Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 04/ 2017

A Lithuanian active leisure and sports clothing manufacturer is looking for partners that would be able to supply the company with an existing technology that is able to determine the colour (by its colour code) of textiles used in the clothing manufacturing process. The type of partnership sought is commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SPAIN TOES20170403002
Spanish researchers from a public university have developed a new automatic device for positioning histological samples for cutting. It allows three-dimensional tissue cutting of biological samples in different levels and it is able to modify the cutting speed. The technology can be applied in research centers and hospitals, and will enhance progress in the field of neuroscience. Researchers are seeking industrial or research partners for license agreements or technical cooperation agreements.

GERMANY TODE20170403001
A German university offers a new method for a biotechnological production of biogas via bacterial fermentation of low-protein microalgae biomass. The method is simple and effective. There is no pre-treatment of the biomass needed. Industrial licensees interested in applying the method are sought.

A mid-sized East of England company enjoys growth internationally in the segment of tools for Microsoft data platform. They wish to grow the portfolio with immediately available tools and products but also more forward-looking technologies for further development. The type of cooperation will vary dependent on the stage of development and nature of the partner; excluding research cooperation but might include commercial, joint venture, license, service and technical cooperation agreements.

SPAIN TRES20170329001
A Spanish (Catalan) company specialising in in vitro diagnostics (IVD) is looking for research institutions and companies for technical cooperation or to license in new biomarkers detectable by immunoassay.

SPAIN TRES20170329002
A Spanish (Catalan) company specialised in in vitro diagnostics (IVD) is looking for new biotechnology innovations improving the performance of microparticle-based immunoassays (sensitivity, specificity, stability, etc.) or their manufacturing process. The company is seeking research institutions and companies for license or technical cooperation agreements.

A Singapore startup that specialises in comprehensive blockchain-based solutions that include complimentary technology and blockchain expertise is offering a ready-to-use blockchain prototyping platform to help enterprises rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers. The company is keen to explore commercial, technical cooperation and services partnerships with interested partners (MNEs or SMEs of any sizes) in leveraging this platform for blockchain development.

ALBANIA TRAL20170328001
It is an Albanian company, located in Tirana which operates in manufacturing and processing of gold and silver jewelries. With more than 25 years experience in the market, it is looking for partners which can provide the latest technology line for gold and silver processing to be engaged in commercial agreement with technical assistance. This would affect directly to the company competitiveness, by ensuring designing and developing new models of jewelries with lower cost.

AUSTRIA TOAT20151124001
An Austrian SME has refined the process of deep cryogenic treatment (DCT) of workpieces. This newly-developed multistage process increases the performance of a wide range of materials by the use of deep cryogenic temperatures. Types of partnerships considered are research agreement, technical cooperation agreement and service agreement.

GREECE TOGR20170328001
A Greek SME dealing with aerial monitoring offers expertise and infrastructure in order to develo a precision agriculture system combining aerial monitoring and satelite data. The solution will be more precise, more effective and less expensive than using an extensive network of sensors on the field. Various partners working in remote sensing, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and precision agriculture are sought for codeveloping an integrated solution under technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170324001
A German university developed a 5-lipoxygenase enzyme that catalyses the conversion of arachidonic acid to biologically active leukotrienes. These are cellular signalling mediators involved in inflammatory diseases, such as asthma and diverse types of cancer. The 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors are non-toxic and have remarkable biological stability. The university is looking for  partners to carry out preclinical and clinical studies under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

AUSTRIA TRAT20170327001
This Austrian company is world-wide leading producer of baby articles. They search for a solution to adjust the vacuum level of a peristaltic pump between 13 and 27 mbar. It is used in a new electric pump for breast milk. The system shall contain only polypropylene and silicone parts. They are open for technical, research, commercial or licensing cooperation agreement.

