Бюлетин "ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНО ПАРТНЬОРСТВО" - брой 01/ 2017

A UK university has developed a novel way of controlling 3D virtual images through natural hand gestures that enables an entirely new way of interacting with digital devices by virtually touching the 3D object. The technology can be applied to any screen application including 3D TV, games consoles, mobile phones, dashboard displays etc. and offers a more intuitive, immersive and engaging experience. The university seeks partners for a licensing or technical cooperation agreement.

A UK university has developed a child sized socially interactive humanoid robot with realistic, but simplified human-like features that can be used with children with autism and other social and communication impairments to help them to interact and communicate. The university has developed initial prototypes and is now seeking partners to provide funding to develop pre-production prototypes in a financial agreement.

POLAND TRPL20161220001
A Polish startup dealing with robotics and drones is looking for research partners to work on projects related with the use of drones and robots in different areas of life among European universities and R&D institutions. Expected form of cooperation: research cooperation agreement.

A Dutch technology centre for sales and service of vertical disc stack separator is offering self cleaning separators for cream separation, milk cleaning, whey separation, whey clarification and milk standardization. The technology can be applied in small and large dairies. The company offers a commercial agreement with technical assistance to experienced partners with a complementary product portfolio and service department in various countries in Europe.

SPAIN TOES20161215001
A Spanish SME has developed a digital web platform for professionals involved in cognitive rehabilitation and stimulation processes. The system allows professionals to personalize sessions and access the system to monitor their patients’ performance, and thereby adapt follow-up exercises based on performance and needs at any time from any place. The company is looking for joint venture agreements with companies willing to adapt the platform to different country’s needs and commercialise it.

ITALY  TOIT20161214002
The company is an innovative spin-off of an Italian University. It works in the nutraceutical field with the aim to produce supplements consisting of plant-derived nanovesicles, lipoproteic vesicles of 50-70 nm in size. Nanovesicles are enriched in biofunctional elements and represent a new way to intake health natural compounds. The group is looking for pharmaceutical and/or agrofood partners to develop new applications for plant nanovesicles under a variety of possible cooperation types.

ROMANIA TRRO20161212001
A Romanian private owned company is looking for an innovative technology to recycle the coffee residue resulting from the preparation of coffee and turn it into different products for the food industry, organic agriculture or any other field, based on a research/technical cooperation agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company main activity is selling coffee in vending system machines.

ITALY  TOIT20161024003
An Italian SME projects and develops wireless sensor networks mainly for environment, industrial and hydrogeological instability monitoring and is offering the fulfillment of a complete monitoring system. This includes the choice of appropriate sensors, the interfacing electronic boards production, the nodes software programming and the managing of a website where all the collected data are displayed. The company are seeking investors via financial agreement to advance the technology.

ITALY  TRIT20150316001
An Italian company is interested in finding a new technology: new biodegradable material that could be used for low cost products on markets where biodegradability is a must, for example the agricultural sector. They are seeking companies or research centres working with biopolymers for a technical cooperation agreement, offering the technology for acquisition and supporting the transfer of the technology.

SLOVAKIA TOSK20170103001
Established Slovak scientific research institutes have developed a highly effective composite sorbent for the removal of contaminants from water for drinking purposes. These are mainly heavy metals such as arsenic, antimony, chromium, cadmium, lead and others. The composite sorbent can be also used in wastewater treatment, including wastewater from chemical and electronic industry.The institutes are looking for an industrial partner for licensing the technology or to engage in contract research.

SLOVAKIA TOSK20170103002
A Slovak scientific institute has developed a new generation magnetoelastic deformation sensor based on advanced amorphous/nano (quasi)crystalline materials. The sensor was tested in real conditions such as on a water dam, tunnel and a gas pipeline with excellent results. Application possibilities of the technology are in civil engineering, traffic, geotechnics, hydrology and soil mechanics for scanning of deformations and vibrations. The institute is looking for licensing of this technology.

ТURKEY TRTR20170103001
A Turkish technology company active in smart security and surveillance seeks a specialized solution for warehouse management. The sought technology shall provide cost effective object tracking and is to be integrated to the surveillance platform provided by the Turkish company. The objects shall be tracked form the end of production process to storage until loading to trucks. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is considered.

SERBIA TORS20161230001
A Serbian company, in cooperation with science teachers, developed interactive teaching kit for biology, chemistry and physics based on the use of computers and sensors. The main advantage over the conventional teaching kits is state of the art software that guides students through experiments. The company is interested in commercial with technical assistance and service agreement, but also in joint venture agreements, because it wants to continue further development of software for education.

ALBANIA TRAL20161108003
The company is located in center of Albania. The company operates in advanced dermatology and cosmetic sector. The company is interested to buy update equipment with the latest technology. The company has a broad portfolio of services and a high number of clients. The company intend to build business partnerships with the same sector companies. The company is looking for a commercial agreement combined with technical assistance.

