Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 06/ 2017

A UK-based SME has developed intrinsically fluorescent derivatives of retinoid cell signalling molecules. Having developed these compounds for cell imaging the company is looking at other applications including diagnostic testing. The SME is looking to partner with companies and research organisations experienced in developing diagnostic tests and / or devices to explore this application further. Partnerships are envisaged as joint ventures, research cooperations or technical cooperations.

A UK-based SME has developed derivatives of retinoids, important cell signalling molecules, that have strong intrinsic fluorescence. These molecules retain the potent biological activity of retinoid but can be visualised using standard techniques without additional steps. The SME is offering these compounds to companies and research organisations working in cell science under a license agreement, research cooperation or technical cooperation.

TURKEY TOTR20170605001 
A researcher who is specialized in construction materials from a reputable university in Turkey has invented and prototyped a geopolymer binder from waste clay brick powder. The technology has been patented at national stage and technical cooperation is sought in order to further develop the prototype to obtain a commercially viable geopolymer binder. First, a licensing agreement is sought to transfer the know how followed by technical cooperation to develop and finalise the product.

FRANCE TOFR20170601001 
A French inventor has developed an effective and safe robot enabling to drill into concrete ceiling. In the construction sector, manual concrete ceiling drilling is really painful; this technology enables to address this difficulty in safety. The inventor is looking for professionals from the construction sector willing to industrialize and commercialize the technology. He is looking for collaboration under license agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20170405001 
A French research Institute renowned in the robotics field has implemented a station to produce next generations of sensors or tools by functionalizing, patterning, assembling materials with very high precision. The Institute is seeking research and technical cooperation with industry or academic partners to explore new ways for manufacturing and push the limit of miniaturization.

SPAIN TOES20170525002 
A Spanish university has developed a new method for the production of 2 different compounds: polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA: a biodegradable polyester) and ectoine (active ingredient for cosmetics) during the fermentation process of cereal grain. The method can be easily integrated in a biorefinery to complement the production of biofuel. The University is looking for industrial partners interested in a license agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170530001
A German startup has developed a software platform for digitalisation of recycling logistics combining an easy-to-use customer app, sensors and intelligent containers with analysis of information, optimised route planning and material flows. Application to all types of disposal including industrial wastewaters or used textiles are possible. License agreements combined with service agreements are offered to waste disposal contractors in EU countries. Financial agreements are offered to investors.

FRANCE TOFR20170522001 
A French company specialized in video processing (High Dynamic Range) has developed a technology to restore ancient films and videos. They are looking for video right holders or video content producers interested in a solution to eliminate videos ageing problems. The partners will have to test and improve the technonoly, through a research or technical cooperation agreement.

An East of England company is about to launch a new wireless device for skin rejuvenation, primarily for the European markets. A desktop version is already selling in the UK. The key market is smoothing eye bags and wrinkles in beauty salons and by wealthy consumers. Partners are needed amongst beauty device or cosmetics manufacturers but also sales consultants. Type of cooperation: licensing, manufacturing or services agreement.

ARMENIA  TOAM20170414001
An Armenian company active in development of solar photovoltaic panels has developed innovative technology for solar photovoltaic cells and modules, which increases the efficiency of solar energy conversion. Partners are sought for improving and finalizing the technology for further commercial use/manufacturing. The company is looking for Commercial agreement with technical assistance, Technical cooperation agreement and /or Research cooperation agreement.

A Korean university has developed a technology to extract ingredients from euphorbia supine and euphorbia maculate for skin brightening and anti-wrinkle. They have already patent granted in Korea. They are looking for potential partners that can utilize the technology in medical, beauty and health food fields under license agreement.

SOUTH KOREA TRKR20170123002 
A Korean SME specialized in the field of liquefied cytodiagnosis (IVD: In vitro diagnostic) is looking for partners with knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of diagnostic kits. The company seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement who are capable of providing the technology at this scale on an economic basis for design, installation and demonstration. The company is also open to manufacturing agreement.

SPAIN TOES20161219001 
A Spanish research team has developed a gelled oil that can be used as a fat replacement in meat and derivatives. This new emulsion is able to modify the lipid profile of meat products by the incorporation of oils enriched with unsaturated fatty acids and extracts rich in natual antioxidants. The result will be food ingredients being more healthy. They are looking partners interested in this research for research cooperation agreements.