FINLAND TOFI20170324001
Finnish material technology company, which specializes in the utilization of bio fuel ash by means of mechanical and/or chemical activation, has developed an "Ash-to-Cash" concept. The company is expanding its operations outside Finland and they’re looking for partners for service, license and research co-operation.

SPAIN TOES20170324003 
Spanish researchers from a public university have developed a new antimicrobial system based on vegetal extracts or essential oils, anchored to a nano or micro substrate. The invention has the function of preserving without to be absorbed in the intestine nor do it release undesired smell. Patent license agreements to sectors devoted to liquid-food production, like milk, water or wine industries are sought.

A Serbian firm produces natural bio-organic fertilizer under its own brand name that contains bacteria, natural vitamins and growth stimulator. It results in the advanced germination, growth & development of plants, increases root system activity and increases leaf mass & photosynthesis activity. The company seeks industrial partners in the agrofood sector for a technical cooperation  agreement and/or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

LATVIA TRLV20170307001
A company from Latvia is looking for anti-dust liquid, spray or solid to be used as an additive to pet litter based on clay. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

GERMANY TRDE20170406002 
A large German chemical company requests technology and business partners with facilities to scale up a high pressure/temperature reaction for the manufacturing of a speciality chemical under a joint venture, manufacturing and services agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170406004
A German research institute developed a method for the determination of the effects of cavitation. Ultrasonic cleaning devices are increasingly used in the most varied tasks in the industrial and service sector, but yet there is no generally accepted method or standard which allows a quantitative description of the cleaning effect. The offered technology offers a possible solution here. The research Institute is looking for licensees.

GERMANY TODE20170406003
A German research institute developed a new method to  measure the efficiency and cleaning effect of ultrasonic baths. Despite the broad application of ultrasonic cleaners for manifold tasks, there are up to know no generally accepted methods that allow a quantitative assessment of the cavitation process. The new cavity thickness meter enables a significantly improved determination of the cleaning effect and the efficiency of ultrasonic baths. The research Institute is looking for licensees.

HUNGARY TOHU20170404001
Hungarian SME has developed a small vertical axis wind turbine with booster and regulator system to balance out the energy production at changing wind speeds. The company is interested in licensing the patent and/or know-how.

SPAIN TOES20170331002 
A Spanish university has developed a system to send/receive small data blocks between a base station and a set of Wi-Fi interfaces without any active data link. It provides broadcasting and unicasting communication modes and reduces the power consumption of Wi-Fi interfaces as it does not require an active Wi-Fi connection. The technology can be used in applications for the Internet of Things to interchange data. Companies interested in licensing or technology cooperation agreements are sought.

SPAIN TOES20170331001 
A Spanish research group has designed a new process to develop nanostructured hybrid nanopigments (from synthetic or natural dyes) which can confer improved optical, thermal, and mechanical properties when they are applied on composite materials. These new coloured nanomaterials are useful for many industrial sectors since they can be applied on different kinds of materials. Companies interested in license or technical cooperation agreements are sought.

SPAIN TOES20170323001 
A Spanish research group has developed a new organic solid-state laser where the active compound comprises a copolymer. The main advantages of this technology are photostability, miscibility, processability in thin layers and effective for laser generation at different wavelengths. It can be used in: spectroscopy, biosensors, chemical sensors and optical communications. The university is interested in licensing or technical cooperation agreements.

A UK based start-up is providing liquid-particle processing technology which can be used in a range of different applications from downstream processing of bioreactor content such as algae dewatering, through environmental sample preparation and testing, portable water treatment, and ballast water filtration and drinking water monitoring. The start-up seeks for partnerships under the research cooperation agreement or the technical cooperation agreement to set up pilots of their technology.

SPAIN TOES20170418001 
A Spanish technology centre has developed a microvalve matrix operated with external piezoelectric actuators. The device allows handling fluids with a minimal dead volume. The microvalve has a configurable network structure with a very compact and scalable design. It can be applied in fluid control, cell culture, bioreactors/micro-reactors, drug delivery, etc. A patent is applied and the centre would like to license this technology to a partner working in the biotechnology sector.

