Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 08/ 2017

GERMANY TODE20170802001
A German university has developed a current-modulated data technology for device identification and localization in smart grids. The new process is safer from interception and does not require complex expanding of existing IT structures. Licensees from the area of smart grid and smart homes are sought.

SLOVENIA TOSI20170731001
A Slovenian research institution has developed a specific bio-molecular drug delivery system using a selective cathepsin inhibitor as a guiding molecule towards cancer sites. The invention solves the problem of safely and accuracy of drug delivery to the cancer target site. The researchers seek research cooperation, license or a joint venture agreements with partners interested in participating with the pre-clinical studies, manufacturing scale-up or phase-1 clinical trials.

A UK university has developed a novel thermal detection platform technology with potential for development as a portable point of care diagnostic device. They are looking for industrial partners with expertise and experience in the medical device and diagnostics space to help them develop the technology from laboratory proof of concept to prototype. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of research cooperation agreements or technical cooperation agreements.

A UK university has developed synthetic antibody technology that offers benefits over traditional antibodies. The university is looking for industrial end-user partners to validate this synthetic antibody technology as part of a proposal to a UK funding competition. Preference is to partner with companies that work with biomarkers, such as the cardiac biomarker troponin. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a research cooperation agreement.

TURKEY TOTR20170623002 
A Turkish company, established in 2009 and located in the centre of Turkey, is offering a new generation microorganism identification kit for collaboration with faculties, researchers and different industries. It relates to a system and a method intended for identifying and taxonomic classification/realization of microorganisms at their level. The methods general accuracy level is 60 to 90% with a highly wide identification spectrum.The company is interested in license agreements.

AUSTRIA TOAT20170720001
An Austrian inventor has patented surfactants (tenside) for use in  oil field exploitation. The chemical solution is a result of research in the field of mineral oil free cooling lubricants, which is market tested in the metal processing industry and lab tested for the oil industry. Main advantage is that the surfactant is separating oil from any other material or substrate in outstanding manner. Technical, license or commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought.

A UK university has developed a novel technology that is a safe, recyclable method of water purification ensuring waterborne industrial pollutants are not discharged into the environment. The university is offering this technology to industrial partners in relevant manufacturing, water treatment and end user chemical manufacturing industries for further collaborative development and launch. The partnerships are envisaged as commercial agreements with technical assistance or a licensing agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170726003
A small German company specialized in machine vision has developed a poultry checking system that can contribute to the animals well-being. This monitoring system detects foot and knee damages, with a throughput rate of up to 14.000 chickens/turkeys per hour. Also measurements of breast bumps and evaluation of changes in skin colour can be detected. Partners from the meat industry are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

PORTUGAL TOPT20170726004
A Portuguese research group, specialized in data acquisition and post-processing in experimental mechanical tests, offers the capacity to perform mechanical tests in structural materials, construction products and building systems, in the scope of research, development and certification. They want to cooperate with  industry, universities or R&D institutions via a research and/ or technical cooperation agreement.

ISRAEL TOIL20170726001
Developer/manufacturer of Oto Acoustic Emissions measurement devices is sought to integrate an exciting and innovative ICT solution enabling the very early diagnosis of Sensory Perception disorders, most noteworthy in Autism. This diagnostic device will enable very early detection (in newborns), allowing for application of behavioural modification interventions at a very early age that will result in remarkably better social integration. Licence, research or technical cooperations are possible.

GERMANY TODE20170726001
A German company specialised in innovative technologies and solutions for different fields of application has developed an intelligent app to optimise the waiting time at elevators and the search times for free parking spaces in multi-floor parking garages. Partners are sought worldwide for the technical implementation of the app and the commercialisation. Furthermore, they are looking for investors and for licensees. They offer technical cooperation, commercial, financial & license agreements.

PORTUGAL TOPT20170726003
A Portuguese group specialised on the characterization of road, airport and railway materials, aggregates, bituminous binders, bituminous mixtures and materials treated with cement and non-traditional binders offers its large-scale triaxial device. They are open to establish a research and technical cooperation agreement with the  industry, universities or R&D institutions,  seeking for expertise on characterization of bound and unbound granular materials for infrastructures layers.

