Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 02/ 2017

ROMANIA  TRRO20160728001
An R&D organisation from Romania is looking for research partners in the field of materials technology. The research is focused on the development of new generation of metallic materials(both cobalt and titanium alloys), which could be used for different implants in dental applications. The research team will realize and structurally characterize these new materials. Type of partnership considered are technical cooperation agreement and research cooperation agreement.

A Scottish (UK) SME in the waste-to-energy sector is seeking technology partners to support the development of an ultra small scale anaerobic digestion technology for on-site food waste treatment. The company is interested in commercial, research and technical partnerships to support development of the prototype into a commercial product. Specifically, the company seeks industrial, academic or research organisations that are producing sensors that can be used in the anaerobic digestion process.

A UK research consultancy is developing a safe, wide-area, non-contact electronic heating method for killing agricultural pests without recourse to pesticides. Seeking partners to co-funding development of a commercially usable prototype e.g. agri-tech company looking to innovate away from pesticide products and/or an engineering company looking to develop innovative radio frequency technology for new applications. Co-operation is sought on a financial or joint-venture agreement basis.

SLOVENIA  TRSI20170119001
A Slovenian research institute developed protein patches applicable for healing chronic skin wounds rapidly and cost efficiently. Patches are biodegradable – disappearing in the wound, leaving no residue and no scars behind, enabling a targeted and controlled release of therapeutic substances. Looking for a company, institute or a clinic to make clinical trials to test bio-compatibility of these patches with human stem cells for human patients under research or technical cooperation agreement.

A UK composite components manufacturer, located on the south coast of England, is supplying marine and renewable energy sectors with high-end products (olympic boats, tidal power blades, wind power blades, etc.). The company's 22 000 sq. ft. production base is equipped with state of the art facilities for design, production, and testing. The company is offering services agreement to automotive, defense, marine, renewables and aerospace industries.

GREECE  TOGR20170104001
A Greek SME designs and produces security products. The company has extensive know-how gained after several EU and ESA funded projects participation. The company offers an innovative alarm system for houses and offices, based on infrasonic frequencies. The system is able to detect intrusion before the intruder brakes in a closed space. The company is looking for licence agreement to partners interested to enter the home security area.

FRANCE  TRFR20150518001
A French SME located in Corsica is searching a manufacturer of ice making head modules for its new designed ice vending machine of ice cubes. 80 modules are estimated to be purchased for the first year. On-the-shelf modules or spare parts are investigated according to availability. Commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation are expected with industrial manufacturers.

FRANCE  TRFR20170201001
A French SME specialised in the design and production of domestic waste water treatment units is looking for a partner who has developed so-called biodiscs (near water surface rotating discs) water treatment technology products. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical support from the partner to diffuse the technology in its market.

ROMANIA  TRRO20170131007
A Technical University from Romania is looking for research partners in the field of Nano and Microtechnologies. The current project deals with a completely novel method of fluid manipulation technology in micro fluidic systems, inspired by nature. The partners sought are innovative SMEs and R&D performers in the field of Nano and Microtechnologies in EU/International R&D Programs.

ROMANIA   TRRO20170131006
A Technical University from Romania is looking for research partners in the field of Intelligent Energy. The project will analyze and develop different energy efficiencies scenarios with regard to research and analysis to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption in a university campus. The partners sought are innovative SMEs and R&D performers in the field of Intelligent Energy for technical cooperation under EU/International R&D Programmes.

ROMANIA  TRRO20170131001
A Technical University from Romania is looking for research partners in the field of materials technology. The research focuses on obtaining a new titanium based nanostructured alloy with appropriate mechanical and biocompatible properties. An important research direction is bio-material complex characterization for pre-clinical evaluation. The partners sought are SMEs and R&D performers in the field of materials technology for technical cooperation or EU/international R&D programs.

ROMANIA  TRRO20170131004
A Technical University from Romania is looking for research partners in the field of Space and Aerospace applications. The aim of the research is to develop and validate an improved numerical model for the simulation of the near wake occurring downstream a wing, the near wake breakdown and the formation of the two counter rotating vortices. The partners sought are innovative SMEs and R&D performers in the field of Space and Aerospace for technical cooperation in EU/Intern. R&D Programs.