SPAIN TOES20170411002 
A Spanish technology-based SME, expert in electronic devices and software development, has developed a non-intrusive integrated system to monitor epilepsy patients at night-time that alerts caregivers when a seizure is detected and generates useful information for improving medical treatments. The company looks for technical cooperation agreements with hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc. where patients suffering epileptic seizures are being treated, in order to test and validate the system.

POLAND TOPL20170328001
A Polish inventor of children’s entertainment products is offering concepts of two new educational toys. The first one improves communication between babies/toddlers and their parents. The second one helps to teach school-age children basics in algebra, giving them a better understanding of equation-solving through fun and play. Cooperation in the form of commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement is offered to producers of toys and games.

KOREA TRKR20170412001 
A Korean university majoring in the textile engineering hopes to apply for an R&D project such as Horizon 2020 or others with Korean yarn and fabric manufacturing companies regarding medical textiles. The project idea is to develop sensor embedded garment and commercialize it by applying it to the medical clothing. Any partners interested in the development of textile goods under a research cooperation agreement and a technical cooperation agreement are welcomed.

A Czech research institute has developed and tested solution for lowering operational costs of liquid waste processing line by replacing/supporting conventional atmospheric evaporators with membrane unit. The solution offered can be used for preparing clean water to be reused in the process and/or reducing waste waters volume. Solution is applicable both for radioactive and non-radioactive liquid waste. Technical cooperation agreement for a development of industry-scale solution is sought.

GERMANY TRDE20170406001 
A small German company specialized in calibrated glass processing seeks a customized cutting-off machine for precise glass tube cutting in longitudinal direction (lengthwise). For glass tube diameters 10-200 mm, lengths of glass tubes maximum 1000 mm. Seeking industrial and engineering partners with experiences in precision glass processing technologies and the ability to design and supply the cutting-off machine; preferring collaboration under a technology cooperation agreement.

SOUTH KOREA TRKR20170407001 
A Korean SME specialized in smart factory and Industrial IT would like to develop IIOT (the Industrial Internet of Things) for collecting data and integrated CPS combined with server. The company is looking for a partner with advanced technologies in deep learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and process control. The company hopes to apply for a EUREKA Cluster program called SMART due by 08, June, 2017. Possible partnership is research and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

GERMANY TODE20170403002
A group of German engineering companies specialized in geo-techniques and land use planning, developed a new tool for planning and realization of energy efficient neighborhoods. The methodology helps efficiently to optimize urban planning and redevelopment in the neighborhood by minimizing costs, risks and time for investments to mitigate climate change. Partners sought: Municipalities, housing associations, energy suppliers, architects/engineering offices for technical cooperation agreements.

TURKEY TRTR20170405001
A Turkish ICT company well versed and deeply experienced in smart security surveillance, seeks a specific fully automated and robust drone technology that is needed for maintaining enhanced security at vulnerable areas. The company is open to signing, licence agreement,commercial agreement with technical assistance and / or technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170404003
A German spin-off active in organic solid-state chemistry provides extensive know-how in cross-linked analytical methods for active pharmaceutical ingredients, pigments, polymers and metal-organic compounds as well as for fine chemicals. They offer unique combined screening techniques for crystallization of cocrystals, polymorphs or salts from pharmaceutical ingredients or amorphous materials. Industrial partners are sought for technological  and/or research cooperation agreement.

A Singapore enterprise in the consumer electronics industry seeks a technology provider with a rechargeable miniaturised battery for integration into earphones. The rechargeable battery should have a higher energy density than existing battery technology, with a desired technology readiness of at least at TRL7. The Singapore enterprise is keen to partner MNEs or SMEs of any sizes to explore a license, manufacturing or technical cooperation agreement.