PORTUGAL TOPT20170726006
A Portuguese research group performs tests and assign the European classification of reaction to fire performance of building products and systems, namely: wall finishes and wall claddings; ceiling finishes and suspended ceilings; floor coverings; thermal insulation products and systems, namely ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems); other construction products. The group wants to cooperate via a research and/or technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170726002
A German university offers a new technology with application in cancer therapy. The researchers found that a human CD34 hinge region allows detection as well as rapid enrichment of successfully engineered chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) -expressing immune effector cells and reduces adverse side-effects. Industrial licensees are sought.

An East of England company has launched an IT system that specifically addresses the needs of electric vehicles (EVs) and fleets. Live data from vehicle, driver and environment are being used to accurately predict the driving range, and propose best charging points. The system also plugs into existing dispatch systems. The software is on offer to EV fleets and dispatch solution vendors under a license agreement.

PORTUGAL TOPT20170725002
The applied metrology infrastructure of a Portuguese R&D Institution with experience in calibration, measurement, and uncertainty modelling, being accredited by the National Accreditation Body, is offering its knowledge and the use of its dimensional and geometrical measuring infrastructure. This laboratory is specialized on instrumentation, calibration and testing applied to civil engineering research and is looking to establish a research and/or technical cooperation agreement.

PORTUGAL TOPT20170725001
A Portuguese specialized research group which is dedicated to acoustics and vibrations in buildings is offering its two reverberation rooms and its equipment for real time data acquisition; recording and data management; addressing noise and vibration studies, as well as to the development of new noise protection systems and materials. It is open to establish a research and/ or technical cooperation agreement.

SPAIN TRES20170721001
A Spanish company belonging to a multinational group devoted to the manufacturing of automotive sealing systems is looking for technological SMEs for the development of a system for coating application by means of plasma polymerization in rubber extrusion processes of EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer - M-class - rubber). The company seeks a technical cooperation agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20170623001 
A French SME has developed a new technology modifying the bacterial chromosomes without any scars nor leaving antibiotic resistance. This technology is applicable on micro-organisms,  and can be used for the optimisation of already existing bio-industrial processes or the creation of new ones. The partners sought are companies in the personal care and chemical sectors. The type of partnership considered is a research cooperation, technical cooperation or services agreement.

POLAND TOPL20170719001
The company located in south-eastern Poland offers licenses for the production of clay plasters. The plasters contain 100% clay and are characterized by high parameters related to shaping microclimate of the interior. The company is looking for manufacturers of ecological building materials and technology companies in the field of building materials.

CHINA TRCN20170719001
A Chinese company which produces environmental protection equipment is looking for technology of desulfurizing furnace fume and recycling precious metal in process of nonferrous metal smelting, technology of treating tail gas from used battery recycle and technology of handling Raymond machine’s after-wind in electrochemical sector. They want to cooperate with partners through joint venture, commercial agreement with technical assistance and technical cooperation.

GERMANY TRDE20170718001
German manufacturer for high class furniture looks for a partner to develop a light-weighted but still solid fitting used as connection between furniture fronts and working like a large hinge. The SME would like to launch a new and unusual fitting that allows for a new process of manufacturing/industrial production of kitchen furniture. They look for a technical co-operation or manufacturing agreement with a partner experienced in materials who is able to design a prototype of the fitting.

A Czech SME, a patent owner of a nutritious super-food protein mixture based on egg white is dedicated to further development of healthy food products with high content of protein. The SME is looking for partners, producer of healthy food interested in incorporating the protein food mixture to their end products. The intended partnership is commercial agreement with technical assistance.

FRANCE TOFR20170710002 
The French SME is an expert in Lipopolysaccharide (LPSs) endotoxins from Gram negative bacteria. It provides research, products and services to help companies to manage endotoxins and regulatory pyrogenicity issues. Such a new endotoxins quantification method is necessary in complex matrices when classical test and scalable processes are not relevant to eliminate or remove endotoxins. License or services agreements are sought with human or animal health, cosmetic or medical devices industries.

GERMANY TODE20170711002
A German research institute has developed a new standard for precise measurements of gaps in threads and gearing, extremely important for the reliable functioning. State of the art measurement procedures use tactile measuring equipment to determine the geometric characteristics of double flank installation. The precision of the probing process determines the measuring uncertainty. The standard enables a precise lead back. The research institute is looking for licensees.

