Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 07/ 2017

A Dutch globally active producer of coatings, paints and specialty chemicals aims at reducing their environmental footprint across the value chain. The company is looking for a toolbox of technologies that can reduce chemical oxygen demand (COD) and high salt concentration in both water treatment and water recycling  in order to establish effluent-free chemical sites. Cooperation with partners would be in the frame of a research cooperation agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

ITALY TRIT20170703001
Italian branch of multinational company manufacturing elevators, escalators and moving walks is looking for a new solution to make a more sustainable and lighter elevator car. In particular the company is looking for a new panel filling material without polyurethane with isocyanates. Agreement sought is research cooperation, with the purpose to develop and finalize the new environmental legislation compliant material.

GERMANY TODE20170630001
Facing the needs and possibilities for digitalisation in container logistics sector, a Northern German SME developed a web platform which unites communications and processing of container logistics and drastically cuts down manpower and costs. Shipping companies, trucking companies and forwarding agents can use the platform free of charge and only pay for concrete bookings. Technical cooperation agreements with pilot clients are sought. Financial agreements are offered to investors.

A Swiss university of technology offers a new manufacturing process for aluminium chloride-graphite batteries.
The energy density is doubled by improving the performance of the graphite cathode. The manufacturing cost is reduced by using cheap and abundant raw materials. The cycling life is long without capacity loss.
One field of application is household stationary storage and another one is grid-level storage.
License agreement partners for the introduction to the market are sought.

POLAND TRPL20170627001
A Polish company dealing with development of web and mobile applications is currently working on a localisation and measuring system for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry and would like to find partners experienced in camera behaviour detection technologies, capable of improving the offered system. Technical cooperation agreement considered.

SPAIN TRES20170615001
Spanish company specialising in biomolecules of animal origin for pharmaceutical, veterinary and agrochemical industries is looking for new products from animal raw material to co-develop, scale up, manufacture and sale. Start-ups, SMEs and research centres are sought for joint ventures, commercial agreements with technical assistance, technical cooperation and license agreements.

SPAIN TOES20170616001 
Agrofood division of Spanish technology centre is offering its extrusion technology knowledge and equipment to companies interested in developing new products or using by-products. Using technology centre facilities avoids stopping commercial production in factories and test new ingredients avoiding contamination issues. Partnerships sought are technical cooperation agreement or services agreement (food or pet food companies) and research cooperation agreement with any type of entity.

GERMANY TODE20170616001
A German company has advanced microwave sensing by combining ultra-wideband (UWB), short delay (1,5 fs) and high measurement speed (up 1.000/s) generating new applications for highly precise monitoring of technical parameters, physical properties and quality features of materials, products and industrial processes. Performance also includes analysis of soils or detection of vital functions or movements through barriers like walls. Seeking commercial agreements and strategic partnerships.

SPAIN TOES20170620001 
A Spanish tech-based company has developed an open architecture exoskeleton, that can completely emulate the process of human walking in order to help patients with a lower limb affliction by allowing them to walk using his/her own legs. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

SPAIN  TOES20170620002
A Spanish technological company has developed a complete wireless human body motion analysis solution, based on sensors that measure people cinematics. It can be used for different purposes such as rehabilitation, biomedical research and sports. The company is looking for international partners via commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A Korean SME has developed the Industrial IoT Server and related technology that can be interconnected with various industrial IT for the first time in Korea. At the same time, this technology and its product can be applied to the industry for realization of Smart Factory and CPS (Cyber Physical Systems). This company hopes to cooperate with potential partners in the form of technical cooperation agreement, license agreement, service agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

FRANCE TOFR20170606001 
A French company, specialised in industrial product development and in-house final assembly, offers a user-friendly cockpit tablet mount which fits any tablets available in the market. Tablet installation is also fast and secure. The French company intends to penetrate other markets than aerospace and is looking commercial agreements with technical assistance with automotive and railways companies.

SPAIN TOES20170613001 
A Spanish ICT company has developed a pedagogical tool that aids communication in the classroom via and extra screen, visually increasing students interaction. It is connected to an educational software, which includes tools for comprehension, tests and participation and expression exercises. The company is looking for license agreements.

FRANCE TOFR20170523001
A French technical unity has developed a strong expertise in the treatment and coating of metal parts through a high-pressure fluid jet (Cold Spray). With this accurate and eco-friendly technology, the processing can be done at a lower temperature, which enables the treatment and coating of specific metal parts or substrates. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought with industrial companies interested in the implementation of this technology in their manufacturing processes.

