufacturing agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170901002
Italian researchers have patented a green and versatile synthesis of an innovative antibacterial hydrogel, based on silver nanoparticles capped with hydroxycellulose and performed at room temperature. This new method is characterized by low toxicity and environmental impact without the need of any kind of heating treatment so satisfying the typical industrial scale-up requirements. The researchers are looking for new partners for manufacturing and/or research cooperation agreements.

SERBIA TORS20170901001
Serbian IT startup company has developed a media  tool enabling competitions on Facebook page like quizzes, questionnaires, and creating reports with user data/statistics of engagement. The tool aims in supporting marketing campaigns by increasing number and activity of followers. It can be used without special training to quickly set competitions. The partners, usually PR agencies or SME's, are sought for either license agreement or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A Korean SME specializing in electronic chemical materials in the fields of display, touch sensor panel, solar cell and semi-conductor is offering a novel technology for silicon wafers. It offers texturing chemicals for mono-crystalline silicone wafer and solar silicon wafer cleaning chemicals. These chemicals work perfectly in the solar panels manufacturing process. It is looking for a partner for a licensing agreement, commercial agreement, joint venture, or financial resources.

BELGIUM TOBE20170904001 
A Belgian company has developed a miniaturised sensor to measure continuously radiation. The company  is seeking industrial partner for technical cooperation or licensing of the technology.

A Korean SME specializing in electronic chemical materials in the fields of display, touch sensor panel, solar cell and semi-conductor is offering innovative rework chemicals for displays. The company offers color filter rework chemicals, TFT (Thin Film Transistor) rework chemicals, and polyimide rework chemicals. The company is looking for a partner for a licensing agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance, joint venture, or financial resources.

ITALY TOIT20170531002
An Italian company active in the ecological, medical and wellness fields developed a technology able to implement physical information in specific objects and individual accessories for the protection from electrosmog’s disturbances. The company is looking for partners willing to invest in the development of the technology through commercial agreement with technical assistance. Technical cooperation agreement with the aim of codesign a product with enhanced features is also welcome.

SPAIN TOES20170822001 
An inventor from Southern Spain has designed and patented a small and light buccal fixing device for athletes that simulates training at altitude by limiting the amount of air breathed. The inventor is looking for partners interested in manufacturing and marketing this product. Thereby, the following agreements are offered: manufacturing, commercial with technical assistance, and financial.

SPAIN TOES20170818001 
A Spanish ICT company has developed an easy to integrate solution that combines CSG (Cloud Security Gateway) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) functions, with integrated on-site and off-site data protection. It provides immediate and automatic robust encryption, which allows having a secure and confidential backup in any storage provider –even in public clouds. The solution allows exclusive customer encryption key ownership and it is ransomware resistant. They seek for a license agreement.

BELGIUM TRBE20170814001
A Belgian company is looking for a new method / product to transfect plasmid DNA into eukaryotic cells in vivo (in animals / human) without the use of viral vectors or apparatus.  The method should work in muscle cells and other tissues.  The company is able to perform research & development if the development is not finalized. Different kind of agreements;  commercial agreement with technical support, license agreement or research agreement, can be considered depending on the level of developme.

ITALY TOIT20170801002
An Italian company has developed a system and app that is a new digital personal shopper, that may suggest customers offers around the corner and is very useful to shops and stores to enlarge their clientele and promote their products and services. The company is looking for partners for licensing the product and services or companies for further developing the tool for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

ITALY TOIT20170731002
An Italian SME is involved in measuring Human Factors (HFs) for industrial applications. Its flagship project is the “Brain Workload Reader" (BWR), a portable system for the evaluation of workload, but even other relevant HFs (mental fatigue, cognitive training, etc.) in operational environments. The BWR was awarded with Seal of Excellence (EU SME-INST2, 2017). The SME is looking for research projects collaboration, private initiatives and commercial agreement, mainly in Europe and extra-UE.

SPAIN TOES20170731002 
A Spanish ICT research center offers an inspection system that applies machine vision to quality control: An industrial solution easy to integrate in production processes, capturing images of an object while it is in free fall and then detecting any deviation by means of surface, volumetric and metrology tests. The system also classifies a mix of objects into expected and non-expected ones. They look for partners to establish license agreement, manufacturing agreement, or services agreement.

A Lithuanian SME – investor in R&D projects – has patented a novel method of manufacturing calcium hydroxyapatite nanocrystals of desired size and morphology as a result of one of their projects. This new method allows to simplify the process of bone substitution and repair as well as use the material in 3D printing. The company is looking for commercialization partners or licensees under a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170921002 
A new and innovative electronic tickets system has been developed jointly by researchers of two Spanish universities. It is based upon a technology that uses mobile devices as a communication platform among sellers and buyers. The e-Ttcket is secure and efficient and provides an alternative solution to the use of classic paper tickets. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) providers, specialized in the e-ticketing field are being sought for a license agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170921001 
A multidisciplinary university research group has patented a new family of compounds with antiparasitic properties. These compounds are more stable, less toxic and cheaper to produce than the drugs currently used. Companies in the pharmaceutical or the veterinary sector interested in a patent license or in a research or technical cooperation agreement for developing and validating the product as antiparasitic are being sought.