POLAND TOPL20170706001
The Institute in Poland, conducting research in the field of: minerals treatment, waste utilization, metallurgy, hydrometallurgy, material science, electrochemical power sources and more, offers a technology, which gives possibility of waste management of metallic fractions from processing of WEEE and Cu and Al cables. Products of this technology are standardized cooper and aluminium alloys. Partners are sought for license agreement and research cooperation agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170605003 
A Spanish SME has developed an aqueous cryoprotective composition for fruit trees and plants that can be used in the form of a solution diluted in water. It can also increase the resistance of plants and trees to frost damage, by applying a quantity by means of spraying. The company is interested in selling the patent through a license agreement or, preferably, setting up a commercial agreement with technical assistance to further develop and improve the composition for other uses.

SPAIN TOES20150710001 
A Spanish SME specialized in visible light communications technology has a solution for accessing information available in motor vehicles. This information can be used for performing preventative diagnostic tasks, detecting malfunctioning in motor vehicles earlier. It can be also used to control the access of vehicles to specific facilities. The technology is field tested. The company seeks technical cooperation agreement and license agreement to implement the solution in the automotive industry

POLAND TOPL20170803001
Polish scientists have developed a method of immobilisation and encapsulation of bioactive materials. The offered technology is ideal for the food industry as a way of preserving required properties of products, e.g. it allows the extension of the shelf life of a product. It has been tested and its functionality was confirmed. It is offered to companies from the food industry and R&D institutions under licensing and technical cooperation agreements.

BELGIUM TRBE20170719001
A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for products or technologies shown to address the symptoms of menopause without a prescription. Solutions must enable unique benefits/claims or superior performance compared to available solutions in the menopause space.  Academia and industrial partners are sought for licence agreement or technical agreement with the large account.

ISRAEL TOIL20170801001
An Israeli SME developed a speech recognition technology, enabling people with severe speech impairments to communicate naturally using their own voices. Its algorithm is customized to the speaker, hands-free, language-agnostic, patent-protected. Targeted partners are disabilities organizations for testing and distribution (in a technical cooperation or research agreement); and technology companies interested in integration into hardware devices or smart home systems (in a license agreement).

ITALY TOIT20170731001
The technology offered relates to a scaffold for the growth and/or differentiation of neuronal precursors mainly constituted by protein nanotubes as well as to an in vitro method for carrying out either the growth or the differentiation of neuronal precursors. Partners such as producers and developers of biocompatible and/or disposable materials for research and medical field are sought. Partners interested in acquiring know-how or patent licenses are sought through a license agreement.

CHINA TRCN20170731002
A Chinese new material equipment company is looking for technologies to develop more serialized coatings, to develop more new nano-coating products and to strengthen the company's product line. They want to cooperate with partners through technical cooperation and research cooperation. And they are willing to spend RMB (Ren Min Bi, Chinese currency) 2 million on the new technology.

JAPAN TOJP20170726001
A Japanese firm is offering a newly patented technology on peristaltic pumps for licensing or to be sold to EU companies. The technology provides long-term reliable and precise pumping operation by keeping the flow rate of liquids constant during the pumping process. The technology can be applied to medical, bio and other scientific fields. A licensing agreement will be signed with relevant partners interested about this technology.

A Lithuanian engineering company has developed an automatic batching system for a precise dosing of materials used in manufacturing of welding flux. The Lithuanian company is looking for industrial partners that would be interested in having these automatic batching systems installed into their manufacturing processes with support of the Lithuanian partner under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

TURKEY TOTR20170623003 
A Turkish company, located in the region of Kayseri since 2009, is offering a method of super hydrophobic surface coating for e.g. healthcare and automotive sectors. They are working with the academicians of the region's universities and as a TTO (Technology Transfer Office) they offer licensed projects of the academicians. This method increases surface holding of superhydrophobic coating when applied as a thin film. The company is interested in license agreements.

A Singapore SME that specialises in wireless smart switches and smart lighting systems for UK & Europe has developed an Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software platform for use by its partners at minimal cost & effort. It is keen to partner SMEs of all sizes or MNEs who are keen to leverage this platform through licensing, commercial agreement with assistance or research cooperation.