SPAIN TOES20161212002 
An architecture school of a Spanish university has developed a new system of air conditioning that works both as an installation air-conditioning machine and as a building external wall or façade. It is based on thermoelectricity with Peltier cells and has been designed to reach a high comfort level for people living in the premises. They are looking for partners for technical cooperation agreements or a partner for performing the setting up of the manufacturing of the system.

GERMANY TODE20170516001
A German university has developed a procedure to stimulate antibodies that promote the anti-viral T cell response. Since only very few direct anti-viral therapeutics are available, the stimulation procedure is a valid alternative or additional therapeutic approach. The university offers a license agreement to pharmaceutical companies.

ITALY TOIT20170525001
An Italian company with solid core competences about climate system analysis, physics, statistics and algorithm development, provides state-of-the-art products to support climate change adaptation measures at scientific, political and financial levels. It is interested in financial agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A UK company has developed flexible plastic displays for full colour and video. Early adopters come from the automotive, digital signage and consumer electronics segments but the technology is suited to a variety of product applications across different industries. Electronic products developers are sought for technical cooperation agreements.

The south west UK multiple award winning company has developed a suite of programs which enables patients to independently complete pre-operative and pre-procedure assessments online, anywhere and at any time.  The web based solution, which is being used by a growing number of National Health Service (NHS) and private hospitals in the UK, brings significant cost savings and increases capacity. International partners are sought for licence agreements.

A UK based bioscience company has established a new state of the art bio-prototyping facility based on plant based technology that allows the expression and production of scalable quantities of bio-active products. The technology provides a quick and scalable method and the opportunity to shorten the development time for new pharmaceutical, agrichemicals, biologicals and complex metabolites. It offers opportunities for research cooperation and technical cooperation agreements.

SLOVENIA TOSI20170426001
A Slovenian research institute is offering an algorithm for activity recognition with a smartphone and an optional wristband. The algorithm uses context-specific machine-learning models and therefore does not depend on the position of the smartphone on the body. The algorithm outperforms several consumer devices in terms of accuracy in real life setting. The algorithm is available via licencing or service agreement to companies and researchers developing wellbeing applications.

ARMENIA TOAM20170512001
An Armenian company engaged in designing and fabrication of solar energy systems has developed  a plasma etched method of Black Silicon (BS) formation, as well as proposed a new production process sequence of BS solar cells. Partners are sought for improving and finalizing the product for further commercial use/manufacturing.The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical cooperation agreement,research cooperation agreement and  manufacturing agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170511001
An Italian company has developed a non-invasive treatment based on an innovative medical device for chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain resistant to opiates and other types of treatment.The therapy avoids the harmful, potentially fatal, adverse side effects.The technology is a stand-alone medical  ectroanalgesia device that does not require combinations with other analgesic therapies. The company is interested in joint venture and/or commercial agreement with technical cooperation.

IRELAND TOIE20170508001
An Irish designer has developed and patented a retrofit device that attaches to any boxing bag effectively turning the bag into a sparring partner that punches back in a genuinely life-like fashion.  The developer seeks to license the product to a manufacturing company with a route to market for sporting products, particularly those with training methods involving punch bags. However, the developer is also open to licensing to a manufacturing company with a route to market for children’s toys.

SLOVENIA TOSI20170126001
A Slovenian research institute has invented a therapeutic solution comprising cells secreting a combination of therapeutic proteins for the treatment of diseases and injuries. Its main advantage is that it is safer and more effective than similar technological solutions containing stem cells. The technology is at a preclinical stage. The institute is looking for SMEs, big companies and multinationals and offers commercial agency agreement with technical assistance or licence agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170403001 
A Spanish research institution has developed microchips obtained by 3D printing that consist in single or multiple interconnected reservoirs with porous functional surfaces. The method of obtention enables to design in one single step microdevices where a precise control of functionality is achieved. These microchips are available for demonstration. A patent has been filed. A patent license is offered to manufacturers of laboratory devices for life sciences and diagnostics companies.

UKRAINE TOUA20170309001
Ukrainian R&D institution offers inhibited pigments for paints based on ion modified nanoporous zeolite, modified by cations. Inhibited pigments are well-dispersed, environmentally friendly and have high protective properties. Research cooperation agreement would be preferred with partners who are interested in improving and testing this technology.