GERMANY TODE20170316001
A German university offers processes for corporate research in the field of innovative man-made fibres. They cover the whole process chain from polymers to prototypes or products from lab to pilot scale. Outstanding is the pilot high temperature bicomponent spin line which also allows spinning of bicomponent fibres from high temperature polymers. Partners are sought from industry and university for commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical and research co-operation agreements.

GREECE TOGR20170328002
A robotics research group heavily active in hardware, middleware & software robotics aspects, as well as in modern areas such as cloud robotics, IoT and robot-agnostic applications, offers expertise and solutions towards the “robotics for all” concept. Via the already developed robotic middleware stacks and peripheral tools, the group offers solutions for rapid robotic software development. The group is interested in establishing strategic partnerships and participating in EU research projects.

GREECE TOGR20170321001
A Greek/Cypriot SME consultant for R&D and ICT projects established in 2012 is specialized in cancer diagnosis & personalized medicine therapies. Together with universities, they are developing a platform to satisfy the supply & demand for routine & molecular pathology diagnostic services. The Consortium seeks R&D partners to: further develop the platform through a technical cooperation agreement, to develop a supply and demand algorithm through a research cooperation agreement.

A Korean R&D institutes with expertise and experience in solar energy has developed dye-sensitized solar cell textile. It is a solar cell that is processed in a way of weaving and screen printing, based on dye-sensitized solar cell technology. The institute offers license agreement to companies or research institutes in the field of related industry.

MALTA TOMT20170111001
A Maltese mechanical engineer, designer of an interface that maximises the energy generated by deep sea offshore wind turbines thereby increasing generation efficiency and  reducing loads on power stations particularly in areas with warm climatic conditions, seeks a financial agreement with investors and collaborators to construct full scale prototype and prepare for eventual commercialisation.

AUSTRIA TOAT20170412001
An Austrian SME has developed and patented a machine for controlling the Varroa infestation in honeybee colonies by means of hyperthermia. It uses heat to kill the parasite in the bee brood without damaging the bee larvae. It enables a safe and chemical free treatment that can be applied to effectively control the disease and increase honey yield. The company seeks commercial collaboration with technical assistance, license agreement or research partners in beekeeping sector.

A Czech university has developed a sound absorbing panel with nanofibrous membrane for applications in room acoustic, transportation and noise control. The sound absorbing material solves noise problem of wide frequency spectrum and is lighter and thinner than others. Scientists are looking for partners interested in further research and development based on a technical cooperation agreement and for companies interested in production under a license agreement.

Scientists at a Czech university have developed short-fibre geopolymer-based composites reinforced with nanoparticles. The solution offered is based on high temperature resistant composites. The scientists are looking for industrial partners, who are manufacturing composites and are interested in acquiring a license for production. License agreements are sought.

A Dutch-British joint venture is developing a system of biological and analytical assays that combines novel cell lines, 3D scaffolds and primary cells to deliver an in vitro human cell-based immune system that mimics the in vivo human microenvironment. The company aims at a research cooperation agreement and further collaboration to help validate the system. Furthermore, advice and guidance on the development and application of the system in an industrial setting is wanted.

GERMANY TODE20170412001
A German institute with vast know-how in coastal and maritime engineering has one of the largest laboratory facilities worldwide, the large wave flume. The computer-controlled, hydraulically driven wave maker allows the accurate simulation of natural waves, storm surges, tsunamis and rogue waves under laboratory conditions. The institute is looking for partners from maritime industry interested in cooperative research and development agreements, in-house research and technical cooperation.

A Swiss biotech company offers a technology platform for the identification of novel pharmaceutical lead compounds for membrane protein drug targets. The platform combines different technologies, e.g. protein crystallization, X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy and characterization of ligand interaction with computational methods with subsequent medicinal chemistry for pharmaceuticals. Research, technology cooperation or joint ventures with pharma and biotech companies is sought.