A Korean SME is offering expertise technology on peptide therapeutics for the treatment of osteoporosis and arthritis.They are looking for companies interested to buy developed knowledge and offering financial, or license agreement.

UKRAINE TOUA20170724001
A Ukrainian R&D center offers an effective antitumor ferromagnetic nanocomposite of direct delivery for usage in experimental oncology. Unlike standard chemotherapy, the nanocomposite is more active against tumors resistant to cytotoxic drugs and shows less toxicity toward normal cells. The research center is looking for industrial partners and universities for research cooperation.

CHINA TRCN20170719003
A Chinese company which mainly engages in underground mining of tungsten, tin, lead and zinc is looking for beneficiation technology for chrysoberyl type beryllium mineral. They want to cooperate with partners through research cooperation and technical cooperation.

CHINA TRCN20170720002
A Chinese leading intelligent products company is looking for technology for producing intelligent switchgear. They want to cooperate with partners through research cooperation and technical cooperation.

POLAND TRPL20170710001
The Polish energy efficiency consulting company with 3 years’ experience is looking for partners from all over the world with willingness to transfer innovative and ready to implement energy efficiency technologies.  The company is looking for a partnership (commercial agreement with technical assistance or services agreement and / or technical cooperation agreement) with other companies that have innovative energy efficiency solutions and seek their distribution or commercialization.

SPAIN TOES20170523001 
A Spanish Research Institution has developed a quicker and greener methodology to manufacture glass frits. The process designed uses concentrated solar energy to obtain glass frits reducing time, energy consumption, cost and environmental impact. Industrial partners from the glass industry are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170609003
Researchers from a German University invented a computer aided process for correction of images with partially coherent light, which fastens and simplifies conventional adaptive optics.  The new process improves the results of astronomical imaging with high-resolution telescopes or imaging with high-precision microscopes. The University is offering this novel image enhancement process under license agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170802002
A German university successfully improved the resistance of DNA-encoded screening libraries.  Pharmaceutical companies will have access to biologically relevant chemical scope that is inaccessible with conventional DNA-encoded libraries. The university is offering a license agreement and a research cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170609001
A German university is offering innovative scientific results about new forms of infection treatment to medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry for a license agreement. The pharmaceutical invention offers newly found compounds which inhibit and bond protozoa and bacteria by blocking the formate-nitrite transporter (FNT).

UK SME developing a hydrokinetic device (turbine) for the marine renewable energy sector capable of converting either wave, tidal or both wave and tidal energy into electricity, a world first.  They seek partners to co-fund further development and delineation of their technology. Cooperation on a financial or joint venture agreement basis will be considered.

ISRAEL TOIL20150716001
An Israeli startup in the area of micro-algae cultivation has developed a revolutionary photo-bioreactor (PBR), combining low costs and high efficiency features to serve as an infrastructure for projects in this field. In addition to that cultivation, contamination control, harvesting and production processes were developed to enable production of microalgae-derived products at max efficiency.The company seeks to sign research cooperation agreements with relevant partners.

TURKEY TOTR20170623004 
A Turkish company, established in 2009 and located in the centre of Turkey, is offering a power adjustment device for collaboration with faculties, researchers and different industries.Their device is a power adjustment device for lower energy and tool costs. This device is a merge of an AC and DC control curcuit which could also be programmed to shedule time to prevent unnecessery power expenses and overheating issues.The company is interested in license agreements.

UKRAINE TOUA20170725001
Ukrainian R&D center offers new hemoadsorbent for clinical application comprising  nanostructured carbon matrix, immobilised albumin and heparin for removal of bilirubin, bile acids,  bacterial endotoxin, anti-inflammatory cytokines  with hydrophobic toxins and DNA-tropic components from  blood. This hemoadsorbent enhances biocompatibility and increases its adsorptive capacity towards aforementioned substances.  Looking for industrial partners and universities for research cooperation.

Czech academic institution with plant breeding program is developing a new apple varieties with polygenic scab resistence. The institution is looking for a partner who will help with research on research cooperation agreement bases.

GERMANY TODE20170721001
A German SME, active as distributor and local service partner of manufacturer of  electronic devices, has developed hardware architecture which hinders the execution of malware and enables hereby the search for the producer. The system offers several advantages in comparison with state of the art malware detection software systems. The SME is searching for production licensees.

A Swiss SME developed 2 drug delivery technologies. A micellar polymeric technology highly improving the solubility of poorly soluble drugs, enhancing tissue penetration and creating an in-situ drug depot after topical application and a liquid polymer that creates a controlled release of small molecules, peptides or proteins up to 6 months. The technologies are non-toxic. Degradation products are safe compounds. Service agreement, technical cooperation, licensing with pharma/biotech are sought.

POLAND TOPL20170706002
A Polish research team active in the utilization of the new types of scrap, mostly originating from the waste electric and electronic equipment, as well as new types of batteries, have developed the technology to process the Li-Ion and Ni-MH battery waste produces the commercial products suitable for pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical treatment. Partners are sought for licenses agreement and research cooperation agreement.

The UK arm of an international manufacturer of engineered mechanical fixtures and hardware components is seeking innovative materials and methods for coating and finishing. Solutions may include either coatings with improved durability, performance, aesthetics and sustainability, or alternative processes. Demonstrable solutions are sought from academia and industry dealing with materials science, under licensing or technical cooperation agreement. 

AUSTRIA TOAT20170817001
A leading Austrian research centre and consulting company focusing on climate change, risk- energy- & water management, is looking for partners in Europe and beyond. The SME is interested to collaborate on project proposals with like-minded entities from the private and public sectors under research cooperations or service agreements, thereby enhancing its geographical outreach and the impact of its expertise in order to facilitate the transition to a climate resilient and low carbon future.

A Singapore-based startup that specialises in social robots is seeking automatic speech recognition technologies. They are seeking new technologies in the realm of Natural Language Processing that may be used in the area of social robots and other related applications. The startup seeks to partner SMEs, research institutions/ universities a licensing or R&D cooperation agreement.

A shipping company with a registered base in Scotland is looking for new approaches to maintaining the performance of lubricant oils. Technology is sought that will improve the lifetime of the oil by monitoring and maintaining the characteristics of the oil. The Scottish company is looking for partnerships via a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement. The company is especially interested in technologies that are near to market.

CHINA TRCN20170814004
A Chinese company, working in electronic ceramic, is seeking advanced ceramic brazing technology, to sign a joint venture agreement, technical cooperation agreement or research cooperation agreement.

POLAND TOPL20170810001
A team of scientists from Poland has developed a cardboard packaging material with a layer of heat-insulating foam. The technology is ideal for food and HoReCa industries as it absorbs excess moisture, preserves temperature, freshness and overall quality of food products, e.g. of takeaways. The scientists are interested in further development and implementation of the packaging material, therefore they are offering technical cooperation agreement to companies from the packaging industry.

GERMANY TODE20170810001
The German start-up is developing an intelligent compiler that automatically accelerates MATLAB, Octave and Scilab simulations and optimizes them for high performance computing (HPC) architectures. By combining easy high-level programming with the computation performance of parallelized low-level code it reduces costs and time consumption in the innovation process, the company is looking for new partners for the further development and commercialisation of their technology.

BELARUS TOBY20170811002 
Authors from Belarus have developed a new team sports and entertainment game that combines game sports and martial arts. The game is regulated by a set of rules and includes unique technical solutions. Authors seek partners for financial agreement or joint venture to establish a federation for this game and its promotion.

SPAIN TOES20170711001 
A Spanish SME has developed an innovative and awarded set of applications that helps entities to manage their staff that is working outside the office. The set is made of 4 sub-apps that are perfectly linked and contribute to make better decisions in terms of productivity and internal organization. These sub-APPs are: tracker, forms, planner, orders.The SME is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance to any company interested in improving the management of their staff.

CHINA TRCN20170808001
A Chinese company which researches geotextile material is looking for composite geotextile material with toughness. By composite, it means high-performance and radiation-proof. They want to cooperate with partners through research cooperation and technical cooperation. They are hoping to establish a base for production, study and research or a research and development center.