FRANCE TOFR20170519001
A French SME acting as a Contract and Research Organisation conducting research trials for public and private laboratories during preclinical phases is offering a set of tools and expertise to run trials and help develop new products, materials and techniques for the health care sector for both human and veterinary care. It holds a specific experience working on large animals. It is looking of partners in the healthcare sector for research cooperation agreements.

SPAIN TOES20170518001 
A Spanish research institution, a German University and a Spanish company have developed an aldolase active at molar aldehyde concentrations. With broad substrate acceptance (aldehydes and keto-acids), many functionalised products are synthesised at high productivities for industrial production. Industrial partners are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement.

SPAIN TOES20161213001 
A Spanish university is developing new brucellosis vaccines and diagnostic tools. This method can be used to differentiate animals that have been vaccinated against brucellosis from those that are infected. This new vaccine tagging method and the appropriate diagnostic test based on the DIVA method (see below) will overcome the limitations of present brucellosis vaccines. It is looking for companies or research centres interested in license or research cooperation agreements.

FRANCE TOFR20170711002
A French company, 35 years old, provides R&D and manufacturing services in the biomedical field and microtechnologies. Electrospinning allows manufacturing of materials made of nano- or microfibers that can be used for regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, drug delivery systems combined medical devices, filtration, coating of metallic parts. Already involved in EU projects, it's looking for research and manufacturing partnerships where electrospun materials lead to new advanced materials.

GERMANY TODE20170705001
A German university offers a new more effective method to produce aliphatic linear α,ω-dinitriles, in particular adipodinitrile. The method is less toxic and has better selectivity than the production technologies presently applied. Applications are in polymer chemistry. Industrial licensees are sought.

FRANCE TOFR20170627001 
A French company is working on cybersecurity of critical infrastructures. They developed a digital system to prevent and fight cyber threats in industrial processes and information systems. They are looking for industrial (SME, mid-caps, large companies) and academic partners (universities, r&d institution) from any sector to test products in operational environment for securing operational technologies systems. They offer their technology to be used in a consortium or research cooperation.

GERMANY TRDE20170524001 
A German company specialised in additive manufacturing (AM) is looking for industrial enterprises and R&D entities to jointly develop and produce advanced metalic heat exchange components by AM. AM allows for the production of complex applications of supreme quality which can improve the performance of heat transfer components for electronics, motorsport, the automotive and petroleum industry etc. The company seeks joint venture, manufacturing as well as technical cooperation agreements.

UKRAINE TOUA20170701001
Ukrainian R&D center offers effective adsorptive dressing for usage in surgery and combustiology to treat wounds, burns, trophic ulcers, bedsores. It reduces inflammation, accelerates regeneration, prevents complications. Product is ISO certified. Available in any size. Adsorptive capacity of dressing allows to shorten wound healing time 1,5-1,7 times comparing with best analogues. Looking for industrial partners for licensing and manufacturing and universities for research cooperation.

A research team of the Czech university focusing on mechanics, strength and flexibility of materials have developed a seat with adjustable pressure profile. The technology allows controlling the hardness of a seat's cushioning using the electro-pneumatic feedback circuit. The university is looking for partners interested in further research and development and for companies interested in production under a license agreement. Technical cooperation and license agreements are sought.

SLOVAKIA TOSK20170703002 
An innovative Slovak company specialized in electronic documents security and authentication provides a full range of own developed products in the area of electronic signature, including qualified electronic signature, electronic secure archiving, e-registry. The company is looking for partners interested in secure communication solutions and electronic services to cooperate with via commercial agreement with technical assistance, research cooperation agreement or services agreement.

SLOVAKIA TOSK20170703001 
A Slovak company specialized in the secure communication provides to customers its own developed, fully scalable platforms for secure mobile communication including voice, data communication, file transfer and messaging – all with strong encryption which makes information 100 % secure. The company is looking for partners interested in secure communication solutions to cooperate with via commercial agreement with technical assistance, services agreement or research cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170627001
A German SME introduced a new generation of wet and air cleaning systems for overhead conveyor chains to the market. Through efficient and environment-friendly cleaning and drying of conveyors during operation the cleaning system solves major problems with chain debris and the rupture of conveyor chains, particularly in the surface technology industry. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are offered for fixed installation, services agreements for mobile on-site cleaning.

An established UK technology company with expertise in health and social care digital solutions applications has developed a paperless management system and an innovative on-demand e-recruitment Software as a Service (SaaS) system to ease staffing and recruitment problems in the health and social care industry. Partners are sought for commercialisation via license and services agreements, and also expansion and adaptation for other sectors via research and/or technical cooperation agreements.