ITALY TOIT20170411001
An Italian individual company offers a service for monitoring concrete corrosion linked to chloride and for restoring the structure. It can be used for buildings as well as any infrastructure made of concrete such as bridges, car parks, tunnels and foundations.The main advantage is the prolongation of the concrete life-cycle with a non destructive procedure.The company is looking for a licence agreement with companies offering monitoring and restoration services for concrete structures.

SPAIN TOES20150730003 
A research group from a Spanish University, with the collaboration of a Space Agency, has developed and patented an innovative method to correct the geometric disparities in 3D images, improving their accuracy by implementing an algorithm in the image processing phase. Companies involved in the digital image processing interested in a patent license or technical cooperation agreement are being sought.

GERMANY TODE20170406006
A German company offers an innovative technology for the diagnosis and treatment of imbalances and deficits of the spine stabilising musculature. The medical device is able to measure the range of motion and exertion of strength in all anatomical main plains and facilitates training accordingly. Thus a comprehensive and very efficient treatment of unspecific back pain can be achieved. Distributors sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

GERMANY TODE20170406002
A German research institute has developed a traceable, spatial calibration technology which helps to determine calibration of therapeutic ultrasound devices factors more easily. The research institute is looking for licensees amongst manufacturers of medical devices and providers of maintenance.

SPAIN TOES20170405001
A Spanish research group has developed a simple electric energy storage system employing low-cost and environmentally friendly reagents. Since the reactions are reversible the acidity and basicity of the starting solutions can be decreased (obtaining electric energy - discharge) or increased, providing electric energy (charge). This technology can be used for electric energy storage from renewable sources. Companies interested in licensing or technical cooperation agreements are sought.

SPAIN TOES20170405002 
Researchers from a Spanish public university have developed a fibre optic module to compensate the dispersion occurring in the signal communication links. The compensation module can be installed at the end of the line or at intermediate points. The device is able to compensate dispersion and slope of dispersion, in a very compact design. Researchers are seeking industrial partners in the communication or construction sectors to reach license agreements or technical cooperation agreements.

GERMANY TODE20170315001
A German SME seeks partners for investment in a financial agreement for further development of a food-upgrading technology of distillers spent grains. The aim is to generate new marketable products. The SME disposes over the necessary know-how and process technology.

A Korean company specialized in manufacturing hydrogen generators and PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell systems has developed compact and lightweight products ranging from 200W to 1KW for UVA, drone etc. The company has tested the performance of the fuel cell and hydrogen generator using a UAV and succeeded in making it fly for a long time. The company hopes to find a partner for commercial, license, manufacturing, research cooperation or technical cooperation agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170321001
Italian researcher with international experience, specialized in industrial applications of cold atmospheric plasma, proposes know-how for production of industrial machines of atmospheric plasma for textile industry, that provide strong reduction of electric energy and of water consumption for the processes of desizing and dyeing of cotton fabrics. Producers of machines for textile industry interested to adopt ecologic technology are sought for technical cooperation agreements.

FRANCE TOFR20170321002 
French startup, based in Lille who develops an innovative technology on molecular biology, seeks research or technical cooperation with research laboratories, CROs and industrial groups that develop genetic engineering approaches to participate in R&D project. This innovative technology, already patented, removes a large number of constraints inherent to the classical molecular biology: reducing costs and delays; offering tailor made products that exactly fit the customer’s needs.

SPAIN TOES20170303001 
A Spanish company in the nanotechnology field, has patented two microencapsulation processes which provide straightforward solutions for cosmetics, food and even agro-industrial applications, responding to the increase demanding of microencapsulation technologies by the market. They are flexible and help to improve the cost/performance and better product quality.The company seeks industrial or research partners from the mentioned sectors for technical, research or license cooperation agreements.

UKRAINE TOUA20160830002
Ukrainian company offers the technology to obtain titanium alloys with improved mechanical and exploration characteristics and refined structure without changes in chemical composition. This institution has made a lot of developments in field of medical application of titanium. Client is looking for co-producers or investors. Joint venture  and license agreements are the types of proposed partnership.