A Lithuanian science and technology park is looking for a technology that would allow to detect man-made discharges inside electricity meters and distinguish them from naturally occurring discharges. An already existing technology or partners for developing such technology are sought under a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement.

TURKEY TOTR20170623006 
A Turkish company, located in the region of Kayseri since 2009, is offering a license of a new type of butter with 50% calories. They are working with the academicians of the region's universities and as a research organisation they offer the licensed projects of the academicians.Dietary fiber is separately added to this product with high cholesterol value and low calorie to decrease the prebiotic calorie. The company is interested in license agreements.

POLAND TOPL20170804001
A team of Polish scientists has developed a new, energy-efficient electric engine with a unique magnetic circuit, additional control and power supply systems that has higher torque and a wide range of a rotational speed. The offered solution is applicable in the automotive industry but can be also used as a power generator with voltage regulation. The scientists are looking for industrial partners interested and able to introduce the innovation to their products under license agreement.

A Korean SME has developed a highly efficient power generating system that utilizes wind energy. The system can produce at minimum, four times as much electricity than current wind energy systems. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative. The SME seeks partnership for license, research cooperation and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

CHINA TRCN20170807001
A Chinese company that processes natural products and extracts acid from them is looking for purified and refined gallic acid products. They want to cooperate with partners through research cooperation and technical cooperation.

CHINA TRCN20170807002
A Chinese company that manages mine and develops mining industry is looking for flotation processing technology for fluorite. They want to cooperate with partners through commercial agreement with technical assistance, research cooperation and technical cooperation.

CHINA TRCN20170804001
A Chinese leading paint company is looking for high-performance silicone resin to meet the market demand.  They want to cooperate with partners through research cooperation and technical cooperation.

CHINA TRCN20170803002
A Chinese company is looking for technology of graphic recognition on wallboard component reinforcement cage and intelligent online system to improve production efficiency of precast concrete (PC) wallboard line. They want to cooperate with partners through research cooperation and technical cooperation.

CHINA TRCN20170802001
A Chinese leading high technology equipment company is looking for automatic construction technology of engineering machinery based on machine vision. They want to cooperate with partner through research cooperation.

CHINA TRCN20170731003
A Chinese lithium energy research and development company is looking for technologies for developing solid electrolyte formulation and batch-producing of solid electrolyte, key technology for producing solid electrolyte battery. They want to cooperate with partners through technology cooperation agreement, research cooperation agreement.

ITALY TRIT20170720001
An innovative IT device implementing a "one push button" procedure to manage computer risks was patented by an Italian inventor. The device restores the operating state and preserves data when a user suffered a computer attack. Currently, the development of the product is at 50%, a further part of software development and system integration is needed. The inventor is willing to establish a joint venture agreement or a service agreement with partners to complete the development of the technology.

A Korean SME is focused on developing PC security and energy saving solutions. The process is based on the proximity between the individual and PC. Through the SME’s server, an analysis of the energy usage and saving can be performed and the PC security can be monitored by a remote control. Cooperation sought is license or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Korean SME specialized in agriculture has developed a plant factory system that uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) to control the room and cultivate plants while conserving energy. Through the PC and real time monitoring, the plant factory’s temperature and humidity is controlled allowing for heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and fog systems to function. The company offers license agreement and commercialization agreement with technical assistance.

A Czech technical university focused on research and development in the field of electromobility developed several prototypes of charging stations for electric vehicles with support of advanced features and functions which allow individual charging systems virtualization, remote administration and billing energy and services of customers in closed system. The university is looking for company or investor interested in joint venture or manufacturing agreement or technical cooperation agreement.

CHINA TRCN20170719002
A Chinese company producing chlorate and its relevant products is looking for technology of decreasing Chlorate’s electricity consumption, heat consumption and electrolytic cell’s pressure with chemical etching anodes and technology of safety protection. They want to cooperate with partners through commercial agreement with technical assistance, research cooperation and technical cooperation.

SPAIN TOES20170707001 
Spanish sensor network technologies specialised company is offering a maritime fleet intelligence platform that collects and analyses with big data technologies the sensor data generated by ships. The platform is customisable and can be easily integrated with sensor systems. The company is interested in commercial agreements, paired with technical assistance to adapt the technology to the client’s needs.