ESTONIA TOEE20170123001 
An SME who established a fully electric taxi service in Estonia in 2012 has now developed a logistics and information system that is specifically designed for the needs of electric vehicles (EVs). Having adopted the system itself and constantly improving it based on their daily operations, the SME now seeks to scale up the solution by offering it to other EV taxi operators.The SME is looking for joint venture, license and services agreements, but is also open to other cooperation opportunities.

BELGIUM TRBE20170608001
A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for diagnostic technologies, products, devices, or techniques applicable in the field of oral care. The solutions sought will enable the consumer to monitor their health (including habits & behaviors), identify areas of concern, and drive good health practices. Technical collaboration or license agreements are sought with industry or R&D centres.

SWEDEN TOSE20170609001 
A Swedish cleantech SME has developed a safe and highly efficient, filter based, back-flushable dust collector for hazardous dust, for example asbestos and silica dust. The device is divided into one fixed clean part and one dismountable contaminated part, which can be changed without the risk for environmental exposure. The SME seeks industrial sector partners for the acquisition of the patent via commercial agreement with technical assistance, or use of the patent via license agreements.

GERMANY TODE20170523001
A German plant manufacturer with international experience in constructing plants for bulk material handling has developed an innovative modular system. The system enables clients to choose only relevant plant components. Further, due to its own technical centre, the SME is able to transfer expertise, and find the optimal solution for its clients. The company is looking for partners in the industrial sector for a manufacturing agreement.

A UK SME has developed a secure messaging and workflow app for use by healthcare professionals in hospitals and other healthcare institutions to replace current pager systems. The SME is looking to develop the app for different locations and healthcare systems and seeks to partner with hospitals and healthcare institutions to test the app and provide feedback for further development. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a technical cooperation or a research cooperation.

A Macedonian SME specialised in energy efficiency offers a flexible cloud-based energy management system, easily and non-expensively installed, integrating existing measuring instruments. The system secures telemetric monitoring of all electrical parameters and identifies energy losses and potential improvement areas. The integrated cloud software enables real-time monitoring of the energy consumption from any smart device. Partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.

A Swiss biotech SME developed small molecule inhibitors of Bromodomain and Extra-Terminal motif (BET) proteins. The compounds have potential for treatment of cancer, inflammatory and fibrotic diseases. They are relatively non-toxic and well tolerated in several animal species. They can be used in combination with or even as replacement of current treatment with biologics and have the advantage of much lower production costs. Licensing and research cooperation to develop the molecules is sought.

FRANCE TOFR20170531001 
A French laboratory developed a new system of energy production based on the vibration energy. The system is mechanical and very sensible to small vibrations. By catching those movements, the system is able to produce a small energy to generate electricity and make systems self-sustainable in energy. The lab is looking for industries to build a partnership on the partner specific sector of application. The cooperation could be a license, a research or a technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TRDE20170531001 
A large German specialty chemical company is seeking technology partners with expertise to develop an alternative route for large scale production of fatty acid chlorides under a joint venture, manufacturing or technical cooperation agreement. The route should have proof-of-concept on large scale and be price competitive. The partner should then also manufacture the product.

ITALY TOIT20170531001
An Italian start-up focussing on research and development in biotechnology proposes to characterise innovative natural raw materials and valorise vegetable by-products. The Italian company aims to produce eco-friendly products, for different applications such as nutrition, cosmetic industries and green chemistry. Agrofood industry partners are sought so that the type of co-operation reflects the partner's needs, but also academia to get involved in such projects and technology transfer.

GERMANY TODE20170511002
A small German engineering company offers its knowhow for the design of multi-material mouldings with closed skin-core structure basing on a co-injection/sandwich moulding technology to mould developers. The technology enables cost savings by using regenerated core material respectively lightweight or new functional characteristics by using different materials. Industrial partners are searched for technical cooperation agreement and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

GREECE TOGR20170526001
A Greek based SME develops computer vision software, by using image processing and machine-learning techniques. The SME is currently offering a versatile and easy-to-use software API that allows easy integration of deep learning technology to a variety of modern embedded systems. Ideal partners are those who wish to add computer vision or machine learning capabilities to their devices under financial agreement and/or license agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170526001
An Italian university developed a method and apparatus for the spatial measurement over time of the surface of the sea from mobile platforms. The system can be used to ensure safety for the navigation of vessels or safety of operations on offshore platforms. Industrial partners interested in patent license/assignment or technical cooperation agreements to further develop the technology for specific applications are sought. Academic partners for research collaboration agreements are also sought.