SPAIN TOES20170908002 
This Spanish SME is a lentiviral specialized CDMO offering personalized solutions based on the review of customer´s requirements and lentivirus vector design and cloning. The company is specialized in the manufacture of research, preclinical toxicology and GMP-grade lentiviral vectors. The company is looking to collaborate with Biotech/Pharma or biotechnology dedicated companies with a genetic therapy pipeline, with the need of developing, producing or using lentivirus vectors.

SPAIN TOES20170908001 
A Spanish SME has developed an episomal non-integrative lentiviral vector that provides the lasting, stable and consistent expression of the transgene in dividing and non-dividing cells without modifying the cell genome through integration. The company is interested in collaborating with Biotech/Pharma Companies or Applied Research Centres with a genetic therapy pipeline, in testing and developing genetic therapy drugs in any therapy where lentiviral vectors may be of use.

POLAND TOPL20170920001
A research group from Polish university has developed a novel method of implementing advanced algorithms in a spreadsheet. The main and innovative advantage of this method is no need of using macros or scripts which simplify communication and create a possibility to exchange information between parties, which use different spreadsheet software with incompatible or nonexistent macro programming systems. The team is looking for SMEs interested in cooperation under a technical agreement.

This UK university is developing a threat detection and neutralisation ecosystem in high throughput, big data network traffic environments; such as cloud providers, industrial control systems, Internet of Things and Smart Cities. The university seeks partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a financial  agreement for market validation and the further technical development of ecosystem elements.

GERMANY TRDE20170803001 
A SME from Germany is focussing on mechanical engineering. For several years, the SME was involved in a R&D project. The research product is a rescue system for buildings and architectural constructions from a height of about 100m/328ft and enables to an evacuation of up to 30 people per minute. Partners are sought for a research or technical cooperation agreement and/or a manufacturing agreement.

SERBIA TRRS20170906001 
A Serbian company is looking for rectification technology for purification of fruit brandies, in purpose to accomplish a maximum organoleptic beverage quality. The company seeks business partners in order to establish a manufacturing agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170919001
A German SME, offers proteomic techniques as a service for the identification of commercial fish, seeks research and business cooperations with the industry to apply the method to a wider field of products and uses and optionally refine methodological procedures. Proteome fingerprinting benefits over classical methods (as DNA-based tools) in time, costs and quality analytical standards. Targeted types of cooperation are technical agreements and commercial agreements witch tech. assistance.

FRANCE TOFR20170823001 
A French company, created by 3 experts from Intel, specialized in IoT security, interoperability and device management technologies, provides very innovative software and electronic products based on an IoT Standard: OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) LwM2M (Lightweight Machine to Machine). This standard is already adopted by world wide operators and big IoT players (ARM, Intel,...). The SME is interested in a license or service or technical cooperation agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170915001
An Italian company, with professional experience in innovative traceability systems applied to micro and small companies, has developed a flexible traceability system suitable to those micro and small companies dealing with food processing in agri-food sector. The Italian company is interested in finding early adopters (companies), and associations interested in the novel customized system for commercial agreements with technical assistance (adaptation to own needs) or technical cooperation.

ISRAEL TRIL20170918002
An Israeli chemical company is seeking innovative fertilizers and plant stimulants and associated technologies for increasing yield and improving quality of crops. Identified technologies that meet the company's basic criteria (see description section) will receive funding to mature the technology if required, or be considered for licensing. Hence possible partnerships are a research, license or joint venture agreement.

ISRAEL TRIL20170918001
An Israeli chemical company is seeking an effective screening methodology for biodegradability of polymers in soil to precede a 2-years biodegradation test in close-to-real soil conditions. Identified technologies that meet the basic criteria (see description section) will receive funding to mature the technology if required, or will be considered for utilizing the services offered. Possible partnerships would be through a research, services or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

UK SME has developed several innovative torque coupling technologies with applications in automotive, aerospace, industrial and marine sectors. The couplings combine the benefits of a gear coupling with the functionality of a universal joint, occupying a unique space in the market as a cross over technology. Evaluation/development and/or manufacturing partners with a route to global market are sought together with private investors. Cooperation on a licence and/or financial agreement basis.

SPAIN TOES20170914002 
A Spanish technology based company has developed and patented a tridimensional bonding technology for manufacturing shoes without seams. This technology reduces the labor power up to 70%. The company is looking for companies interested in licensing and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

UKRAINE TRUA20170914001 
A Ukrainian Research Center, located in Kiev focuses on the advanced thermal technology looking for novel technologies of phase change material (PCM). It’s expected to receive good proposals or reply from potential partners. A license agreement, research or technical cooperation agreementbut also commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought with a partner specialized in producing or scientific development PcM products and technologies.

