Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 03/ 2017

UK company providing bespoke technical solutions and consultancy services for sustainable energy generation and waste disposal is seeking collaboration for building an off-grid solar energy system with stand-alone “pay as you go” payment process designed for non-electrified areas in developing countries. The collaboration can be based on joint venture or technological cooperation agreement with other technological consultancies or solar systems manufacturers to customise or develop from scratch.

POLAND TOPL20170209001
A Polish company with extensive experience in research, development and fabrication of innovative photonic solutions for industry application is looking for business and research partners. The company specialises in innovative optic fibres for many different fields, especially for tailored solutions with good quality. The type of cooperation may vary, academia are sought for joint further development and industry for technical or commercial cooperation.

A Macedonian company specialised in engineering and manufacturing of water installations offers a fully automated system for monitoring and controlling of water consumption. The system provides real-time information for optimising water flow, enables different levels of valve control and improves quality of measuring. The integrated cloud features data processing, multi-level functionality and an expandable user interface. Partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.

SWEDEN TOSE20170224001
A Swedish medtech company has developed a patented resonance based technology that today is used in several ophthalmology areas, such as Glaucoma intraocular pressure measurements in patients, including Keratoconus. In order to strengthen the chances to scale-up this technology on a global basis the company is now offering investors and industrial partners to acquire the whole entire company or the patents via a financial agreement.

ITALY TOIT20160204002
An Italian start-up has developed an innovative software solution for "behaviour" humanoid robots, aimed at linking the market needs with social, personal and eHealth robotics. Technical cooperation partnership with companies and/or eHealth research centres are sought for developing new solutions for the treatment of diseases, in particular the autism syndrome.

ITALY TRIT20151203002
An Italian research centre is building-up a network of researchers able to verify and demonstrate the efficacy of selected natural compounds able to inhibit two of the several proteins involved in the inflammatory processes: COX-2 and 5-lipoxygenase. The demonstration should be carried on through in vitro and in vivo studies. The targeted partners are public and private research centres, as well as academic researchers, for research cooperation agreements.

A Macedonian company, dealing with organic production, is searching for a partner in the field of technology investment support for the part of production dealing with products for agriculture and ecology. Investment would be used for provision of equipment needed to complete the production line of the product portfolio. The company is interested for joint venture agreements.

CHINA TRCN20170216001
A Chinese company is looking for latest agricultural film production technology and equipment, with new material and new applications.The company is in the production of polypropylene and low density polyethylene (LDPE) based products for 30 years. They recently started the production of agricultural film (Greenhouse film).They are interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SPAIN TOES20170214002
A Spanish research group is offering a brand-new solution in the field of drug design and discovery related to cancer. Thanks to an innovative chemo-informatic methodology based on molecular topology and original software, it can boost the entire process of “hit and lead” compounds identification. The research group, whose has a wide international experience, is looking for companies and research centers interested in using this software via service agreement.

GREECE  TRGR20170214001
A Greek SME is dealing with geo-information systems, using high technology equipment and approaches. The company is looking for suitable technological partners to co-develop and co-exploit a decision support system (DSS) for environmental purposes. The company is looking for companies, experts in GIS and remote sensing for technical agreement. It is also possible a potential research project, in which researchers are also welcome, experts in mentioned areas and in DSS.

ITALY TOIT20170126001
An Italian research group is developing electrode materials for the fabrication of F-LIBs (Flexible lithium-ion batteries) by the use of electro-spinning (ES), a simple and versatile technique for the synthesis of one-dimensional nanostructured materials endowed with high specific surface area. The research group is looking for a research cooperation agreement and/or a financial agreement allowing for the electrode material synthesis on a larger scale and the F-LIB prototype assembly.

A Korean company is specialized in manufacturing chemical products. The company is looking for partnership with European chemical companies regarding HMDI(1,6 Hexamethylene Diisocyanate) which is a raw material of polyisocyanate. The material will be used in coating of automobile etc. Specific types of cooperation sought by the company are licensing agreement and technical cooperation.

SPAIN TOES20161028002
A Southern Spanish SME, active in electronics sector, has developed an innovative biometrics device which is based on iris recognition and makes use of their own advanced algorithms to identify users among thousands of enrolled ones. It works from a long distance (0.5m-3 meters) and can compare from 1 to n and infinity in just 2 seconds.They´re interested in commercial agreements with technical asistance with security services providers, institutions and public administrations.