CROATIA TOHR20170626001
A Croatian company, specialized in developing complete technical solutions by combining software, firmware and hardware, is offering a license agreement for their innovative portable welding measurement unit which monitors the work of arc welding machine during its performance, unlike other available technologies which are testing weld seam quality after the welding is finished. The technology can be used for monitoring the welding process in nuclear power plants, underwater pipelines etc.

SPAIN TOES20170406001 
Three Spanish Research Institutions have developed a nanoparticle sensor capable of detecting particles under a certain size in gas emissions. It can be used to measure particles' concentration in line at industrial emissions, evaluate progressive decline of particle filters or determine particle size distribution in aerosols. Industrial partners from the sensor or nanoparticle industries are being sought to collaborate through a licence agreement.

A UK inventor has developed a patented device modelled inside any protective headgear that automatically reacts to major blunt trauma by triggering a strongly endothermic (cooling) response. The device reduces brain swelling in the event of an accident and has a wide range of applications. They are seeking motorcycle, sports (equine, snow), military, paramedic or healthcare companies to co-develop the innovation to new applications via joint ventures, manufacturing or licensing agreements.

GERMANY TODE20170822001
An SME in Germany active in the field of human competence and wellbeing has developed a smart drinking glass in order to enable a regular liquid input as essential part of the daily nutrition, preferably for the 50+ generation. This is essential to prevent bodily or mental diseases. They are now looking for partners to further develop the product and initiate field tests to be used in preventive medicine and clinical facilities. It is planned to enter into a technical cooperation agreement.

A UK company has built a consortium to cover a wide range of resources in analytical chemistry for drug discovery. Strategy, training, sourcing and technology transfer services can be offered not just in a very comprehensive but also very flexible way. Pharma and biotechnology companies and public-private partnerships are being sought for services or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A multinational shipping enterprise with a registered base in Scotland (UK) is seeking novel, cost-effective approaches to recover energy from the exhaust gases of ship engines and to transform it into more useful energy such as electricity to supply hotel loads on board the ship. The Scottish company is looking for partnerships via a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement. The company is especially interested in technologies that are near to market.

GERMANY TODE20170517001
German researchers of a university developed a new method to use the efficiency of allicin modified with beta-lactoglobulin with the result to preserve the function as preservation of health and prophylaxis of diseases while avoiding the senses of garlic in the breath gas. To open up the market for this new process the University is offering its scientific results to producers of food additives, drug developers or other companies with human health activities worldwide for a license agreement.

CHINA TRCN20170818001
A Chinese concrete admixture and polymer material company is looking for functional polycarboxylate water reducing agent. They want to cooperate with partners through research cooperation and technical cooperation. They are willing to spend 15 million yuan on this technology.

POLAND TOPL20170818001
The Polish enterprise specialized in information and communications technology (ICT)  is the market leader in dispatcher systems for public security service.  Company provides solutions for Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service, etc. The offer consists solutions in all areas that are using the dispatcher model (logistics and transport, energetics, utilities, volunteering, emergency services). Company isoffering technical cooperation agreement.

This UK based SME specialises in the development, manufacturing and marketing of super-resolution optical microscopes (70-100 nanometers (nm) resolution). The technology will be used initially in the materials science sector and in life science in the future. The company is looking to engage with universities/industry users and microscope manufacturers via commercial agreement with technical assistance and licensing agreements.

This UK based SME specialises in the development of super-resolution optical microscopes (70-100 nanometers resolution). Their technology has huge applications in the life science sector so they are interested in working with industrial/research organisations involved in oncology, virology, drug discovery, tissue engineering etc. to develop their prototype via research cooperation or technical cooperation agreements.

CHINA TRCN20170816003
A Chinese leading power battery system company is looking for high-nickel anode material. They want to cooperate with partners through commercial agreement with technical assistance, research cooperation and technical cooperation.

GERMANY TODE20170816001
A German company has developed a cloud-based delivery software for the food service industry. In particular, the software offers restaurants a comprehensive support in product sale, resource planning and administration management. The company is already well established within the German market and wants to expand into new markets and to further develop their technology. Thus, the company is looking for foreign manufactures of cash register systems (in particular Austria and Switzerland).