ITALY TOIT20170912001
A team of researchers from an Italian University operating in the field of biochemical engineering is looking for an industrial partner producing biomedical products for license agreement.  The technology offered relates to an innovative preparation of an aqueous solution, which brings advantages such as the ease of extraction of the bandage from the package, beneficial effects on tissue regeneration, hydrogels more deformable and resistant to failure and less vulnerable to the attack of molds.

ESTONIA TOEE20170913001 
An Estonian company has developed a video and audio latency measurement system to provide accurate way to measure latency between different video and audio signals. It is designed as an on-field tool allowing design engineers and Quality Assurance specialists accurately measure latency parameters in Audio-Video systems. They are looking for SMEs and universities for technical co-operation and offer service agreements for testing and applying the kit in their quality control and R&D projects.

SPAIN TOES20170912001 
Three Spanish research centers have developed a new catalyst for the synthesis of cycloheptatriene and its derivatives. Cycloheptatrines are very important compounds for chemical and pharma industries and this new catalyst allows their production with higher performance and selectivity than the existing methods. The new catalyst is reusable, stable and easily scalable. Researchers are seeking partners to reach license agreements or technical cooperation agreements for further developments.

SPAIN TOES20170911002 
A Spanish university has developed an on-line tool for the evaluation of emissions data reported to the regional authorities through the European Pollutants Release and Transfer Register (EPRTR). The technology is based on the comparison with an inventory annually updated and it allows the incorporation of the emissions data to the register with guarantees. The university is looking for a licence agreement with companies from the environmental sector interested in the tool.

ITALY TOIT20170911001
An Italian SME has methods and expertise in measuring instinctive human reactions by physiological signals in marketing and social science research with results in terms of neuro-indicators, based on advanced knowledge in neuroscience field. The SME is looking for companies and public institutions interested to apply these methods to their needs as well as for research collaboration agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance. Target countries mainly in Europe second extra EU.

TURKEY TOTR20170623007 
A Turkish company, located in Kayseri since 2009, is offering a voltage impact protector salvector. They are working with the academicians, they offer patented projects of the academicians. This device developed against voltage impacts resulting in shorter electrical device lifetime and even breakdowns protect all electronic devices plugged in various sockets by plugging them all in a single socket. The company is interested in license agreements.

GERMANY TODE20170727001
A German company offers innovative LED light solutions and modules for customized applications e.g. safety lighting, warning signs, boundaries, advertising displays and also for functional or decorative light features on yachts, caravans and interior items. The offer includes prototyping, manufacturing, assembly as well as hard / software development and programming of intelligent control functions. The company seeks lighting system developers for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Irregularities that may occur in the foundations or in the ground while constructing or using a building structure are known as the uneven settlement of structures. In such cases, it is impossible to proceed with the construction process. The Korean SME has resolved this by applying D-ROG (digitized restoring on grout) technology to restore any uneven settlement. It strengthens the ground and guards against re-subsidence.

A Dutch SME is specialized in the development and production of positioning technology modules that enable manufacturers of robots and autonomous vehicles to create new logistic solutions. Most important advantage of the positioning technology is accurate indoor and outdoor positioning without requiring infrastructure. The SME is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance to develop new navigation solutions for mobile robots and autonomous vehicles.

POLAND TOPL20170831001
A Polish company has developed technology that allows for an automatic quality control of soft capsules. Developed vision systems enable quality control of 100% of pharmaceutical products, and through the dedicated optical design technology reduces the production cost and increase functionality of the system. The company seeks partners to cooperate via commercial agreement with technical assistance.

POLAND TOPL20170829001
A Polish company has developed technology that allows producing 360° video capturing gear aimed at 360° live streams and cinematic VR videos that is mainly used in the sector of live 360° streaming and cinematic VR video production. The company seeks business partners that wish to add to their offers a technology that would use a high quality 360 video equipment to their trade offer via commercial agreement with technical assistance.

ITALY TOIT20170824001
Italian researchers, specialized in ICT, have developed a technology able to correct or attenuate the perception of visual defects and impairments caused by ocular pathologies, such as degenerative retinal diseases or other visual defects. Currently, a test on the effectiveness of a blurring optical filter was performed. The desired partner should be from industry and able to (co)develop the technology and introduce/launch it on the market, through technical or license cooperation agreements.

ITALY TOIT20170805001
An Italian consortium has developed an emulation platform which is able to reproduce the behaviour of a real digital video broadcasting (DVB) return channel satellite (DVB-RCS) system from the network point of view. The consortium is looking for companies and research centres for technical and research cooperation agreements in to validate solutions including real applications and real-hardware.