SOUTH KOREA  TRKR20161129007
A Korean SME, an equipment managing company is looking for partners with expertise in ground safety inspection. The company seeks partners capable of providing the technology at this scale on an economic basis for design, installation and demonstration. License and/ or manufacture agreement is sought. The company is also open to technical and research cooperation.

A Luxembourg based company is looking for start-ups developing solutions in the field of intelligent sensors, heating devices and actuators in the field of automotive communication buses. The company is ready to license existing solutions or set-up collaborative development projects. The company is looking for joint venture and/or license agreement.

LATVIA  TRLV20170209001
A designer from Latvia engaged in production of various accessories (bags, hats, gloves, coats etc.)is looking for technology to provide light reflecting properties to black coloured products for safety reason in darkness. A reflecting black ink may be an option. The designer is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

ITALY  TRIT20170207001
An Italian medical research group is looking for a partner able to provide GMP (good manufacturing practices) grade solid lipid nanoparticles for animal and for human use. The technology should be developed/adapted to load a specific hydrophobic molecule that the group is studying. The university group is willing to sign a technical cooperation agreement with a private company.

SPAIN  TOES20170214001
Spanish universities have developed a method for predicting the biocompatibility of materials used in medical implants, such as dental prostheses, valves and stents. The invention consists in an accelerated test of the biocompatibility of materials that makes it possible to rule out those with poorer prospects of success during the in vitro phase. The costly investments required to perform unnecessary in vivo trials are avoided. Researchers are seeking license or technical cooperation agreements.

SPAIN  TOES20170214003
A Spanish university has developed a portable 3D microscope with a spatial resolution better than the one obtained with other microscopes, with a very small size. It can be used in bio-medicine and for quality control of microelectronics. Microscope manufacturers are sought to reach license agreements.

BELGIUM  TRBE20170213001
A start-up based in Brussels developed a sustainable mobility solution of rental bikes with eco-innovative bamboo frames. The company is looking for companies for technical cooperation to develop motor, battery and control panel to convert their eco-innovative bike in E-Bike.

FRANCE  TOFR20160126001
A French R&D centre specialised in plastics and composite materials offers its 30 years old expertise to industry and research. The R&D centre is offering a wide range of services in terms of applied or fundamental research in processes and materials in plastics, polymers and composites. The center is interested in research cooperation agreements, technical cooperation agreements and license agreements.

GERMANY  TODE20170202001
A German SME specialised in cable processing has developed a flexible production line for the damage-free processing of high voltage cables for electric and hybrid vehicles. Its modular setup allows the integration into existing production lines.The company looks for suppliers in the automotive industry for commercial agreements with technical assistance to integrate the technology. In addition to that partners to develop an automated solution are sought for technological cooperation agreements.

SPAIN  TOES20170210001
A Spanish university has developed an automatic device to determine gas diffusion coefficients of single gases from a gas mixture under atmospheric conditions. It works in a wide range of relative humidity and temperature conditions. This non-destructive procedure allows to calculate the gas diffusion coefficients for permeable/porous material samples with different sizes and nature. The university is interested in licensing and technical cooperation agreements.

SPAIN  TRES20170208001
A Spanish company needs a drone technology to improve its stock management efficiency. The solution should be already developed and adaptable to logistics operations like inventory or stock checking. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance and is open to develop a tailor made solution.

GERMANY  TODE20161010001
A young and innovative spin-off company of a well-known German research institute has developed a medical device for treating wound infections and chronic wounds using the physical phenomena of so called "cold plasma". An active wound dressing provides the physical solution to the emerging threat of multi resistant wound pathogens. The company seeks partners for joint research and innovation projects or joint clinical studies. A research cooperation agreement is possible.

GREECE  TOGR20170124003
A Greek research team is developing a pioneering pilot e-government project involving public procurement at local authority level. The findings aim to facilitate the development of a centralized platform for the provision of high-quality e-government services to citizens and local businesses. The team seeks policy makers and/or academic scholars interested in developing the platform as part of an e-governance strategy, through a research cooperation agreement.