SPAIN TOES20170525001
A Spanish orthopaedic surgeon has developed an arthroscopic transosseous suture system for the treatment of rotator cuff tears. The system combines the advantages of both current techniques used for this disease (arthroscopic surgery and prophylactic antibiotics) while eliminates their risks. Manufacturers of surgical devices are sought for license agreements.

SPAIN TOES20170524001 
A research group from a Spanish University has patented an environmentally friendly procedure for treating residues from olive mills and obtaining antioxidants with high added value for industry. The group is looking for partners in the agro-food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries for a licensing agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20170516001 
A French company built a cloud solution and an application programming interface (API) for deploying BIM facility management services dedicated to building owners, using open standards building models. They are looking for industries (SME, mid-caps, large companies) working for/with the building/software/IoT sectors. The company is aiming technical cooperation agreements with European and International partners who would like to integrate the API into their own software/platform.

ARMENIA TOAM20170512003
An Armenian company engaged in fabrication of fuel cells has developed a new technology of metallic magnesium powder production and proposed the combined use of magnesium-air and hydrogen fuel cells resulting in additional electricity production. Partners are sought for improving  the product for further commercial use. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical cooperation agreement, research cooperation agreement or manufacturing agreement.

LATVIA TOLV20170516001
A Latvian company has developed radio based communication technology and offers battery powered sensor monitoring system that reads data from various energy consumption meters and sensors measuring environmental parameters, e.g. temperature, humidity, CO2, etc. The sensors can transmit readings to the central station every 15 min for 10 years in 3 km range via radio communication without battery change. The company offers commercial agreement with technical assistance to collaboration partners.

SPAIN TOES20170511002 
A Spanish company specialized in the construction sector has developed an innovative system that allows the lightening of concrete slabs thus reducing the time of placement in field and the loads of aerial work and handling. The system eliminates most of the non-load bearing concrete and the steel that supports it, therefore reducing the deadweight of the building which discharges pillars and its foundation. They look for license, commercial with technical assistance and services agreements.

AUSTRIA TOAT20170413001
An Austrian company has developed a drinking water pipeline cleaning system which cleans the water pipes with an air water jetting procedure. This procedure removes iron, manganese, humus, sludge, sand and other sediments without any chemicals. The system works in a low manner with the result that the durability of the water pipes and pumps increases. The company seeks partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance or license agreements or research partners for further development.

A Singapore SME that provides deep machine learning and computer vision technology develops intelligent image and video recognition solutions to bridge digital content and commerce through visual search, recommendation and discovery. Its solutions also enable analytics to identify trends and behaviour patterns to help retail, brands and media owners make intelligent recommendations and predictions. It seeks to work with SMEs or MNEs in a licensing, R&D or service partnership.

SOUTH KOREA TRKR20170412002 
A Korean medical device provider is currently looking for partners that can offer special materials for surgical device of hernia repair. The material needs to be absorbable and innocuous to humans. The company is open to any type of organizations including companies,  and universities. They are interested in license and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SPAIN TOES20170411001 
A Spanish Research Public Organization has synthesized several substituted purine derivatives that are capable of inhibiting the activity of the CDC7 (Cell division cycle 7) kinase. This inhibitory activity makes them useful for the treatment of neurological diseases. The compounds developed are a new therapeutic alternative for Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or frontotemporal dementia. Industrial partners from pharmaceutical industry are being sought for a license agreement.

POLAND TOPL20170324001
A Polish company, which main area of expertise is a design, manufacture and distribution of a wide spectrum of labels for cosmetic and food products. The company is looking for a partner that offers or intent to offer a high altitude mountain tracking/ climbing food products. The Polish company is interested in technical cooperation agreement.

A Korean company specialised in biomedical science has developed a new treatment for anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. The new pharmaceutical composition will enable to cure undifferentiated thyroid cancer. The company is looking for partners to make license agreement with or progress joint research and development.

SOUTH KOREA TRKR20170131002 
A Korean SME is seeking partners with expertise knowledge in wearable materials. The company’s core business is manufacturing operating gown, nurses uniforms, winter clothes, fire suits. The company seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement with industry or academia who are capable of providing the technology at this scale on an economic basis for design, installation and demonstration. The company is also open to manufacturing agreement.