GREECE TOGR20170307001
A Greek research team is developing a prototype methodology for calculating the lightning response of the basic component of any grounding system, the grounding electrode. The technology aims to describe current and voltage distribution along the electrode. The team seeks to collaborate with medium/large companies in the electricity industry involved in lightning response of the basic component of any grounding system or lighting protection industries, under a research or commercial agreement.

A UK university has invented a novel polymer matrix system comprising of biocompatible, biodegradable generally recognised as safe (GRAS) materials through scientific procedures that can be used to prepare drug delivery systems using readily scalable hot melt extrusion or micro moulding processing techniques. It is seeking industrial partners for technical cooperation, commercial agreements with technical assistance and/or licensing to an industrial partner for product specific development.

A Swiss SME developed fast, accurate environmental DNA tests for environmental bioassessment/-monitoring. The minimally invasive technology is based on next-generation sequencing and proprietary algorithms for data mining. DNA/RNA derived naturally from resident species of an ecosystem are analyzed, the resulting genomic data is processed to assess the ecological status of the environment. Technical, research or services agreements with companies, agencies are sought to implement tests.

HUNGARY TOHU20170301001
A Hungarian University has developed an easy to use new method and software to recognize amblyopia in early childhood stage. The technology is more sensitive and requires shorter time of examination than other existing technologies. The University is seeking for collaboration in the framework of license, co-development, technical cooperation agreement with industrial and/or research partners from the medical equipment and diagnostics sectors.

ROMANIA TRRO20170301001
The Romanian company, producer of medical equipment, is developing its technology capacity and searching for producers of few machinery, equipment and programs. The type of cooperation envisaged is commercial agreement with technical assistance and licensing agreement with technology providers.

RUSSIA TORU20170215001
A Russian innovative company, specializing in the field of new materials, developed antifriction anti-wear technology for the treatment of rubbing surfaces of parts and components for various industries that allows to restore the worn surface of the friction parts and mechanisms by means of repair - regenerative composition without disassembly. The company is ready to conclude manufacturing and services agreements in sectors such as transport, machine building, metallurgy, utilities etc.

HUNGARY TOHU20170310001
A Hungarian SME developed a medical speech recognition software which enables healthcare IT system providers to deliver seamlessly integrated digital dictation and speech recognition capabilities to hospitals, clinics, transcription companies. It increases the productivity of medical transcription, which results in reduced backlogs and faster turnaround time. The company is looking for partners for technical cooperation or research cooperation.

POLAND TOPL20170301001
A Polish start-up has developed an innovative system that reduces volume of greenhouse gases produced by ships’ engines. The firm is offering to provide partners with designs of the installation customised to their ships’ specifications. Implementation of the technology in a form of services agreement is proposed to shipyards, shipowners and operators. Moreover, they would like to further improve the system in a partnership with producers of fuel catalysts under a technical cooperation agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170303001
A small Italian company, specialised on embedded solutions, has developed a working prototype of a "fool proof", automatic system to prevent that a child is left alone and unattended, fastened to a baby car seat. The solution has innovative characteristics of reliability, ease of use, and adaptability to any car seat. The company is looking for investors but also open to transfer the technology under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

UKRAINE TOUA20150130001
Ukrainian company has developed the water treatment technology by using cavitation. The use of this plant in agriculture, pisciculture and livestock can improve their efficiency and results by 30-70%. The developers are looking for partners for joint introduction of product to the market, for creation of a consortium and/or for sale of licenses. Considered cooperation types are financial, license and technical cooperation agreements.

FRANCE TOFR20170228001
A French company develops an innovative bio-control plant extract solution. This product should bio-stimulate the plant growth, protect against insect pest according to sustainable agriculture. They are looking for laboratories specialised in entomology, crop protection and fertilization, bio-pesticides for research cooperation and companies in bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, and crop protection sectors for technical cooperation.

A Macedonian company offers a modularly upgradeable lightning arrester with smart Early Streamer Emission (ESE) device. The solution enables multiple reaction, communication and integrated action for the purpose of increased safety and protection. Additional functionalities are enabled with the introduction of a variety of re-configurable electronic modules. The company is looking for partners interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance and license agreement.

ITALY TOIT20160204001
An Italian research centre has implemented a food irradiation process which permits to destroy insects, molds, fungi and pathogens that cause foodborne diseases or food spoilage. Irradiation makes food safer and spoilage resistant without compromising taste, texture, aroma, or nutritional values. Partnerships for adaptation to specific needs (equipment company, treatment laboratory, agro-industry cluster) are sought.

ITALY TOIT20170228001
This Italian company was set up in 2015 and is located in the south of Italy. It is composed by a team of skilled professionals in human resources, performance management and social processes. The company believes in a new corporate culture which pays specific attention to the employees, and has developed a social human capital platform. The company is interested in European partners for a license agreement.

SPAIN TOES20170228001
A Spanish University wants to develop new technology solutions to improve traceability. They look for partners to design novel RFID-UHF (Radio Frequency IDentification and Ultra-High Frequency) tags and new reader antennas to increase detection range and overcome current traceability limitations when used in liquids or metal products. European partners, companies or universities, are sought either for technical or research cooperation agreement.

TURKEY TOTR20170224001
A Turkish university has developed a polymeric film with halloysite nanotubes that are incorporated with antibacterial active agents to provide antibacterial, barrier and ethylene scavenging properties. The polymeric film can be used as a packaging material for food products. The university is looking for food packaging material producers for licence agreements.

BELGIUM TOBE20170220001
The Belgian startup provides an online platform to accompany entrepreneurial projects. Users can easily manage, follow and feed the entire individual and collective coaching process of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs and their various coaches feed into a unique and secured digital file of a person or a project. They can easily track the complete history of the project both quantitatively and qualitatively. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

LATVIA TOLV20170220001
A university from Latvia has developed biodegradable filaments for 3D printing, which are environmentally friendly, technically equivalent to their fossil counterparts, compatible with a wide range of desktop 3D printers, and have a competitive price. The university is seeking research cooperation agreements to modify the filament for specific applications as well as offering commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A Korean SME specializing in cloud-based virtualization technology is providing solutions for Fintech, office-to-office and conference facilities. The technologies are applied to real-time screen sharing conference tool, virtual desktop/application solution. Its protocol technology enables faster display transmission and its solution offers user-friendly unique UI. The company is considering commercial agreement with technical assistance and open for technical cooperation to improve solutions.

ITALY TRIT20170208001
An Italian company located in Lombardy is developing an internal combustion propulsion system consisting of 2 independent engines integrated in a single base, meant to be installed on a light helicopter (0,6-1 ton). The prototype of the innovative engine is at an advanced stage of construction, but the company still requires research and technical cooperation for the completion of the preliminary analysis, the design of details and the construction of a light helicopter to host the motor.

GERMANY TODE20170214002
A German university developed a new decentralized control system for electrically operated vehicles. The electrical consumers (components) are equipped with microprocessor-based controller units that regulate, control and read vehicle data independently. The university offers a license agreement as well as a technical cooperation agreement.

FRANCE TOFR20161223001
The French SME has developed organic thermoplastic pellets based on milk protein with a large variety of properties such as water solubility, edibility and biodegradibility. The technology has various industrial applications (detergent, agrochemicals, food, cosmetics, medical, etc). Hence, they are looking for partners from these industrial sectors wanting to implement the technology into their industrial processes through technical or research cooperation agreements.

MOLDOVA TRMD20170313001
A Moldovan company specialized in growing grains is interested in identifying partners for implementing a series of modern technologies for the development of the organic farming component. At the moment the company is looking for partners in European Union countries. Also in the coming years cooperation is possible with companies from the USA and Asia. Type of cooperation envisaged: commercial agreement with technical assistance.

SPAIN TOES20161103001
A Southern Spanish SME,active in the field of Telecom,has developed a novel management system for public lighting that enables lighting monitoring and maintenance control.The tool is able to manage and optimize lighting, by monitoring consumption and acting on fluctuations.The Spanish SME is willing to contact with municipalities and ESCOs (Energy Suply Companies) for several types of agreements according to needs:technical/research cooperation and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

SPAIN TOES20170313003
A Spanish start-up company, from a technical university focused in developing support devices for disability and elder people, has developed an electric wheelchair that enables to transfer the disabled person without using classic lifts and making low efforts by the caregiver. The start-up is looking for companies interested in licensing and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance, and/or capital investors for a joint venture.