PORTUGAL TOPT20170703001
With over 10 years of experience in simulation activities for several demanding industries, this Portuguese R&D company with a disruptive one-stop-shop cloud-based simulation platform seeks partners looking for SMEs with advanced knowledge in any kind of simulation activity: multiphysics, multiscale, supercomputing. The company is offering its technology on the basis of licensing or research cooperation agreements.

POLAND TOPL20170630001
A scientist from a leading Polish university has developed a set of structural solutions regarding the protection of foundations of offshore objects against water erosion. Key advantage of the solutions lies in their increased efficiency in comparison with competitive solutions in terms of maintaining the stability of underwater objects and durability of the offshore foundations. Cooperation types: commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, research cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170523001
A German plant manufacturer with international experience in constructing plants for bulk material handling has developed an innovative modular system. The system enables clients to choose only relevant plant components. Further, due to its own technical centre, the SME is able to transfer expertise, and find the optimal solution for its clients. The company is looking for partners in the industrial sector for a manufacturing agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170630001 
Researchers from a Spanish University have developed probes based on nanoparticles, both fluorescent and functionalized with metals, which act as dual probes, and can be used for both flow cytometry and mass cytometry.The researchers are looking for cytometry manufacturers or biotechnology companies interested in licensing the technology.

SPAIN TOES20170605001 
A Spanish research centre working on sustainable energy technologies has developed a new power block that increases overall efficiency, allows faster transient response and different operative conditions. They are looking for companies working on energy sector for joint venture and technical cooperation agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170627001 
Two Spanish R+D institutions have jointly developed a new material which characteristics make it suitable to be used in supercapacitors. This material combines the high surface area of carbons with the high conductivity of graphene. Its production method ensures a high purity material, and its low graphene percentage makes it a cheap alternative to pure graphene. Industrial partners from the chemical or energy industry are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170627002 
A Spanish research institute working on agriculture, livestock and food, wants to participate as demonstration partner in European projects (H2020, LIVE…). The department focusing on energy efficiency, sustainability and waste management projects in their farms is interested in joining a consortium participating with the infrastructures they possess and their research experience in the demonstration of technological innovation projects. They are looking for research cooperation agreement.

SWEDEN TOSE20170612001 
A Sweden-based start-up specialized in Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) to find relevant experts within a large group or organization. They seek commercial partners larger than 100 employees/members on a global basis who would like to test their product and benefit from the technology under license and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

ITALY TRIT20170522001
Italian company, working in electronic fields, want to implement a digital distributed manufacturing platform, in order to simplify and improve the technological devices’ production. Through this digital system, European purchaser could find the right Italian manufacturers with machines in idle time; this can guarantee delivery speed and work for factories. Thus, they are looking for software houses, ICT research centres or companies and universities, to sign a technical cooperation agreement.

CHINA TRCN20170527001
A Chinese company specializing in biomass fuels is looking for testing equipment that can measure major parameters of biomass fuels simultaneously. Any testing technique of biomass fuels is welcomed. The company wishes to find partner with universities, companies or research institutes. Research and Technical cooperation agreements are sought. The company is also open to other collaborartion agreements.

A UK manufacturer of high precision gas measurement and analysis equipment is hoping to source new components and systems from other sectors that will be applicable for new products. Microwave and millimetre-wave systems are being sought that may lend themselves to gas analysis. Industry and academia are sought for technical co-operation, licensing, services or manufacturing agreement.

An international chemistry contract research organisation has built an extensive skillset in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. They are looking for new hit and lead compounds that they could advance into a robust clinical candidate, with desired properties agreed upon in advance. They would share in the eventual commercial return but not the IP. There is little limit in terms of indication areas. Drug discovery businesses & research groups are sought for joint ventures or technical cooperation.

A UK manufacturer of high precision gas measurement and analysis equipment is hoping to source technology/products/partners in the area of photodiode detectors for operation in the range 2.5 µm to 5.5 µm (can be wider) for various instrumentation applications. Industry and academia are sought for technical co-operation, services or manufacturing agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170713002
A team of researchers from an Italian University engaged in the field of biotech and physics is looking for industrial partners, operating in the field of chemical and non-ferrous metals production, for license agreement. Technology offer relates to a process for production of 3D hydrogel or aerogel structure made of graphene comprising at least two layers substantially constituted by graphene oxide (GO) spaced apart by one protein intermediate layer.

ITALY TRIT20170705001
An Italian company specialized in web marketing software has developed an innovative web browsing application and is looking for a 360° webcam integrated into a mobile phone producer in order to conclude a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement.