SOUTH KOREA TRKR20170131003 
A Korean SME active in the field of Nano material filter is looking for partners with expert knowledge in respiratory system protection. The company seeks a commercial agreement partner capable of providing the technology at this scale on an economic basis for design, installation and demonstration. License and/ or manufacture agreement is al so sought.

SOUTH KOREA TRKR20170126001 
A Korean SME is looking for technology that manufactures materials to make curtains and cover sheets for hospitals and hygiene institutions. The company is specialised in manufacturing functional textile materials. The company is open for commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, manufacturing agreement.

SOUTH KOREA TRKR20170123004 
A Korean SME specialized in manufacturing hygiene clothes is seeking partners with expertise knowledge in medical uniforms with antibacterial and air-permeability function to prevent secondary infection. The company seeks partners for license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance, and manufacturing agreement.

TURKEY TOTR20161031009 
A Turkish resarcher has invented a hermetic packaging method for SOI ( Silicon on Insulator) - MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems ) devices with vertical feed throughs. With this technology, wafer-level packaging of microstructures as well as vertical feedthroughs formed on a single SOI wafer that need to be encapsulated in a hermetic cavity. The researcher is looking for potential  agencies or distrubutors who will be interested in licensing the technology.

The Dutch company is globally active and a major producer of specialty chemicals supplying the entire polymer chain with products that help to make and modify polymers. The company is looking for carbon friendly technologies to recycle end-of-life plastics, especially in areas that complement their existing technologies e.g. polyolefins. Cooperation with partners would be in the frame of a research or a technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170619001
A German SME specialised in IT geoinformation has developed a remote-sensing based vegetation surveying system. It derives the biomass potential of a given area  based on information from satellite-borne sensors. The technology can be used to find ideal locations for new plants or business optimisation. Partners in public administrations, biomass plants, service providers or research institutions are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance or joint research projects.

An academic research group from Switzerland offers a biobank of blood samples collected from patients undergoing evaluation for myocardial infarction, heart failure, syncope, and coronary artery disease, collected in multicenter projects. They are looking for research cooperation partners interested in testing new diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers in patients after confirmation in animal models. The goal is to develop faster diagnostic pathways in clinical cardiology and emergency medicine.

BELGIUM TOBE20170519001 
A Belgian SME has developed an innovative vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT). Scientifically monitored wind tunnel tests with a scale size model have proven it’s highly efficient compared to existing VAWTs, due to its low start-up wind speed, specific design and increased power output. The company is looking for manufacturers interested in finalising the product and commercialising it. It is offering a granted EP patent (and more applications) on a VAWT and the corresponding knowhow.

FRANCE TOFR20160520001 
A French company is an expert in custom work for small and medium series in the field of human nutrition under liquid form. It provides a range of services from the development of customized formulations to the delivery of finished products. The company is looking for manufacturing and services agreements.

SPAIN TOES20170612002 
A Spanish ICT company has developed a remote virtual desktop to perform specialized and personalized care to seniors. It allows caregivers to take care of seniors through the integration of different innovative technologies that ease interaction and monitoring.  Commercial agreements with technical assistance and technology cooperation or joint development agreements are sought.

A Singapore educational and research institution has developed a practical, scalable, low energy-consumption and economically viable solution to process the municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) fly ash and integrated with the incineration site to minimise production costs. The institution is seeking license agreement or research cooperation agreement with industrial SMEs of all sizes or MNEs.

ITALY TOIT20170516003
An Italian SME, based in Rome, offers innovative service which provides secure API (Application Programming Interfaces) for monitoring environmental data (atmospheric measurements/air-pollution). The real time data exchange is based on innovative and embedded systems with secured communication protocols for public authorities and private agencies. The SME is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance and licence agreements. The target countries are all Europe, Canada and India.

A Korean research centre for nanobioscience has developed fabrication technology for an Au optical nanopore sensor device that can be used to analyze single molecules, which is an Au-C mixture membrane. This technology contributes to the next generation DNA sequencing portable analyzers to be fast, cheap, and having low error rate. The research centre is looking for the partner for technical cooperation and research cooperation agreement.

PORTUGAL TOPT20170608001
Portuguese SME develops projects and products in the rehabilitation and physiotherapy areas through design and development of medical devices and acts in other fields such as robotics, wearable devices, and biomedical products. The company is offering its know-how and technology to business partners and subcontractors under commercial agreements with technical assistance or service agreements, and is also interested in collaborations under H2020 projects.