FRANCE TRFR20170308001
The French company has developed with its partners a prototype of water-cooled photovoltaic plant located over a water transport canal. Thanks to the implementation of an industrial demonstrator, the company aims to explore new solutions to support these solar panels. Hence they are looking for a partner able to propose a technical solution to support the solar panels, and open to a technical cooperation agreement.

SLOVAKIA TOSK20170310001
A significant Slovak research institute engaged in veterinary research has developed an innovative instrument determining somatic cell counts in milk on the basis of altered viscosity of milk. The proposed device is highly versatile and is not only applicable in veterinary medicine but can also be used for measuring the viscosity of other liquids in various fields of application. The institute is looking for partners interested in licensing agreement or financial agreement.

A Singapore materials science SME that develops and manufactures biodegradable, polymeric, controlled-release delivery systems is offering this technology for multiple environmental applications such as vector control, agriculture, air purification, bioremediation, infrastructure protection, energy recovery and consumer goods. It seeks commercial/licensing partnerships with SMEs/MNEs to co-develop products in controlled-release formats for distribution in the partner's networks.

SPAIN TOES20170307001
Researchers from a Spanish university with a broad knowledge in Statistics and Psychology offer know-how in the design and application of Artificial Neural Networks and Data Mining. The research group seeks other academic partners and public or private institutions for a research cooperation agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

A Korean research institute with extensive knowledge and experience in nano conversion technology has developed 3D printing materials and technology. The institute is seeking companies or other research institutes that are interested in related area. It expects to process license and commercial agreement.

SWEDEN TRSE20170320001
An SME from northern Sweden is designing an electric vehicle concept with a business solution to overcome the problem of last mile travel in developing countries. The SME is looking for potential partners: companies, test centers, universities or individuals, with expertise in development and testing of automotive technology to develop a prototype of a concept electric vehicle to be commercialized in 2018. The SME wants to form research cooperation and technical cooperation agreements.
An East of England company has developed a tool to predict ligandable binding sites on protein targets with high accuracy and confidence. They seek industry or academia owning targets of high therapeutic relevance, for which there are no known, or good, ligands available. Type of cooperation: research or technical co-operation agreement.

ITALY TOIT20170321002
An Italian IT company has developed and patented a new communication solution, device and platform aimed at monitoring the health conditions of elderly people. The company is looking for agreements with financial companies in order to launch the production and enter the market. License agreements through exclusive or non-exclusive agreement with companies in the healthcare sector are also envisaged.

GERMANY TODE20170322001
A German university is applying for a nationally funded project to develop and implement an innovative test centre and methodologies for reproducible and efficient research on powertrains with focus on the high requirements that arise with real driving emission (RDE) legislation. Industry partners, preferably SMEs are sought for technical and research cooperation to join the project as associated partners to benefit from the results and to participate in future EU projects on the topic.

SPAIN TRES20170310001
A Spanish company working on agronomy services has developed a probe that extracts a soil solution to be analysed. It is looking for collaboration in order to develop the type of sensors they require to be implemented on the probe in order to allow on-site continuous measuring of physicochemical parameters. Although the company is open to any kind of collaboration agreement, they are specially interested in research and technical cooperation, as well as services agreements.

SPAIN TOES20170314001
A Spanish University has developed a new method based on QR codes for obtaining sensitive information using mobile devices so that emergency professionals can access to this information and act when users find themselves in risk or unsafe situations. A pilot phase is being applied in Mallorca (Spain). The research group seeks public and private institutions, for a technical cooperation agreement to implement this technology in the field of security and tourism.

AUSTRIA TOAT20170310001
An Austrian startup developed an innovative software to protect websites from cyber-attacks. Their unique approach combines data protection and intelligent cloud analysis to early detect safety gaps and manipulations of the visual appearance as well as changes of the website code. Benefits are higher detection rates and cost efficiency. Partners are sought to distribute the solution under license agreement or use the solution in form of a commercial agreement with technical assistance.