A UK University had developed a process using micro injection mouldings to produce micro-needles using a medial grade polymer. This will allow the self administration of insulin and vaccines through the skin to be painless compared to the painful hypodermic needle injections administered by healthcare professionals.The university seeks industrial partners for development of the technology through a joint venture leading to a licence agreement and or technical cooperation agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170706001
An Italian company, working in the field of compostable raw material and biodegradable additive, has developed a biopolymer that allows the creation of biodegradable and compostable products, and an innovative plastic additive product that makes possible the biodegradation of polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. They are looking for plastic manufacturer for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SPAIN TRES20170706001
Spanish sensor network technologies specialised company is requesting an NMEA multiplexer technology which storages data from sensors and is able to communicate with a satellite, in order to integrate within a maritime fleet intelligence platform that collects and analyses with big data technologies the sensor data generated by ships. The data will be obtained on a real-time basis. The company is interested in technical cooperation agreements.

An East of England startup offers service agreements to small pharma companies, to do high-throughput virtual screening. The diverse library gets screened against a large number of known proteins, to predict biological activity and off target effects where possible. At the same time, academia and biotech companies are invited to add their targets or compounds to the body of knowledge under a license agreement.

SPAIN TRES20170602001
A Spanish food company produces inverted sugar solution which is sold to other food companies for producing beverages, liquors, and bakery and confectionery products. They are interested in acquiring a technology to obtain biogas from sugary water and thus be more efficient and environmentaly friendly. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation with companies or research centres specialized in biogas production.

GERMANY TODE20170609002
A medical research group of a German University has invented a new operating table fixator. This novel device locates and secures the arm of the patient on the operating table. The new fixing method is especially used for computer-aided operations, carried out with the da Vinci operation robot, where the patient is lying on their side. In order to commercialize the new technology, the university offers license agreements to companies or research institutions in the medical sector.

ISRAEL TRIL20160410001
An Israeli chemical company seeks biocide technologies and/or products with the following characteristics: 1. Materials to prevent biofilm from creating and growing on surfaces in contact with water. 2. Brominated biocides, or materials enhancing biocidal activity of brominated biocides, with additional functionality. Company seeks to sign with partnar a JV / Licensing / Research Cooperation agreement. Identified partners will receive funding to mature the technology.

TURKEY TOTR20170718001 
A group of researchers specialized in food related technologies and functional food from a reputable Turkish university, has invented a novelty process which aims to increase the shelf life of fresh and dried fruits after packaging. In this novel process fruits are coated with an edible mixture by using spraying method. Licensees are sought from industry to adopt this technology in the form licensing agreement.

JAPAN TOJP20170712001
A Japanese company is looking for EU partner interested to a newly developed infrared colour night vision camera. The camera provides high resolution colour image in complete darkness. The technology can be applied in security cameras, automotive cameras, medical and nursing care cameras and social infrastructure monitoring cameras. A manufacturing, licensing or financial agreement, depending on the partner aims, is expected.

A Singapore educational and research institution has developed thermoelectric (TE) micro-coolers using state-of-the-art Bismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3) based thin films suitable for integration in electronic and optoelectronic components and devices. These devices are suitable for integration into existing sportswear to provide more comfortable garments for use in extreme environments. The institution seeks licensing or research cooperation agreements with industrial MNEs or SMEs of all sizes.

SPAIN TOES20170711003 
A Spanish public research organization has developed a process for the enzymatic synthesis of alkyl esters of long chain fatty acids in the presence of an alcohol and an enzymatic preparation with a sterol esterase/lipase covalently immobilized on magnetic particles functionalized on its surface. The process increases the yield of the synthesis of alkyl esters, and allows recovery of the catalyst. The final compounds can be used as biofuel. Industrial partners are sought for a license agreement.

MALTA TOMT20170524001
A group of Maltese researchers and inventors have developed a system which enables near perfect synchronisation of ultra-high speed video footage for observation. The technology can be applied in crash testing, manufacturing, medical imaging, scientific instrumentation and others. The inventors seek a Financial Agreement with investors interested in the development of a final product and its commercialisation.

ITALY TOIT20170414001
An Italian university team of researchers active in the field of physics applied to medicine has developed a system for monitoring the exposure of one or more subjects to a magnetic field in an environment, where surveillance is necessary for human protection. The team is looking for an industrial partner for license agreement and for further technical cooperation in developing/adapting the technology also through co-financed research.

SOUTH KOREA TRKR20170123001 
A Korean SME is specialized in manufacturing dental equipment (3D scanner, furnace, etc.) It is looking for partner having an innovative technology which manufactures dental materials especially for implants, and artificial bone. The company is open for commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement.