Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 05/ 2017

FRANCE TOFR20170503001 
A French technical centre has developed a strong expertise in the treatment of metal and polymer based parts, in industrial cleaning and surface functionalizing. The high-pressure supercritical nitrogen jet under cryogenic temperature enables faster, safer and more eco-friendly industrial dry cleaning, machining and cutting without waste production. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought with industrial companies interested in using the technology in their processes.

FRANCE TRFR20170316001
A French company specialises in the supply, manufacture and marketing of quality maintenance products, biological products and industrial paints for a large number of professionals such as industries, local authorities, breeders, oyster farmers, building sector. In order to innovate in their range, the SME is looking for phase change material (PCM) in powder form in microcapsules. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought with a partner specialised in microencapsulation.

A Czech university has developed and patented low-cost 4-channel wearable device for examination of visual evoked potentials (VEPs). Therefore, with such device, now it is possible to carry out VEP diagnostics where needed including at home. The university is looking for an industrial partner, interested in acquiring licence for production of the device.

ITALY TRIT20170427001
Italian company specialized in recycling of plastic materials has the possibility to use a big stock of plastic materials which can be reused to produce thermoplastic elastomers ( TPE ). The company is searching a technology for the production of "clean" TPE without the use of additives. Companies and Research organisations with such a technology are sought for licensing or technical cooperation agreements.

FRANCE TOFR20170216001 
A french SME offers services and development in testing and manufacturing for agro industry. Chocolate industry has to perform acceptance control of raw materials in order to avoid food alteration and to check fat quality and lot homogeneity. The company proposes a set of high resolution scanning probe microscopies and scanning thermal analysis for the characterization of cocoa butter during multiple thermal cycles. The company is looking for technical partnerships with agrofood industry.

A Korean SME has developed anti-microbial nano-composite that can be utilized to keep drinking water distribution network clean. The technology can be applied to plastic and steel water pipes to reduce possibility of biofilm formation, and thus increase the biological stability of tap water. It is cost saving and can be applied to many kinds of fluid-transporting pipes. The company is expecting to cooperate with a partner who is interested in a commercial, financial or joint venture agreement.

The UK start-up has developed an innovative software to provide a dermatological imaging service. The software enables patients to take their own medical sub-skin images with their own mobile, tablet or laptop cameras. The company intends to offer Store-and-Forward remote sub-skin imaging service. The company is looking for a medical research university or research hospital to conduct clinical trials to validate its technology, under a technical cooperation, joint venture or service agreement.

IRELAND TOIE20170424002
An Irish company have developed an innovative rainwater gutter system designed to collect the run off rainwater from pitched roofs while vastly reducing the build-up of debris, such as leaves, grit and moss in the gutter. The water is much cleaner so is much better for rainwater harvesting. The system is unaffected by heavy snowfall. The developer is seeking to license the product to suitable companies with a route to market for rainwater systems.

The UK arm of an international manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals is searching for innovative chemistries and technologies. These would save time and improve quality in the application and later monitoring of integrity and functionality of concrete, grout, coatings, flooring systems etc. They may be transferred from different sectors. Industry and academia are sought for joint venture, technical cooperation, licensing and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

TURKEY  TOTR20170420001
A Turkish SME located in Izmir is specialized in renewable energy systems. It started as a research based organization investigating how energy sources like wind, sun or tidal waves may be adopted to convert the potential into useful forms of electrical energy. Later the idea focused on sea waves and after years of research a prototype of a novelty system that convert the potential and kinetic energy of sea waves into electricity is developed. Device Manufacturers are sought for licensing.

A UK SME has developed an Android software product which when combined with an external GPS receiver, helps farmers carry out field operations more efficiently. It tracks and logs (on a cloud platform) the as-applied treatment data recording the geo-referenced path of the implement width. Partners are sought to develop applications and new markets by license or joint venture. These applications are likely to be in agriculture, horticulture and viticulture driven by a proof of placement need.

FRANCE TRFR20170404001
French company active in the digital industry provides a platform for virtual reality business meetings. The company wants to add new features in the platform and seeks technological partners to build a speech transcription feature. Services and licenses agreements are targeted.

ESTONIA TOEE20170330001 
An Estonian biomedical SME has developed a novel high-throughput immunoprofiling platform, Mimotope Variation Analysis (MVA), that can be used in drug development and biomarker identification. MVA is cost-effective and enables monitoring the patient’s immune system in real time. The technology consists of a high-throughput peptide display analysis and of bioinformatic analysis. The company is looking to provide the MVA technology as a service, and to participate in joint research.

A UK-based SME has developed a sensor system that detects voltage changes across a vehicle and alarms when a dangerous voltage is detected. This system alerts workers operating in the vicinity of power lines to the otherwise invisible risk if their vehicle or equipment connected to the sensor, touches the power lines. The SME is offering this technology to partners from academia and industry for further development and commercialisation under a license agreement.

A Korean SME active in smart hardware field of video conferencing and telemedicine offers intelligent imaging technology and high-resolution image application solutions that transmit onsite image data for specialized areas such as surgical training or interventions in emergency situations. Application areas are parking management, fire department, healthcare and education. The company is proposing cooperation under commercial agreement with technical assistance, and services agreement.

ISRAEL TOIL20170506001
An Israeli start-up company in the field of intelligent energy is developing an innovative solar lighting system, and is looking for partners in the lighting fields (such as distributors and providers of smart energy solutions, lightening designers etc), which are willing to integrate and incorporate the innovative system in their environment and work. Possible partnerships include a commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical cooperation agreement, or a manufacturing agreement.

FRANCE TRFR20170505001
A French start-up company working on a new concept of wafer based food product is looking for an industrial supplier with a technology to produce large quantity of specific shaped wafers. The company is looking for the wafer production capacity and will provide its own molding and process technology to the partner sought under a manufacturing agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170502001 
A Spanish research group is offering a brand-new solution in the field of drug design and discovery related to Alzheimer and cancer. Thanks to an innovative chemo-informatics methodology based on molecular topology and original software, it can boost the entire process of “hit and lead” compounds identification. The research group, who has a wide international experience, is looking for companies and research centers interested in using this software via service agreement.

FRANCE TRFR20170502001
A French start-up has developed a socialization robotic unit for individuals. The company has built a first prototype. It is looking for an industrial partner expert in the fields of electronics and mechanics for technical cooperation and manufacturing agreements, in order to realize a first pre-serie and then the industrial manufacture of this robot.

SPAIN TOES20170412001 
A research group of occupational health and risk prevention sector from Spanish University has designed and developed an innovative tool for the evaluation of existing risks on a construction site. The main innovation is that it adapts to the peculiarities of each work place, capturing the new concept named site risk.The group is looking for companies in the construction sector or risk prevention in construction to adopt the tool under a license agreement.

HUNGARY TOHU20170427001
A partner of a Hungarian technology transfer company has developed a modularly upgradeable lightning conductor with built-in early streamer emission device. Lightning conductors are designed to increase the efficiency of lightning attraction and to improve the radius of protection 1.5 - 3 times of a conventional lightning rod. The modular structure enables different functions for the product. The company is interested in finding suitable license partner.

SLOVENIA TOSI20170425001
A Slovenian research institute is offering licencing of software for telecare and fall detection applications on the elderly care and wellbeing market. The software is running on a smart watch, which is adapted for the elderly who are still active, however occasionally they need some support from a caretaker. The institute is looking for companies that develop wellbeing devices. Companies with special focus on elderly applications and services are of special interest.

FRANCE TOFR20170410001 
A French SME specialized in optical innovation systems has developed optical location solutions to provide location services in areas where GPS is not available such as in indoor environments. This concerns areas where GPS is not available also for reasons of reliability or precision (bridges, factories, etc.). The SME is looking for partners able to finalize the development of the technology under technical cooperation or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

IRELAND TOIE20170424001
An Irish product designer has developed a retrofittable device to provide additional head impact protection for vehicles. The product is at developed to prototype stage and the developer is seeking a partner with manufacturing capabilities and a route to market for auto related products. The partnership arrangement envisaged would be a license agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170419001
Spanish research institutions have developed new kits for cell culture based on cytocompatible hydrogels coated onto stiff substrates. They are mechanically robust platforms. An excellent cellular proliferation on the surface of the hydrogel is achieved. Besides, detachment of a cell monolayer is carried out without the need of chemical or biological agents preserving the viability of cell harvesting. Biotechnology companies are being sought to collaborate through a patent license agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170418003 
Two research institutions from Spain and Argentina have developed a novel catalyst with high porosity, high dispersion of the active phase and high resistance to temperature, for being used in water gas shift reaction and in partial oxidation of methane. The solid catalyst exhibits a high activity per mass unit, decreasing therefore the amount of solid required for reaction. An industrial partner interested in the catalyst for use in syngas production, under patent licence, is sought.

SPAIN TOES20170418004 
A Spanish Research Institution has developed a new solar selective coating, essential component of concentrated solar power collectors. This material has a radiation selective absorbing layer and remarkable optical properties. It is stable in air up to 700 ºC, obtaining a much higher efficiency than current used coatings for air operation (reported use until 550ºC). Industrial partners from the solar energy industry are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170418002 
A Spanish company, beneficiary of the SME Instrument, is about to deploy into the market WILDTHING, a citizen collaboration-based multiplatform application for the control of Invasive Alien Flora Species. Following 1143/2014 regulation, it allows citizen participation and the validation by civil servants. The company is looking for partners able to carry out pilot tests with some of their customers, either public or private, under a research cooperation agreement.

A Singapore SME offers a real-time system which presents a graphical display of people density and ammonia odour level to help improve the productivity and effectiveness of building owners, Facilities Management (FM) and cleaning companies, by remotely monitoring the cleanliness status of restrooms. This allows for cleaners to be dispatched as needed, rather than at fixed intervals. The company is seeking licensing and research partnerships with MNEs or SMEs of any sizes.

ITALY TOIT20170410001
An Italian company has developed an online platform to facilitate grocery shopping from traditional markets, local shops and artisanal producers, through a network of shoppers that take care of orders pick up and delivery in 1-3 hours (within urban areas). The company is interested in finding suitable partners with whom to propose the business model in other urban cities in Europe.

ROMANIA TORO20170413001
Since the maintaining of good health conditions is a major issue and the fact that cleaning pillows and duvets activity cannot be done by people at home, a Romanian company located in the North-Eastern part of Romania had developed an innovative technology for this. The company is offering an innovative technology for cleaning pillows and duvets based on license agreement.

POLAND TOPL20170411001
A Polish leader in research and design of photovoltaic systems has developed ultra-thin photovoltaic glass modules that offer great possibilities of application in construction engineering and may be installed on structures with limited load bearing capacity of roofs and walls. The company would like to introduce these systems to the construction industry, acting as a manufacturer and technical support provider. Manufacturing or technical cooperation agreement is considered.

ARMENIA TOAM20170412001
A small Armenian based company has developed a motion sensor for extremely slow and/or quasi static movements. Advantages over conventional position (motion) sensors are increased sensitivity and ultra-wide bandwidth at very low frequencies (less than 0.001 Hertz), small size and light weight. Industrial and research institute partners wanted for further industrial development. The company is looking for a license agreement, as well as technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170404001
A German company, active in the machine tools sector, developed a modular designed container for the retrofitting of a biogas plant. The advantage of the technology is the increasing in biogas productivity and the possibility to insert diverse materials into the biogas plant via bio-extrusion. The company seeks industrial partners for further development under a technical cooperation agreement and/or for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Singapore enterprise in the consumer electronics industry seeks a technology provider with a rechargeable miniaturised battery for integration into earphones. The rechargeable battery should have a higher energy density than existing battery technology, with a desired technology readiness of at least at TRL7. The Singapore enterprise is keen to partner MNEs or SMEs of any sizes to explore a license, manufacturing or technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170316001
A German university offers processes for corporate research in the field of innovative man-made fibres. They cover the whole process chain from polymers to prototypes or products from lab to pilot scale. Outstanding is the pilot high temperature bicomponent spin line which also allows spinning of bicomponent fibres from high temperature polymers. Partners are sought from industry and university for commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical and research co-operation agreements.

ARMENIA TOAM20170210001
An Armenian company active in mechanical engineering has invented a unique and innovative  built-in lock cylinder secret mechanism, which is not functioning with the help of closing springs.  The new cylinder mechanism is applicable for any built-in door locks. The company is looking for partners under the commercial agreement with technical assistance, financial agreement, manufacturing agreement or joint venture agreement.

SWEDEN TRSE20170511001
A Swedish SME that has developed a new design for large scale wind turbine rotor blades is looking for partners with knowledge in noise reduction. Any knowledge could be considered that would affect or reduce the noise generated by the rotor blades, including e.g. acoustics and aerodynamic design. The company is interested in technical cooperation.

GERMANY TODE20170511001
A large German company specialized in rubber production developed a new technology for antimicrobial rubber and elastomer sealings and coverings to reduce germs. The material properties are long-term stable and entail no health risks; manufacturing costs can be significantly reduced compared to similar procedures. Industrial partners sought with interest in medical, domestic and other elastomer sealings and coverings for technical cooperation and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

GERMANY TODE20170413002
A German university offers derivatives of alkaloids that are active against the multi-resistant bacteria MRSA. They show a strong bactericidal effect, thus repressing the formation of resistance. The inventors offer a license and a technical cooperation agreement.

POLAND TOPL20170510001
A Polish company has developed a new technology for neutralisation of industrial wastewater, concentrated solutions and solid waste containing heavy metals. It can be used for neutralization of effluents from electroplating shops, tanneries and also wastes from different hazardous chemical processes. The partners for technical cooperation or joint venture are sought and also partners for further product development through research cooperation.

SLOVENIA TOSI20170414001
A Slovenian and a Spanish research organization have developed a new type of alumina and zirconia ceramics with improved mechanical and electrically conductive properties achieved by nano-particulated cellulose filler. Complex shaped machining as well as electro-discharge machining is possible due to improved properties. Producers of ceramics, especially for automotive and biomedical applications are sought for licensing and technical cooperation.

A Singapore tech SME has researched and developed a green technology which is an Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) wave generator. The technology improves, enhances and protects the productive assets of plants without the use of chemicals. The company is seeking SME industry partners (1-49 employees) to explore a licensing agreement or commercial agreement with techical assitance.

A Czech company designs and manufactures tailor-made vacuum devices used for surface treatments like formation of thin films on different materials (e.g. glass, metal, porcelain, ceramics, plastics, foil) and for thermal modification of materials. Applicable in industries, like automotive, engineering, glass, optics and electronics and also in R&D area. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought.

GERMANY TODE20170426001
A German SME with more than 90 years of experience in the area of electrical power engineering offers wide range of customized consulting and engineering services for grid integration of renewable energy systems to grid operators, plant manufacturers and project developers. Depending on demand, technical cooperation agreements or services agreements can be negotiated.

A Singapore SME specialising in network security innovation has developed a patented 3-factor in 1-touch voice-biometric solution for secure authentication and voice e-signatures. It helps to address problems associated with passwords and tokens. People using easy-to-remember passwords make systems less secure, and carrying hardware devices are inconvenient. By integrating identity management can systems be made secure. The company seeks licensing or R&D partnerships with MNEs or SMEs.

GERMANY TODE20170413001
A German university has developed two complementary approaches for the treatment of metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD). These approaches surpass the present treatments, which cause significant side-effects for the patients. The inventors offer a license and a technical cooperation agreement.

A Dutch SME, experienced in creating outstanding wear and corrosion resistance for light alloys, developed a new material that combines the strength of carbon-fibre with the wear resistance of ceramics. The SME is looking for companies interested in applying the material on their carbonfibre products to improve wear resistance. Especially companies in automotive and aerospace industries are invited. The aimed type of collaboration is technical cooperation, manufacturing agreement, licence

A South West UK based SME focused on metabolic health has developed a portable device which accurately measures an individual's metabolism in real time.  The device is a tool to enable healthcare professionals to provide personalised, and superior nutritional intervention plans for effective long term weight reduction. Partners are sought to launch the technology on global markets based on a joint-venture, licence or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

GERMANY TODE20170411001
A German research group of a university has developed a novel surgical device which can be implemented easily into existing endoscopes. It offers an additional diagnostic method for measuring tissue elasticity and thereby detecting for example cancerous tissues. An industrial licensing partner in the medical technical sector is sought, but also a research cooperation can be an option.

GERMANY TODE20170406005
A German research institute has developed a method for detecting the critical flow state of gases. Nozzles and diaphragms are used for flow measurements of gases. Above a suitable pressure ratio between inlet and outlet pressure at the nozzle, a critical state occurs in which the volume flow is independent of the pressure behind the nozzle. The offered sensor can detect this state to minimize the energy expenditure for the pressure generation. The research institute is looking for licensees.

CHINA TOCN20170308001
The company is focusing on the development of water environment ecological restoration technology and application. It offers technologies to treat polluted rivers and make the river back to biological stable level through ecological restoration method. The method is based on nano technology and micro cladding technology.The cooperation could be commercial cooperation under technical assistance.