IZRAEL TRIL20161227001
An Israeli manufacturer of rectangle pipelines polymer-and-plastic-compound-based, for the sucking air industry, is searching for partners from the Industry, Academy or Research Organizations, active in the fields of R&D of polymer compounds, electronics and plastic manufacturing, owning relevant technologies, for the purpose of commercialization; to develop existing technologies of order to meet the company's requirements. Technical cooperation is sought, as well as commercialization.

ITALY  TOIT20161223001
A start-up company from North East of Italy develops Diesel engines and assembles them with electric motors for general aviation and ultra-light aircraft, producing advanced hybrid propulsion systems, with high efficiency. Companies interested to integrate this technology in their products but also international investors interested in the business development are sought, for a license, financial, technical cooperation or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

POLAND TOPL20161223001
A Polish company experienced in the field of biofuels has invented an innovative pellet air heater and is looking for business and technical partners in order to develop and commercialise the product. The company is looking for technical cooperation and financial agreements and joint further development.

ROMANIA TRRO20161012001
Romanian company acting in agriculture field is looking to develop their activity by investing into a processing hemp factory. Because the actual technologies are water polluting they are interested in a new technology to extract fibers from hemp stems based on an enzymatic process. They are interested on a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Korean SME has developed intelligent chatting application that detects hacking activities in the system and prevents leakage of chatting contents. This product reduces the need for a separate security application to safely operate chatting application, thus company’s product is cheaper, safer and more user-friendly. The company would like to offer this product to European market with commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company is also open for technical cooperation agreement.

RUSSIA TRRU20161116001
A Russian company from Lipetsk region is specializing in self-adhesive material manufacture and is looking for partners which offer ready for implementation technology of improvement of adhesive features self-adhesive materials under license agreement.

ITALY  TOIT20161019001
An Italian company active in the textile industry for over 20 years is offering its expertise to other companies and R&D institutions interested in developing advanced materials for multi-sectorial applications and/or innovative textile machinery. It is interested in a research cooperation agreement with partners from all over Europe in order to join an EU project consortium. A technical cooperation agreement could also be considered for technological development purposes.

AUSTRIA TRAT20170111001
An Austrian company coordinates the entire rail freight transport logistics of the country. It is looking for new digital solutions related to rail freight transport via an idea challenge, open until 31 Jan. The solutions have to aim at improving provision of information for clients and optimizing offer submission & order processing. Any other digitization solutions for rail freight transport are of interest as well. Commercial, research, technical, licence and service agreements are envisaged.

GERMANY TODE20161129001
A German university developed a power drive for hybrid vehicles which improves the topology for the realization of such a drive system. Due to continious operation of the combustion engine in the optimum working point, the invention has a higher efficiency. The university offers a license agreement as well as a technical cooperation agreement.

ITALY  TOIT20161222001
An Italian research group has developed a system and related method for the detection and localization of radioactive substances on the ground. The technology works through an unmanned aerial vehicle driven remotely by a control haptic device. The researchers are looking for industrial partners interested in license agreements.

ITALY  TRIT20170120002
A South Italy–based company, engaged in the production and distribution of medical equipment, is looking for a small device which is capable of making rotary and up and down movements. This technology will be integrated in a touch screen monitor controlled machinery for the cleaning of medical equipment, such as e.g. small catheters. The cooperation will be carried out under a manufacturing agreement.

LATVIA TOLV20170120001
An SME from Latvia offers the technology for production of apple crisps (dried apple slices) having 8 different tastes. The targeted partners are small or medium food producers willing to expand their product range. The company offers commercial agreement with technical assistance.

ITALY  TRIT20170120001
An Italian SME is producing innovative Stirling engines that recover heat in cogeneration systems. They are looking for a manufacturer of biogas burners with horizontal flame to integrate this burner in their systems. They are looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

BELGIUM TRBE20170120001
A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking for sensors to accurately monitor home or office air quality across a range of pollutants, preferably in combination with machine learning algorithms to make meaningful recommendations on corrective actions to optimize air quality. Further, the company is looking for new product solutions for air quality management. Licence or technical cooperation agreements are sought with industrial partners.

A Lithuanian dairy processing company is looking for partners specialized in food processing biotechnology that already have or could develop a technology for natural sweetener tagatose extraction from acid (sour) whey. Separate partners may be found for feasibility study/prototype development and full-scale model development/ implementation in the process chain. The company is interested in a technical cooperation agreement.

SPAIN TRES20170109001
A Spanish corrugated cardboard group dedicated to packaging is looking for innovative technologies in corrugated cardboard, packaging using cardboard or paper manufacturing process. They are interested in a licensing agreement, a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement with a technology provider.