The spin-off company of a Czech technical university is focused on plasma treatment of waste gases, powder plasma treatment and large area 2D/3D surface modifications based on patented rotating gliding arc technology. The company is focused on industrial applications, where plasma technologies can e.g. reduce production costs or/and simplify a current processing technology. The company searches for companies or research teams for commercialization or further technology development.

SPAIN TOES20170606001 
A research group in mathematics and the computer science department of a Spanish university have developed a new method capable of recognizing the mood of a person through the video analysis of facial expressions.  The research group is looking for large companies or SMEs in video game or health sectors that want to carry out a license agreement to exploit their technology.

ITALY TOIT20170522001
An Italian company, working in process engineering field, has developed a monitoring system focused to continuous monitoring and evaluation of the machine performances. This approach allows to implement predictive maintenance strategies optimizing schedules of interventions for max production and minimum costs. They are looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Czech SME, a biotech company, developer of plant resistance inducers for agriculture has developed a highly efficient plant resistance inducer ensuring persistently high productivity of agricultural crops as well as successful growth of fruits and vegetables cultivated under naturally non-optimal conditions such as drought, flooding, low or high temperatures, sudden weather changes, chemical stress and more. The company expects to sign a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

MALTA TOMT20170601001
A team of Maltese researchers within the University of Malta engaged in the field of multi-material injection moulding have designed and manufactured a mould tool that uses micro two shot injection moulding for the distal end of the endoscope. While the invention is primarily for endoscopes, the technology has numerous other application fields. The designers seek a licence agreement with a commercial partner for product assembly of the primary application of the invention or a service agreement.

A Singapore SME that specialises in information access by applying advanced artificial intelligence (AI) has developed a knowledge worker automation tool that is able to extract both structured and unstructured information. The company seeks to partner Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) or SMEs of all sizes to explore licensing or services agreements.

POLAND TOPL20170526001
A Polish small engineering, research and development company provides services for measurement equipment, optical and vision systems, control, monitoring systems, simulations and optimization,  programming, mechanical and electronic design. The company offers services for industry, R&D institution, university. The cooperation on the basis of a research cooperation agreement, services agreement, technical cooperation agreement is considered.

A Korean research institute is offering expertise knowledge in smart home and building/office based on uncooled infrared ray(IR) sensor.  The institute is focusing on developing and spreading nano technologies. The institute is looking for partners for commercial, license, joint venture, manufacturing agreement or research, technical cooperation agreement.

A Korean R&D institute specialized in smart energy systems and optimum design technology has developed a consumer focused energy management system (EMS). It is an innovative solution to reduce the inconvenience, and increase the efficiency of energy storage system (ESS). The institution has already developed the system and is ready to commercialize. It is looking for companies that are interested in the system and wish to conclude a license agreement.

SOUTH KOREA TRKR20170123003 
A Korean SME is looking for technology that can be used for recovering wounds with refined amino acid. The company is specialised in manufacturing silk based materials that can be used for bio purposes. The company is open for commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, manufacturing agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170105001
It is an innovative GLP-compliant contract research organization supporting discovery, preclinical and clinical drug development: it provides a state of the art research environment for testing and evaluating new potential treatment approaches. In addition it provides quality services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic clients in Italy and abroad. On top of contract services, it proposes joint development projects under research or technical co-operation or different agreement.

TURKEY TOTR20161031013 
A Turkish researcher, a teacher in the Turkish university, has developed an invention which relates to techniques for controlling the amplitude and the insertion phase of an input signal in RF applications. More particularly, this invention relates to phase shifters, vector modulators, attenuators employing both semi-conductor and RF microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technologies. It does three things in one go. Licensing agreement is the commercialization option for the researcher.

TURKEY TOTR20161031012 
A Turkish researcher has developed an invention which is a hybrid method to image the electrical impedance imaging (electromagnetic fileds and ultrasound). High-resolution, and early stage diagnosis of tumor tissues are possible with this method. Unlike current methods, it is based on electrical current induction using ultrasound together with an applied static magnetic field. The researcher is interested in licensing the technology.

SPAIN TOES20170623001 
A Spanish SME specializing in the development of innovative products for the automotive and mobility industry has designed and patented an innovative wheel for vehicles that predictably increases grip when taking a curve. The company is looking for partners to develop a prototype of the wheel in order to carry out field tests, evaluations and product demonstrations. For this purpose it offers technical cooperation and financial agrements.

