Automated sensors network for process control in the agrifood industry (AD-SENSE) Код 10/Испания

Partner Search: PS-SME-ES-245



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Research for SME Call 2010 (FP7-SME-2010-1)

Activity Area:

Research for the benefit of SMEs

Funding Schemes:

Research for the benefit of specific groups (SME)

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Measurements / Testing


Proposal name:

Automated sensors network for process control in the agrifood industry (AD-SENSE)


AD-SENSE project aims to develop an automated sensors network to measure a series of parameters on-line for a specific process within the agrifood industry. This network will be comprised of temperature, gas, electrochemical and spectroscopic sensors. Sensors will be connected to a processing unit which will analyse the information and modify the process working conditions. The sensor network will be designed for a very concrete emerging business within the agrifood sector.

Proposal Outline:

In today’s agrifood industry we can still find many “black box”-like processes. This project focuses on one of these processes where the control of the chemical and physical parameters is crucial.

With the aim of improving the control, some sensors have been introduced in this process. These sensors provide some basic information about pH and temperature. At present the rest of parameters (which provide the real valuable information) are analysed with chromatographic techniques. These analyses must be outsourced and turn around time can extend to several weeks. When results are received, appropriate measures are taken, if necessary. However, the process might fail in the meantime.

This project aims to bridge this gap and develop a decision-making support system for this process. This objective will be reached by developing an automated sensors network to measure a series of parameters on-line.


Partners sought and role in the project:

European SME with experience in the manufacture of Raman spectrometres. In the project, the company will be requested to participate in the building of a Raman spectrophotometric system and its optimisation for a specific application.

Activities will be related to:

1.     Design and development of a sensor prototype (in cooperation with RTD).

2.     Testing and validation of the prototype at lab scale (in cooperation with RTD).

3.     Testing and validation of the prototype at industrial scale (in cooperation with SME-end user and RTD).

Besides SME will participate within the coordination bodies (steering committée, i.e.) and in the dissemination&exploitation activities.

By general rule, SMEs will retain the ownership and exploitation rights of the project final results (as it will be stated in the Consortium Agreement and after approval by the Consortium).