CHINA TRCN20170815001
A Chinese leading agricultural equipment company is looking for technology of transplanting rice seedling. They want to cooperate with partners through research cooperation and technical cooperation.

CHINA TRCN20170814001
Chinese tantalum electrolytic capacitor company is looking for a new type of lithium-ion battery. They want to cooperate with partners through commercial agreement with technical assistance and technical cooperation. The company is going to spend RMB 5 million in entrusting other companies or institutes with this technology.

TURKEY TOTR20170623001 
A Turkish company, established in 2009 and located in the centre of Turkey, is offering a dual gas fuel injector system for collaboration with faculties, researchers, and different industries. With this injector system, two different types of fuel in gas form are sprayed into the suction manifold after mixing them in the injector according to the live revolution and load conditions of the engine. The company is interested in license agreements.

CHINA TRCN20170814002
A Chinese rail transportation and power battery company is looking for high performance lead-carbon battery. They want to cooperate with partners through research cooperation and technical cooperation. They are willing to spend 5 million yuan on this technology.

TURKEY TOTR20170814001 
A Turkish university has developed a biocoating material and coating method that offers enhanced boiling heat transfer and have the potential for addressing high heat transfer performance requirements in multiphase heat exchanger applications. The technology is at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4. University is looking for industrial partners to jointly develop and commercialise the technology and is open for license and research cooperation agreements.

SPAIN TOES20170731001 
A Spanish ICT research center offers an optical/intelligent character recognition system to extract data out of documents on paper. It gets printed and handwritten data from many kinds of documents, to be later digitally processed. It eases information management processes within organizations.  They look for partners to deploy the system into final clients, industries needing digitalization, via a commercial agreement with technical assistance, a license agreement or a services agreement.

Korean SME is offering expertise technology in renewable energy technologies. The company is specialized in developing a wind power generator with a capacity of 300W. In addition to the generator, a hybrid system utilizing energy saving solutions was constructed as sets of streetlights. This SME is looking for European partners that are interested in the technology and wish to conclude a license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SPAIN TOES20170727001 
A researcher from the North of Spain has developed a new technology for the ripening of anchovies. Currently this new manufacturing process is under patent application. The technology is transferable to other seafood products. The researcher would be interested about contacting with other companies of agrofood sector in order to reach licensing or technical cooperation agreements.

ITALY TOIT20170724001
An Italian start up operating in the automotive engineering & vehicle dynamics sector, has developed an innovative modelling technique that transmits new sensations and information to the driver through the adoption of a physical approach in the reproduction of road interaction phenomena and the research of the optimal vehicle conditions for safety and handling performances. The company is looking for partners interested in joint further development of the technology and commercial Agreement.

Czech academic institution developed a new generation of cytokinins which have a very high anti-oxidant capacity and extend lifespan of C. elegans, a model organism frequently used in biogerontology research. License Agreement and research cooperation agreement is offered.

An East of England (UK) surgical instrument manufacturer manufacturer of surgical instruments has developed an improved retractor for use during surgery. It puts less pressure on retracted tissues e.g. muscle tissue whilst maintaining proper exposure. It is also easier to operate. Further manufacturers of surgical instruments in the network countries are sought to manufacture and sell the retractor under license.

FRANCE TOFR20170719001 
A French biotech SME has developed a process and a technology that allow cold-free protection of biospecimens (RNA, DNA, bacteria, virus...) at room temperature. This encapsulation solution under controlled  atmosphere, into small, sealed, corrosion-proof metallic capsules provides a full protection from degradation factors (water, oxygen...). This SME is opened to technical cooperation,license or research cooperation agreements with partners involved in life sciences and biotechnology fields.

A Lithuanian SME that performs research in the field of low-temperature plasma has developed a technology that allows essential oils to retain their biological effect with smaller concentrations of active compounds, allowing them to be used by people with allergies. Technology along with equipment and support of the Lithuanian company is offered via a commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement to pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

BELGIUM TOBE20170627001 
A Belgian research university has developed an innovative  continuous-flow process for the preparation of methylphenidate hydrochloride. This molecule is the active ingredient of medication  prescribed worlwide to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. The process is safer, cleaner and faster.  A licence agreement or a research agreement are sought.