A UK company has developed a novel system for recovering energy from refrigeration/air-conditioning. The system utilises gravity feed pressure vessels in a novel manner whilst exploiting the installed systems operating pressures. This offers end users the option of direct electricity recovery whilst simultaneously improving co-efficient of performance. They are seeking manufacturers & engineering partners to co-develop & produce the device, via manufacturing or technical cooperation agreement.

SLOVENIA TOSI20170613001
A Slovenian research institute offers technology for surface treatment of titanium vascular stents and other medical devices. The developed method reduces adhesion and activation of platelets on medical devices. Surfaces produced can be used for stents and artificial heart valves in order to reduce thrombus reactions on the implant material surface. Producers of vascular stents and other medical devices are sought for licence or technical cooperation agreement.

A Singapore SME has developed a patented, non-intrusive respiratory monitoring device to monitor asthma conditions and is seeking lightweight acoustic signal processing algorithms to detect and analyse wheezing, cough and breathing patterns for their wearable asthma monitoring device. The company seeks licensing or R&D partnerships with MNEs, SMEs or research institutions/universities, with a preference towards ready-to-licence technologies from research institutions/universities.

SOUTH KOREA TRKR20170621001 
A Korean SME in pump industry is looking for a technology of design and manufacturing for boiler feed pump. Its developed technology needs further technical supplement on bearings. The requested technology will be applied to boiler feed pump of 40 to 200 bar. The company hopes to find partner companies that are interested in technical cooperation agreement, license agreement, research cooperation agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A leading Dutch accountancy, consultancy and tax firm is looking for new ways to interact with and report to their clients.  The company is looking for innovative SME's in the field of conceptual design, interaction design and ICT. The company aims to eventually adopt a new solution in the frame of a services agreement and is open to co-develop this solution in the frame of a technical cooperation agreement.

SPAIN  TOES20170619001 
A Spanish public research organisation has developed a solid photocatalyst with biocide activity that can be used for water disinfection. The main difference with other photocatalysts is the ability to be activated by a wide spectrum of radiation which goes from infrared to ultraviolet; making possible the use of solar light for its activation. An industrial partner interested in manufacturing this solid under a license agreement, for application in water treatment plants, is sought.

GERMANY TODE20170602001
A German SME has developed a multifunctional telematics system for avoiding wrong-way driving and for determining numbers of free parking spaces at motorway parking areas. The passive system can be integrated in existing infrastructure and needs no additional equipment in vehicles. Advantages include its low costs and easy usability. The SME seeks road operators, traffic managers and city planners for commercial agreements with technical assistance, technical cooperation or research agreements.

POLAND TOPL20170613002
A Polish institute offers a new integrated method for recycling lead from lead-acid battery scrap. Innovative solution is competitive to currently prevailing sodium technology and is characterized by no solid waste and waste water in desulphurization operation, three times lower volume of generated slag and minimal emission of SO2 to atmosphere during pyrometallurgical process. The research unit seeks commercial cooperation agreement with technical assistance.

A Dutch SME offers a digital manufacturing platform that enables participating metalworking SME’s to improve their production efficieny and their overall number of orders. The company offers a service agreement to suppliers of metal-machining capacity to participate in the platform. Participating is non-binding and by participating the supplier is able to receive fully detailed orders.

FRANCE TOFR20170522002 
A French company specialized in video processing has developed a technology to create 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) content from any video format. They are looking for  TV broadcasters and production companies interested in testing and improving this tool, through a research or technical cooperation agreement.

TURKEY TOTR20161018001 
A Turkish SME specializes in dynamic modeling, simulation, and control system development for aerospace applications and has substantial experience in rotorcraft, turbine engines, and wind turbines. The company has been a key player in recent major simulator projects in Turkey and a single source vendor for flight dynamics. The company is now looking for company partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance for joint further development but also academia for use in training.

TURKEY TOTR20160331001 
A Turkish company focusses on turbo-rotary systems development and tests, waste heat recovery systems, lean premixed combustion, small wind turbines, condition health monitoring. Technical competencies are conceptual, preliminary, detail design. Companies are sought in shipping, energy, transport sectors to further develop and adapt these technologies under RD, financial or commercial agreements with technical assistance.